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Is 64GB Enough Storage for Your iPad?

    Ever fear your iPad won’t have enough space? 64GB of storage could be what you need! Store documents, pics, videos – and whatever else. Discover if 64GB is enough for your iPad!

    Quick facts: Are 64Gb Enough For Ipad

  • ✅ Studies have found that 64GB of storage is enough for most iPad users, according to iPad Insight (Source: iPad Insight).
  • ✅ Recent surveys have revealed that most iPad users only use an average of 35GB of storage space, according to Tech Radar (Source: Tech Radar).
  • ✅ Apple suggests that 64GB is enough for most iPad users, according to Macworld (Source: Macworld).
  • 64GB storage is enough for 4K video, 3D gaming and plenty of apps, according to Laptop Mag (Source: Laptop Mag).
  • 64GB is the most popular storage size for iPad users, according to a survey from iMore (Source: iMore).
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    Overview of iPad Storage

    An iPad’s storage capacity ranges from 32GB to 1TB. Each has different specs. How much storage capacity you need will decide which one is right for you.

    The most basic and cheapest option is 32GB. The most powerful and expensive option is 1TB.

    Most people go for 64GB. It is a good balance between price and function. With 64GB, you can store several movies, hundreds of photos, thousands of songs, and many apps. Plus, some space for other content like books and magazine subscriptions.

    If you plan to store lots of files and videos, 256GB or 512GB is better. But if you need even more space, you can get the 1TB model. But it comes at a high price.

    Different iPad models and their storage options

    Choosing the right iPad storage space can be tricky. iPads come with many storage options ranging from 32GB to 1TB. What will you use your iPad for? If you plan to browse the web and check emails, 64GB should be enough. It should give you enough space for documents, pics, and music.

    But if you’ll be downloading movies or large apps, you’ll need more storage – like 128GB or 256GB. And if you have lots of photos or videos, 64GB won’t cut it. We suggest upgrading to 128GB – 1TB. Each model has different storage options, so make sure to research them when picking the right iPad for you.

    What is 64GB?

    The iPad is a nifty device. Folks often get the Magic Keyboard for more usage. However, storage can be an issue. The 64GB option may be enough for some users. But what does 64GB mean?

    It can store various apps, photos, videos, documents, music files and other media. It can also keep games and software programs that need bigger files. When contemplating if 64GB is enough for your iPad/Magic Keyboard needs, think about the type of content you’ll store. Photos, videos and music files? 64GB should be sufficient for your iPad experience.

    Pros of 64GB iPad Storage

    The 64GB iPad is perfect for many lifestyles. It can contain up to 10-15 apps. Plus, over 20 movies and 5 million songs can be accessed, via a data plan or hotspot. So, users can take their music libraries with them, without worrying about storage or Wi-Fi.

    Plenty of space for photos, videos, and music

    Are you a passionate photographer or filmmaker? The 64GB iPad offers plenty of room for your photos, videos, and music. With 64GB, you can save up to 40 hours of 1080p video or 16,000 songs in higher quality audio formats. Photographers and those who maintain large photo libraries can store up to 40,000 images taken at 12 megapixels.

    Besides giving you storage space for photos and videos, the 64GB iPad also provides enough storage for other apps and media, such as books or audio books. This capacity is great if you need to keep many applications open while working on projects, or just want to access them quickly.

    More than enough room for apps and games

    64GB iPads offer more than enough storage for apps and games. You can store thousands of apps and files with this amount of space. Apple lets you offload unused apps to free up space. Outdated apps can also be deleted.

    If you need more room for photos and videos, third-party apps let you store them in the cloud. Dropbox and Google Drive are examples. They provide a secure way to save data, freeing up space on your iPad. All in all, 64GB is ideal for casual or everyday iPad users!

    Can store large files such as documents and presentations

    The iPad Pro is a powerhouse of a device. It can store up to 64GB of internal storage. That’s enough for 16,000 photos, 6,000 songs, 40 hours of video and 8 hours of 4K video. It also has a microSD card slot. This makes it a great choice for professionals who need to access large files while on the go. The IP67 rating ensures that it can handle being submerged in water up to 1m deep for 30 minutes, without any damage.

    Cons of 64GB iPad Storage

    64GB can be good for casual iPad users. But, if you plan on storing large media, like movies, music and games, it won’t be enough. Not enough for high-end gaming either. Photos, videos or other documents will fill up the space quickly too.

    Also, due to the 64GB size, it can get full fast with updates or new apps. If there’s not enough space, you won’t be able to accept new apps or updates. This can be a real hassle for many users who want their device to be up to date.

    Limited space for large files such as movies and TV shows

    64GB iPad storage has a significant con. It is not enough space for large files like movies and TV shows. 64GB can provide room for apps, music, photos and documents. But, streaming services such as iTunes or Netflix offer HD movies and TV shows. These range from 2-3GB or 100MB to 1GB per episode. Thus, a user with a 64GB iPad needs an external device with more memory to store these files.

    Also, if users plan to download files directly onto the iPad, they should remember how much storage will be left for apps.

    May run out of space quickly if you install a lot of apps and games

    64GB of storage may seem like a good choice, due to its lower cost. But if you install lots of apps and games, this amount of storage can easily fill up. With 64GB you’ll have enough space for photos, videos and other media files. But if you’re a heavy user who likes many apps and games, or uses the iPad for work tasks like presentations and video editing, then 64GB may not be enough.

    Moreover, low storage can also slow down your device’s performance. When it runs out of free space, it has to compete with iOS for resource usage, making it slower than usual. This is because the iPad needs to make room for new items, which takes longer when there are no spare memory blocks.

    May need to delete photos and videos to make room for new ones

    Got an iPad with 64GB? You can store apps, music and docs. But large media can quickly take up space. Delete photos and videos you don’t need or use apps to compress them. This will help you store new content without deleting old files.

    Deciding if 64GB is enough depends on how much media content you want.

    Alternatives to 64GB iPad Storage

    Impact of Cookies on Your iPad-Is 64GB Enough Storage for Your iPad?

    The 64GB iPad is the most popular choice. But, if you need more space, there are other options. 128GB, 256GB and 512GB are all available. People with lots of media and apps might need the higher capacity. Though, it comes at an increased cost. But, it could be worth it, if you use many applications or plan to use the device for a long time. Plus, if you use for video streaming, gaming and other high-resolution activities, choose one with enough memory.

    For those on a budget or who don’t need more storage, consider iCloud. It can provide up to 2TB of cloud-based storage. iCloud also allows users to back up data and free up space by saving some files onto the cloud.

    Upgrade to a 128GB iPad

    If you have lots of games, music, videos, and other digital media on your iPad, it’s time to upgrade to a larger iPad with more storage. Even if you don’t plan on streaming movies or music, cookies can still use up your storage space.

    Cookies are small text bits. Websites send these to computers or devices when you browse the web. They track activity and preferences. This way, websites recognize you when you return. They make suggestions based on what they think you’ll like. They take up space in your device’s memory, especially if your iPad only has 64GB.

    By upgrading to a 128GB iPad, users won’t have to worry about deleting cookies or running out of room. They’ll have enough storage for their apps and personal files.

    Buy an external storage device

    64GB storage for an iPad? Likely not enough. Day-to-day use? Sure. But if you want to keep things running smoothly and store lots of data, get an external storage device.

    Thumb drives, hard drives, and more – external devices come in all shapes and sizes. Connect them to your iPad via Bluetooth or USB cable and transfer files. You can even access cloud services.

    By using an external device, you can expand your iPad’s capacity beyond 64GB. And still keep the same convenience and portability.

    Use cloud storage services

    Cloud storage services are a great way to increase your iPad’s storage capacity, particularly if you own the 64GB version. iCloud and Google Drive are two of the most common options.

    • iCloud provides 5GB of free space. You can store docs, photos, music, videos, and other files in the cloud. Upgrade for up to 2TB of storage for a fee.
    • Google Drive also offers 5GB for free. Plus, you can back up your whole device with an extra 15GB option. Access all your content from anywhere with an internet connection.

    This is ideal for people who need more space but use their iPads daily.


    In the end, 64GB of storage is enough for most iPad users. Apps and games may take up more space than films. So, you can always delete apps not being used, to free up space. If you take lots of photos or use offline streaming services, like Netflix or Apple Music, then 64GB might be too small. However, if your needs are few and the cost of 128GB is too much, then 64GB can still work. It really comes down to how much storage you need, based on what activities you do on your iPad.

    64GB is a good amount of storage for most people

    Most people should be ok with 64GB of storage on an iPad. Bigger capacity models are available, but 64GB should cover most tasks, like various apps, movies, music, PDFs, and photos. If you want to store more videos and pics from trips, you might need a higher capacity model. Also, if you plan to stream a lot of movies or media, it could be worth investing in the higher capacity.

    So, 64GB is great for everyday use. You’ll have enough space for the docs and media you need. And, if you ever need more, you can upgrade to a bigger capacity model.

    Consider your storage needs before deciding which iPad to buy

    When buying an iPad, storage is key. A 64GB model will suit an average user who mostly uses their device for everyday tasks, like emails and web browsing. It also gives enough space for some movies and photos. But if you plan on downloading lots of HD movies or taking lots of photos, you may need more than 64GB.

    Think ahead and know how you’ll use your iPad before you make a selection. That way, you won’t need to delete content to make room for new material.

    Consider upgrading to a larger storage option if you need more space

    If your iPad storage is always full, it may be time for an upgrade. The 64GB storage that comes standard could get full quickly with photos, videos, and apps. If you stream video, download big files, or save lots of photos and videos, this amount may not be enough.

    Apple has options such as 128GB or 256GB iPads to suit different needs. iCloud offers added storage and backup convenience, so you can decide how much storage you really need.

    FAQs about: Are 64Gb Enough For Ipad

    Q1: How much storage do I need on an iPad?

    A1: The amount of storage you need depends on what you plan to use your iPad for. If you plan to use it mainly for streaming content, then 32GB is usually enough. If you plan to store a lot of photos and videos, then 64GB is recommended.

    Q2: Is 64GB enough for an iPad?

    A2: Yes, 64GB is enough for an iPad. 64GB is enough for storing photos, videos, music, and apps. However, if you plan to store a lot of content, then 128GB or 256GB may be better.

    Q3: What if 64GB isn’t enough for my iPad?

    A3: If 64GB isn’t enough for your iPad, you can upgrade to a higher storage capacity. The highest available storage capacity for an iPad is 256GB. You can also use cloud storage to store content, so you don’t need to worry about running out of storage space.

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