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Can an iPad Mini Work with an Apple Pencil?

    Wondering if you can use an Apple Pencil with an iPad Mini? Yes, you can! The recent updates to the iPad Mini mean you can enjoy the same features as other iPads. Plus, you get the added benefit of using the Apple Pencil for a better experience.

    Quick facts: Are Ipad Minis Compatible With Apple Pencil

  • ✅ iPad mini (5th generation) is the only iPad mini model which is compatible with Apple Pencil – Apple Support
  • ✅ Apple Pencil is designed to work with the iPad Pro models, iPad (6th, 7th and 8th generation) and iPad mini (5th generation) – Apple Support
  • ✅ Apple Pencils are the most popular stylus devices for iPads, with a total of 8 million active users – Counterpoint Research
  • ✅ According to an Apple Support article, Apple Pencil is not compatible with any other iPad model or earlier versions of iPad mini – Apple Support
  • ✅ The compatibility of Apple Pencil with iPad mini allows users to enjoy features like pressure sensitivity, tilt and palm rejection – Apple Support
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    The iPad Mini is compatible with the Apple Pencil. This allows users to write and draw directly on the device’s screen with great accuracy.

    The Pencil works on any iPad that has iPadOS 13.0 or later, and certain iPhone models with iOS 12.2 or later.

    To connect the Pencil wirelessly, users need to update their device to at least iOS 12.2. Then, they must press two fingers down on the Home button and Power button. A “Pairing” notification will show in the lower right-hand corner. Then, they can start writing and drawing!

    Check the Apple website for compatibility

    To see if an iPad Mini works with an Apple Pencil, check the Apple website. It must be compatible for proper use. Certain features, like pressure sensitive drawing and tilt support, are only available on compatible devices.

    The original iPad Mini, released in 2012, was not compatible with the Apple Pencil. But models from 2019 and after can work with it. So, if you have an older model of the iPad Mini, you won’t be able to use an Apple Pencil. But if you have a newer model, you can buy an Apple Pencil and use its special features!

    Determine the iPad Mini model number

    To see if an iPad Mini works with an Apple Pencil, you need to know the model number. Different models offer different features.

    To find the model number, go to ‘Settings’, then ‘General’, and then ‘About’. Here, you’ll see details about your device, such as the model number.

    You will also find a label on the back of your device, with both the serial and model numbers.

    After you find the model number, check Apple’s compatibility list and research online to determine if it works with the Apple Pencil.

    Apple Pencils

    The Apple Pencil is designed to work with iPad Pro, iPad Air (3rd & 4th Gen), and iPad 6th Gen. It’s perfect for drawing, writing, coloring, and taking notes. It has pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition – giving you a more natural drawing experience.

    The Apple Pencil is intended for specific iPads, but it may be compatible with other models such as the iPad Mini 5. However, pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition may not be available on older operating systems. You may need to buy an adapter to connect the device to the Pencil.

    Identify the Apple Pencil model

    It’s essential to know which Apple Pencil model you have. The first one was released in 2015 with the iPad Pro. It works only with the iPad Pro, 3rd gen iPad Air, and 6th gen iPad. The newer models were launched in 2018. They are compatible with 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 3rd gen iPad Air, and 7th gen iPad. If you have an older Apple Pencil, it won’t work with new iPads or the iPad Mini.

    To make sure your device is compatible with your Apple Pencil, identify which model you have first:

    • Apple Pencil (1st generation) – compatible with iPad Pro, 3rd gen iPad Air, and 6th gen iPad.
    • Apple Pencil (2nd generation) – compatible with 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 3rd gen iPad Air, and 7th gen iPad.

    Confirm the Apple Pencil is compatible with the iPad Mini

    When shopping for an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, it’s vital to check the Pencil is compatible. To use an Apple Pencil on an iPad Mini, users must have a 2018 or later model. Be sure the Pencil is compatible with their iPad model. The 2018 iPad Pro needs an Apple Pencil 2nd Generation. All other models need an Apple Pencil 1st Generation.

    Using an Apple Pencil offers many benefits. Precision drawing and writing is easier than with a finger or stylus. Plus, Apple Pencil offers more creative experiences like pressure sensitivity and tilt in certain apps. Some apps even have features designed for Apple Pencil – like animations and painting effects.


    Setting up your iPad Mini and Apple Pencil is easy-peasy! Make sure your iPad Mini is up-to-date with the latest iOS version. Then, stick your Apple Pencil into the Lightning port of your iPad Mini for pairing. If it’s your first time using the Apple Pencil, an on-screen pairing prompt will appear. Follow the instructions and you’ll be all set!

    Bam! You’ve now got a fully-functioning Apple Pencil on your iPad mini. Draw and write with pinpoint accuracy. Let your creative juices flow with sketching and drawing apps found in the App Store.

    Connect the Apple Pencil to the iPad Mini

    Switch off the iPad mini and take out its case (if it has one). Unroll the Lightning cable that comes with the Apple Pencil. Plug one side of the cable into the Lightning port of the Pencil. Connect the other side to a USB port or other compatible charging device. Push down on the tip of the Apple Pencil until you hear a click – this means it’s connected. Turn on the iPad Mini and make sure Bluetooth is on. This will detect the Pencil. Now you’re ready to use your Apple Pencil with your iPad mini!

    Pair the Apple Pencil with the iPad Mini

    The Apple Pencil is perfect for art and taking notes. But, if you have an iPad Mini, you must make sure it’s compatible. The 4th generation and later models work with the current Apple Pencil. Older generations need the 1st-gen pencil.

    To pair them, open up settings. Tap ‘Bluetooth.’ Select ‘Pair’ next to the pencil’s name. Confirm by tapping ‘Continue.’ Then, your pencil will be ready to use!


    Usage-Can an iPad Mini Work with an Apple Pencil?

    Can an iPad Mini use an Apple Pencil? It depends on the model.

    To use an Apple Pencil, make sure your device meets these requirements:

    • iPad 6th generation or later
    • iPad Air (3rd generation) or later
    • 10.2-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro

    If your device matches these qualifications, you can use an Apple Pencil with no problem. All models of the Apple Pencil (1st and 2nd generation) work with compatible iPads.

    For other iPads – like the earlier generations of iPad Mini – a stylus is a better option for taking notes and drawing.

    Use the Apple Pencil with compatible apps

    The Apple Pencil and the iPad Mini are a match made in heaven. To use the Pencil, you must install a compatible app such as Notes or Pages. You can then draw and write using the Pencil’s pressure-sensitive tip and tilt sensors. Navigating menus and selecting within apps is also easy with the Apple Pencil. Plus, some apps feature palm rejection to ensure that your hand resting on the iPad won’t interfere with your writing.

    Use the Apple Pencil with the iPad Mini’s touch screen

    The Apple Pencil and iPad Mini are a great match. The Mini’s touch screen responds to the Pencil just like other iPads. Pressure and angle sensitivity can be used to make art. You can also adjust settings for line weight, blend mode, and color swatches.

    The Pencil works with numerous drawing and art creation apps. To get the most out of it, consider specialized drawing apps, optimized for the Apple Pencil.

    So, pair your Mini’s touch screen with the Apple Pencil. Then you can create digital art or use it for educational tasks such as note taking and document editing.


    Troubleshooting is an important problem-solving process. It helps to identify, isolate and solve any problems with our electronics.

    If you’re having troubles with an iPad mini and an Apple Pencil, here’s what to do:

    • Charge and update both the iPad mini and the Apple Pencil to the latest software version.
    • Then, try connecting the Apple Pencil directly to your iPad mini by pressing down until the pairing confirmation message appears.

    If that doesn’t work, check out Apple’s support page for further help. Or contact one of their Genius Bar specialists.

    Check the Apple Pencil battery

    To use your Apple Pencil with an iPad mini, make sure it’s charged. The Apple Pencil works with iPad mini 4 or newer models, running iPadOS 13.4 or later.

    Press and hold the flat side of the Pencil to check its battery level. A battery indicator will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen. If it’s below 25%, charge it up.

    • Connect one end of the Pencil to the Lightning port of the iPad mini.
    • Keep it plugged in until the battery icon is full.
    • Then, you’re ready to go!

    Restart the iPad Mini

    Restarting the iPad Mini is important to make it water resistant. It goes through checks to make sure all ports and seals are in place. After that, it enters standby mode. This prevents water from entering the device, and uses less battery power. The Apple Pencil also uses this standby mode to prevent accidental input.

    Restarting your iPad Mini regularly is recommended for optimal performance and water resistance.

    Reset the Apple Pencil

    To get optimal performance from your iPad Mini and Apple Pencil, reset them both. Place the Pencil tip-up on a flat surface. Push the top for 10 seconds until it flashes white. Turn on Bluetooth in the iPad Mini Settings app. Use the Pencil’s pairing button to pair it with the Mini. Use it like a regular stylus. Explore various apps to feel its sensitivity. Restart or reset if you’re having issues.

    Remember to switch off Bluetooth when not in use – this will save battery life!

    FAQs about: Are Ipad Minis Compatible With Apple Pencil

    Q1: Are iPad Minis compatible with Apple Pencil?

    A1: Yes, all iPad Minis released after the iPad Mini 4 are compatible with Apple Pencil.

    Q2: What type of Apple Pencil do I need for my iPad Mini?

    A2: You will need the first generation Apple Pencil for the iPad Mini 4 and the second generation Apple Pencil for all other iPad Minis.

    Q3: Does the iPad Mini come with an Apple Pencil?

    A3: No, the iPad Mini does not come with an Apple Pencil and must be purchased separately.

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