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Can You Turn an iPad Into a Phone?

    Curious about using your iPad as a phone? This article is for you! Learn how to make calls, send messages, and stay connected with your iPad. It’s easy! No need to buy a phone to stay connected. Just follow these few simple steps:

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    Quick facts: Can An Ipad Be Used As A Phone

    • ✅ Data Plans for iPad: According to AT&T, customers can now add an iPad to their Mobile Share Plan and use it as a phone. (AT&T)
    • ✅ Apple offers its own iPad SIM card: Apple has its own iPad SIM card which allows customers to make and receive calls on their iPad. (Apple)
    • ✅ Services such as Skype and Facetime: Customers can make calls on their iPad using popular services such as Skype and Facetime. (Skype and Facetime)
    • ✅ Popular VoIP services: Popular VoIP services such as Vonage and RingCentral can be used to make calls on an iPad. (Vonage and RingCentral)
    • ✅ iPad apps such as Talkatone: Apps such as Talkatone can be used to make and receive calls on an iPad. (Talkatone)


    Can You Turn an iPad Into a Phone?

    Yes! It’s possible. With apps and external hardware, it can almost be like any other phone. VoIP apps like Skype and Google Voice will get you IP-based telephone services. VoIP adapters help make calls via Wifi, 3G/4G, or regular telephone lines. Some iPads even have cellular capability, so you can make calls directly from the device. So, with all these options, turning your iPad into a phone isn’t so far-fetched after all!

    What is an iPad

    Apple Inc. designed, developed, and marketed the iPad – a tablet computer running on the iOS mobile operating system. It comes in many sizes and models and features a touchscreen interface, cameras, Wi-Fi connection, web browsing capabilities, and access to Apple’s App Store.

    Plus, the iPad offers the same features as an iPhone, such as email, calendar events, and contacts. However, it can’t make phone calls or send SMS messages like an iPhone can. But, there are still ways to turn an iPad into a phone device, if you need it for work or other purposes.

    What is a phone

    A phone is a device that lets users make, and get calls from other devices. Phones most times use a cellular network for communication between two or more devices. They can also use Wi-Fi or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Some phones have extra features, like sending text messages, playing music, browsing the web, and taking photos.

    Besides basic phones, there are many types of phones nowadays, like Smartphones. These offer more features than traditional phones. Smartphones have big screens for web browsing, access to social networks, downloading apps, and camera capabilities.

    Ways to Turn an iPad Into a Phone

    The iPad can be used as a phone. Apps like Skype, Google Voice, Line2 and Vonage Mobile can turn it into one. You need an internet connection and the right hardware to use it as a phone. Check the iPad version to see if it supports voice calls. If not, buy extra hardware such as a headset. Then you can make calls from the iPad.

    Using FaceTime

    FaceTime is a great way to turn an iPad into a phone. It’s Apple’s app for video and audio calls over the internet. You need an Apple ID with a valid email address. All Apple devices with a compatible connection will work.

    Connect your iPad to the internet and make calls with Wi-Fi or data service. Open FaceTime and find the person you want to call. Then start talking with text or video.

    If you want to call someone who doesn’t have an Apple product, you can use third-party apps such as Skype or WhatsApp. Just make sure your iPad has a supported microphone.

    Using Skype

    Skype is a great way to make your iPad a phone. It’s free to call other Skype users. You can also make cheap calls to phones anywhere. All you need is the app, a mic, and internet (cell or Wi-Fi). Once set up, you’ll be able to make video or audio calls with other Skype users. To call phones, you may have to buy a subscription or credit.

    There are also 3rd party apps that make Skype even better.

    Using Google Voice

    Google Voice is a service that helps you manage calls. It offers existing phone numbers or you can create a new one. You can make your iPad into a phone with Google Voice. All you need is a SIM card. This is a memory card with your network settings, contacts, texts and more. Put it in your iPad and it becomes a tiny phone. With Wi-Fi, you can make calls and send texts.

    Pros and Cons

    Deciding if you should turn your iPad into a phone can be tough. Weighing the pros and cons is vital before making your decision.

    One major pro is that iPads are cheaper than smartphones, so if you’re searching for a budget-friendly option, this may be a wise choice. Plus, iPads have larger screens than most phones, meaning you’ll have an easier time using apps and browsing the web.

    However, there are some potential drawbacks too. One issue is battery life; iPads generally have less battery life compared to smartphones, so if you plan to use it as a phone often, the battery might not last long. Moreover, if you need regular video or audio calls, an iPad could be a bad choice since it has no front or rear cameras. Also, having Wi-Fi only limits how and where you can use it, because it doesn’t have cellular data.


    The iPad is a powerful device with many advantages! Portability, long battery life, lots of storage and memory, and customised apps are some of the main pros. Plus, the iPad lets you access Apple’s expansive app ecosystem. It’s also great for communication – it has iMessage and FaceTime. Lastly, the iPad’s display is brilliant – you can browse the web and watch movies in HD. All these features make the iPad a perfect choice if you want a portable but versatile device.


    The cons of using an iPad with a SIM card can be costly. You may need a mobile data plan. Some carriers may not offer plans for iPads. Not all iPads are compatible with SIM cards. An adapter or compatible SIM card may be required. The coverage may not be as strong on iPads compared to other mobile devices. Look into it before signing up for a plan.


    Contact Apple Support-Can You Turn an iPad Into a Phone?

    Turning an iPad into a phone? There are options!

    • Skype is a popular app that lets you make voice and video calls. Plus, they offer discounted international calling packages.
    • Mobile companies may also provide packages so you can link your device to your iPad.
    • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is another alternative. This technology sends data like voice calls, video chats, and text messages over the internet. Google Voice and Vonage are VoIP providers.
    • Finally, if you want the full smartphone experience on your iPad, you can buy external devices like BluPhones or iSymphony. These provide all the features of an iPhone but are compatible with iPads.

    Using a SIM card

    A SIM card is a popular way to turn an iPad into a phone. It’s called a Subscriber Identity Module and stores info for your device to connect to a wireless plan’s mobile network. It can handle data, texts, and cell towers/networks.

    Depending on the iPad model, inserting the SIM card may be different. For most iPads, use a paperclip to open the side panel. Then insert the nano-SIM card with the gold contacts down. Slide it until it clicks and shut the side panel. Now, set up the device in the settings app to activate the service and use the iPad as a phone.

    Using a VoIP service

    Transform your iPad into a phone using VoIP! VoIP services link to an IP network giving users low cost call options. Here’s how to get started:

    1. Sign up for a VoIP service made for iPads or iPhones. Don’t go with your service provider, they charge too much!
    2. Next, download and install the app from your provider onto your iPad. Set up your account and start making calls through Wi-Fi or data connection.
    3. Enjoy your new phone!


    It is possible to use an iPad as a phone. VoIP services such as Skype and Viber are usually more affordable than regular cell phones. Plus, they have apps for both iOS and Android devices. This makes it simple to manage contacts and make calls.

    Before turning your iPad into a phone, take time to understand the terms of your service provider. This way you can avoid paying extra fees. All in all, having the ability to make calls from an iPad is convenient, but you should consider all the details before making the switch.

    FAQs about: Can An Ipad Be Used As A Phone

    Q1: Can I make phone calls with an iPad?

    A1: Yes, you can make and receive phone calls on your iPad if it is connected to your iPhone. You need to have an iPhone and both devices need to be using the same Apple ID and iCloud account. You can also use your iPad to make and receive calls with a Wi-Fi Calling feature.

    Q2: Does the iPad need to be connected to a cellular network to make a call?

    A2:No, you can use Wi-Fi Calling on your iPad to make and receive calls without being connected to a cellular network.

    Q3: Can I use my iPad to make international calls?

    A3: Yes, you can make international calls from your iPad if you use a VoIP app such as Skype, FaceTime, or Viber.

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