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Can an iPad Change Its Serial Number?

    Got an iPad? Got questions about its serial number? Repairing, replacing or selling it? It’s vital to know the effects of the serial number. So here’s the answer: Can an iPad switch its serial? Absolutely!

    Quick facts: Can An Ipad Change Serial Number

    ✅ The serial number of an iPad can be changed legally when it is serviced or replaced under warranty – Apple Support
    ✅ iPads with Cellular Connectivity are unable to change their serial number – MacRumors
    ✅ Third-party repair shops may be able to change the serial number of an iPad – Motherboard
    ✅ Changing the iPad’s serial number can be used to bypass Apple security restrictions – ZDNet
    ✅ Apple tracks iPads by their serial numbers – 9to5Mac


    Can an iPad change its serial number? This article will explain. The serial number is unique and printed on the device’s logic board. It can’t be seen by the user. Resetting it needs to be done by a technician, and must follow Apple’s rules. By understanding the details, users will safely know how to perform this process if needed.

    What is a Serial Number?

    A serial number is a special number to single out a product or asset. It’s for tracking, monitoring and to tell them apart. It can be in the form of barcode, etched onto the label, or even on the product. It’s great for warranty claims, proof of purchase, and even to see if it’s been lost or stolen.

    Serial numbers can also be called lot numbers, or batch numbers. But lot/batch numbers usually refer to a group of items made together, not one item.

    Can an iPad Change Its Serial Number?

    No, an iPad cannot change its serial number. It is assigned at the factory. Any attempts to do so will brick it. The serial number is unique and helps Apple track service and information related to the model.

    The only way to change it would be to replace parts. This is not possible as they are assembled together. Tampering with the hardware voids warranties and can render the device unusable.

    Reasons for Changing Serial Numbers

    Tips for Keeping Your iPad Working in Cold Temperatures-Can an iPad Change Its Serial Number?

    Serial numbers are unique codes. They identify a certain product, like an iPad. Serial numbers help to identify a device and track its use. People may change their iPad’s serial number for many reasons. Such as, protecting their identity, repairing a broken device or ensuring it is registered in their name after buying it from someone else.

    Methods exist to alter the serial number. It is essential to speak with an authorized technician first. Otherwise, it could be illegal and invite legal action. Plus, the device should remain usable. No changes should affect it or make it unusable.


    AppleCare+ is Apple’s extended warranty for iPads and other products. It offers protection against theft and helps replace a stolen device. If your iPad is stolen, an AppleCare+ claim can help you identify the serial number. The serial number cannot be changed, so authorities can identify the rightful owner. AppleCare+ also covers accidental damage and defects. It is worth considering if you use your device a lot or take it on trips.


    Apple Care+ can help if you need to repair your iPad. You can send it to an Apple-certified technician or bring it to an Apple store. They may change certain parts, like the logic board or battery, which changes the iPad’s serial number. This new number is kept on record for a year. You can visit the store or log into your Apple Care+ account to find it.

    Plus, Apple Care+ offers coverage for other hardware issues, like water damage and accidental drops, so you won’t need to worry about unexpected repairs.


    When you buy an Apple product from an authorized store, it usually comes with a serial number and an Apple ID. This lets you access the warranty and get support from Apple. If you want to resell an Apple device, it must be unassociated with the original ID for security. This process is called ‘resale’.

    To do this:

    1. Go to Settings > General > About and select “Reset“.
    2. Enter your Apple ID in the fields.
    3. Hit “Continue“.

    This will unassociate the iPad from its original serial number and create a new one. You can use this new serial number when registering or selling your device. Remember, changing a serial number means that all data associated with the old ID will be lost.

    How to Change an iPad Serial Number

    To change a serial number on an iPad, you must first have the device. Open Settings and go to General. Then choose ‘About’ in the menu. Locate the section titled ‘Serial Number‘, and input a new one. Save changes, and restart the device for it to take effect.

    Be aware that it can’t be reversed. Also, changing serial numbers can be illegal in some places, so make sure it’s allowed where you are.

    Using a Third-Party Tool

    An iPad’s serial number can be changed with a third-party tool:

    1. Download and install it.
    2. Open it.
    3. Enter the new serial number, plus Apple ID and passcode.
    4. A prompt will appear on the main screen. Accept it.
    5. Changes will be applied right away.

    Note: Some iCloud Activation Lock tools may not work with all iPads. Check beforehand.

    Manual Method

    To change the serial number of your iPad manually, you’ll need to get a third-party app. This is available online, and only works with iOS devices. Here’s how:

    1. Download the app from the internet to your iPad.
    2. Open the app and follow the instructions.
    3. Plug your iPad into your computer.
    4. Input a new serial number onto your device.
    5. Click “Save”.
    6. When prompted by iTunes, enter the new serial number.
    7. You’ll see a confirmation window when done.
    8. Restart your iPad and check the new serial number.

    That’s it! Now you can use your iPad in different ways.


    Yes, in certain cases you can alter an iPad’s serial number. But, it’s vital to be aware of the risks that come with this. It can be a difficult process, and if done wrong, will void your warranty. Therefore, this is only suggested for those who possess the hardware or software expertise to carry out this task properly and securely.

    FAQs about: Can An Ipad Change Serial Number

    Q1: Can an iPad change its serial number?

    A1: No, an iPad’s serial number is permanent and cannot be changed.

    Q2: Is an iPad’s serial number unique?

    A2: Yes, every iPad has a unique serial number that is used to identify the device.

    Q3: How do I find my iPad’s serial number?

    A3: You can find your iPad’s serial number in the Settings app under General > About.

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