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Can You Track an Unopened iPad?

    Wondering if you can track down an unopened iPad? You’re not the only one! Don’t fret! This article will help you locate your misplaced iPad with ease. Feel at ease – the journey starts here!

    Quick facts: Can An Unopened Ipad Be Tracked

  • ✅ Apple has a tool called “Find My iPad” which can locate and track an unopened iPad (Apple)
  • ✅ According to a Consumer Reports survey, 26% of iPad owners surveyed who lost their device were able to find it using a tracking feature (Consumer Reports)
  • ✅ In addition to the “Find My iPad” tool, some manufacturers offer tracking software that can be installed on the iPad before it is opened (Mashable)
  • ✅ Lost and stolen iPads can also be tracked using GPS technology (TechRadar)
  • ✅ According to Apple, all iPads running iOS 5 or later support the “Find My iPad” feature (Apple)
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    It’s feasible to track an unopened iPad with various methods. If the device was already connected to the web, it should be pre-enabled for location services and related to an iCloud account. Thus, you can spot the device on a map in case you log in with the same account used previously.

    Apple’s “Find My” feature, located on iCloud settings or your iPhone/Macbook, is another way to track an unopened iPad. With this feature, you can label devices as “lost” and observe where they are by signing into iCloud at times.

    Finally, there are 3rd-party tracking apps that can assist you in discovering unactivated devices. However, this may entail extra steps like buying dedicated tracking hardware or getting physical access to the device.

    Find My iPhone/iPad

    Find My iPhone/iPad is a feature created by Apple Inc. It helps users to find their Apple devices, like iPhones, iPads and Macs. It only works if the device is on and connected to the internet. It shows the device’s location on a map. You can also lock or delete data on the device remotely, or make a sound if the device is close.

    Plus, you can track unopened iPads with Find My iPhone/iPad. Activate Lock is preloaded on the iPad before shipping. When the iPad is opened and turned on, it will be set up with the registered Apple ID. You can track the activity within 24 hours, with your iCloud account and Apple ID password.

    Activating Find My iPhone/iPad

    Find My iPhone/iPad is an iOS and iCloud feature to track your stolen or lost device. To access this, open Settings on your device and select iCloud. Choose Find My iPhone or Find My iPad, depending on which one you have. Switch the Find My iPhone/iPad to the green “on” position.

    The Sound switch must also be turned on for the tracking sound to be heard if someone tries to access it without permission. For extra security, use a Stylus pen. This pen works on touch-sensitive surfaces like iPads. So, anyone wanting to access the device will have to input a passcode using the stylus before viewing its contents.

    Using Find My iPhone/iPad

    Find My iPhone/iPad is a feature built into iOS devices. It lets users track the location from any Apple device or web browser. You can find where your iPad is, even if it’s not opened.

    • Log in to iCloud with your Apple ID. Then you can see a map and get alerts when the iPad moves.
    • Plus, you can lock it or delete data remotely.
    • Use Lost Mode for a custom message to contact you if it’s found.
    • If the device is off or has no connection, you won’t be able to find it until it’s connected again.


    Apple’s iCloud is a cloud storage system. It allows users to access their data from multiple devices. Photos, videos, music, documents, bookmarks, calendars and contacts can be kept without physical storage.

    Find MyiPhone/iPad is a key feature of iCloud. It uses GPS to map the device’s location. You can see where the device has been for the past 24 hours. If the device is off, you can locate its general area. You can also lock or wipe data from the device remotely.

    Activating iCloud

    Apple’s iCloud service is key. It allows users to backup their data and use features such as Find My iPad. Activating it is necessary to do this. You need access to the Apple ID linked to the device.

    Once activated, the device links to your Apple ID. You can then track it using Find My iPad or other iCloud compatible apps. Remotely unlocking a device you don’t know is possible. All you have to do is enter your Apple ID and password into the Activation Lock screen. This helps you keep tabs on devices that haven’t been opened or set up yet.

    Using iCloud

    If the iPad is new, tracking it is possible with iCloud. Apple has tech for users to track their iPads from a distance. Log into iCloud and select “Find My iPhone”. A map will appear and show the iPad’s location. If the iPad is connected to Wi-Fi or has a cellular connection and GPS is on, tracking is possible. But, if the iPad is unopened, tracking may not work. Apple’s policies block tracking if the iPad hasn’t been activated with an iCloud or other account.

    Third-Party Apps

    Third-Party Apps-Can You Track an Unopened iPad?

    Third-party apps can help you stay on top of your iPad or other device. These apps use the iPad’s GPS to track it in real time. You can set up a boundary that alerts you if the iPad crosses it. You can also monitor other mobile devices with GPS.

    These apps make it easy to keep tabs on your iPad without having it running. You can see where it is and when it moves. Some apps let you lock and erase info from the device remotely, if needed.

    Activating Third-Party Apps

    You can track an unopened iPad if you activate third-party apps on it. This gives you extra tracking and monitoring options. To do this, you need to create an account on a web-based service such as Find My iPhone or Prey. Then you can access it from a web browser. You will need the device’s serial number or iCloud credentials in order to track it.

    Once activated, you can use the service to

    • locate lost devices,
    • erase data remotely,
    • lock the device with a passcode,
    • and more.

    With this setup, you can always know where your Apple product is.

    Using Third-Party Apps

    Third-party apps help unblock an iPad securely. They provide features such as data erasure, real-time location tracking, and remote control. Lookout, Avast SecureMe, and Norton Mobile Security are popular third-party apps.

    Using a third-party app is the safest way to unblock an iPad. All data is erased before the device is unlocked. Plus, users can track their device in real time. Remote control lets users access their device from anywhere. These apps ensure that iPads are kept secure even when users are away.


    To sum up, it is possible to track an unopened iPad. Activate the Find My app and log in to your iCloud account. Add security with a passcode or Face/Touch ID. If the iPad gets lost or stolen, you can track its location in real-time with Find My on a computer or iOS device. If it’s not recoverable, contact customer service.

    Tracking an unopened iPad is possible with the right tools and approach:

    • Activate the Find My app and log in to your iCloud account.
    • Add security with a passcode or Face/Touch ID.
    • Track its location in real-time with Find My on a computer or iOS device.
    • Contact customer service if it’s not recoverable.

    FAQs about: Can An Unopened Ipad Be Tracked

    Q1. Can an unopened iPad be tracked?

    A1. Yes, an unopened iPad can be tracked. You can track an unopened iPad by enabling the Find My iPhone feature in the iPad settings. Once enabled, you can locate the device on the iCloud website or use the Find My iPhone app on another iOS device.

    Q2. What happens if my unopened iPad is stolen?

    A2. If your unopened iPad is stolen, you can contact law enforcement and provide them with the serial number of the device. With the serial number, law enforcement may be able to locate and recover your iPad.

    Q3. Is it possible to track an unopened iPad without Find My iPhone enabled?

    A3. It is not possible to track an unopened iPad without Find My iPhone enabled. You must enable the feature in the iPad settings in order to locate the device.

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