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How Can I Control My iPad with My iPhone?

    Fed up of using the iPad screen for everyday stuff? Worry not! You can now control the iPad with your iPhone! Read on to learn how to make those activities easier. Bam!

    Quick facts: Can I Control My Ipad With My Iphone

    • ✅ iOS 11 lets you use your iPhone to control your iPad remotely – Apple
    • ✅ You can easily transfer files between iPad and iPhone using AirDrop – Apple
    • ✅ With iCloud sync, users are able to access the same apps, music, and media across multiple devices – Apple
    • ✅ iPad users can access the same Apple TV app as iPhone users, allowing for easy streaming across devices – Apple
    • ✅ A third-party app called “Remote for iPad” enables users to control their iPad from their iPhone – CNET

    Checkout this video:

    Set up Apple’s ‘Continuity’ Feature

    Apple’s ‘Continuity’ feature is very helpful. It lets users control their iPad with their iPhone. For example, open apps, edit documents, send texts, make calls, answer FaceTime calls and share recently used files. Setting up is easy. All devices must have compatible iOS versions.

    1. First, open the “Settings” page on both devices. Enable Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi.
    2. Second, sign into iCloud® with the same Apple ID® account. This allows the devices to be part of the same network.
    3. Finally, open Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps. This will enable the Continuity features. Universal Clipboard, Handoff for app switching, AirDropping files and more.

    All done! Now your two Apple® products are linked.

    Make sure both devices are signed into the same iCloud account

    Apple’s Continuity feature allows users to control their iPad with their iPhone or vice versa. Pick up where you left off when switching devices. Make and receive phone calls from iPad too.

    Start by going to your device’s settings app. Select the iCloud tab and enter the same Apple ID for each device. Then, enable Continuity features on both devices.

    • For an iPhone, go to Settings > Phone > Calls on Other Devices. Turn on Allow Calls On Other Devices.
    • For an iPad, go to Settings > FaceTime > Calls from iPhone. Turn on Allow Calls from iPhone.

    You can now use your iPad with your iPhone! Enjoy the Continuity feature.

    Enable Continuity on both devices

    To use Apple’s Continuity, enable it on both your iPhone and iPad. Open “Settings” on both devices. Choose the “General” section. Select “Handoff & Suggested apps”, and toggle the “Handoff” switch. iPhones running iOS 11 or later, toggle “Personal Hotspot” too.

    Once enabled, use all the features Continuity offers. You can make/receive calls and messages, or send files from one device to another. With Continuity, it’s easier than ever!

    Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both devices

    To transfer files between your iPhone and iPad, both devices must have Bluetooth enabled. Turn on Bluetooth in Settings. When the two devices are within range, they will connect via a wireless network. You can then share files without a cable. Select media or documents to transfer and it will start right away!

    The range for Bluetooth transfers usually reaches up to 10 meters. Beyond that, the signal may weaken or disconnect.

    Use Handoff to Control your iPad with your iPhone

    Handoff is a feature on iPhone and iPad. It lets users control their iPad with their iPhone. It works by quickly switching tasks between devices, even when not close together. Activate Bluetooth to let the devices be in range. Move emails, calendar events, and webpages with ease.

    Handoff is also useful for making calls, sending messages, and opening apps across both devices. It’s a great tool for tech lovers!

    Open the app you want to use on your iPad

    To control your iPad with your iPhone, using Handoff, open the app on the iPad. Then you’ll spot the app icon in the lower-left corner of your iPhone’s lock screen. Tap this icon and your phone will link with your iPad.

    You can now control it remotely, just as if you were at the iPad. This means gestures, text input, multimedia playback, and more. Even without Wi-Fi or cellular data, Handoff works. Ideal for controlling a presentation when there’s no internet connection!

    Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone’s display

    Wanting to control your iPad with your iPhone? Handoff can help! This feature lets you switch between devices with a simple swipe.

    To get started, make sure Handoff is enabled in the Settings app (General > Handoff). Once that’s done, just swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone’s display and select the icon for your iPad. Then, you can work on whatever you were last doing on your iPad. After that, close the app and get back to what you were doing before. Handoff makes multitasking a breeze!

    Tap the Handoff icon to control your iPad

    The Handoff icon is a small tool. It gives you better control of your iPad from your iPhone.

    • Make sure both devices have the same Apple ID, and that Bluetooth is on and working.
    • You’ll see a small icon in the lower left corner of your iPad’s Lock screen. Tap it to open a new window.
    • This window lets you view webpages, launch apps, or even play games on your iPad.

    The Handoff feature helps you take over control of your iPad when needed. It also keeps it up-to-date with all the changes you’ve made from your iPhone.

    Use AirDrop to Transfer Files

    AirDrop is a feature on Apple devices that lets you move photos, videos, documents, contacts and more quickly and easily from one device to another wirelessly. It works between an iPhone and iPad or an iPad and Mac computer. Bluetooth and WiFi must be turned on for AirDrop to work. Nothing can be seen except from sender and receiver; it’s secure and private.

    Using AirDrop is simple:

    1. Open the Share sheet on the source device (the one with the file to be sent).
    2. See the target device in the Nearby section (the device to receive the file).
    3. Tap “Send”. If needed, enter a password.
    4. On the target device, click “Allow”.
    5. After approval from both devices, a confirmation message will appear that the item was transferred successfully.

    Make sure both devices are in AirDrop mode

    AirDrop is a feature for Apple devices. It allows users to wirelessly send files between two Apple devices. Photos, documents and other data can be shared this way. Both devices must have AirDrop on. If one device does not have it, they will not be able to connect.

    To set up AirDrop:

    1. On your iPhone/iPad, open Settings.
    2. Swipe down to find AirDrop.
    3. Select “Everyone” under “Who Can See Me“.
    4. Turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi “On“.

    Once both devices are in AirDrop mode, they should be able to detect each other. You can then use your iPhone to control your iPad.

    Select the files you want to transfer

    After connecting your iPad and iPhone, the next step is to select files for transfer. Open the “Files” app on either device. Look through the list of local folders and choose ones with the files you want to send.

    For a more straightforward experience, pair both devices with an Apple-certified wireless data transfer app like AirDrop or ShareIt. Then you can just drag-and-drop content between devices in a few clicks.

    To protect your files, encrypt them with a password before sending.

    Choose your iPad as the destination

    Make sure your iPad and iPhone are on the same Wi-Fi network and bluetooth is enabled. Then, open Control Center on your iPhone. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and tap the ‘Screen Mirroring’ button. Select your iPad from the list at the top. Your iPad will then ask for access to be controlled from your iPhone. Tap ‘Yes’ to approve. Now, you can view and control your iPad from your iPhone.

    Enjoy streaming music, playing games, and viewing photos and videos, all on a larger screen. Plus, your data is secure and private!

    Use AirPlay to Stream Content

    Overview-How Can I Control My iPad with My iPhone?

    AirPlay is a feature that lets you stream music, movies, and more from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to your AppleTV.

    Connect to the same Wi-Fi as your AppleTV. When the AirPlay icon appears, select it and choose the room.

    The benefits are great! Stream music from iTunes or watch a movie from Netflix without changing devices. Mirror photos and videos with friends and family, or give a presentation on an iPad. Plus, multiple users can stream to different AppleTVs at the same time.

    Open the content you want to stream

    Want to stream content from your iPad to your iPhone? Get two Apple devices that support AirPlay. Make sure both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. On either device, swipe up to open Control Center and see the AirPlay icon. Tap it and select your iPhone. You can now view or listen to content streamed from your iPad on your iPhone!

    Tap the AirPlay icon

    AirPlay is a feature you can use on iOS devices. It lets you share your iPhone, iPad, or Mac’s screen with other compatible devices. Tap the AirPlay icon in the Control Center. You’ll see a list of compatible devices, select the iPad and tap it. Your iPhone will enter AirPlay mode. You can control your iPad with its screen and touch controls.

    If both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, they will easily connect via AirPlay.

    Select your iPad as the destination

    You can free up storage on your iPad. Use your iPhone as a remote device or digital storage drive. Select the iPad you’re using in the “Destination” section. Choose how much data you want to transfer. Could be all or part of a file, from music to full-length movies or TV shows. Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Start the file transfer process.

    Watch as your iPads data is freed up fast and easy. Now you have more space for apps and fun on your iPad!

    FAQs about: Can I Control My Ipad With My Iphone


    Q: Can I control my iPad with my iPhone?
    A: Yes, you can control your iPad with your iPhone. You can use the Remote app on your iPhone to control music, video, and other content on your iPad, or you can use the AssistiveTouch feature to control your iPad with gestures.

    Q: How do I sync my iPad and iPhone together?
    A: You can use the iCloud feature to keep all of your devices in sync. Simply log in to your iCloud account on both your iPad and your iPhone, and then any content you add to iCloud will be available on both devices.

    Q: How do I use the Remote app to control my iPad?
    A: To use the Remote app to control your iPad, first make sure you have the Remote app installed on both your iPad and your iPhone. Open the Remote app on your iPhone and select the device you want to control. You can then use the app to control playback, volume, and other features of your iPad.

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