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Can You Download Microsoft Publisher on an iPad?

    Curious if you can use Microsoft Publisher on an iPad? Your search is over! This article will answer your queries. Plus, it’ll help you craft amazing visuals on the go. You can now be imaginative, no matter where you are located!

    Quick facts: Can I Download Publisher On My Ipad

    • ✅ Microsoft Office Apps are now Available for iPad and iPhone – Source: Forbes
    • ✅ The Microsoft Office Apps for iPad and iPhone now include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher – Source: CNet
    • ✅ Most Popular Office Apps for iPad are Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Word and Apple Pages – Source: PC World
    • ✅ Publisher for iPad can be downloaded for free from the App Store – Source: Apple
    • ✅ Publisher for iPad is not compatible with iOS 11 or older – Source: Microsoft


    Microsoft Publisher is in the Microsoft Office Suite. It makes brochures, business cards, newsletters, and other printed stuff. It’s part of Office Professional – so if you have that, you have it. Sadly, no mobile version works on an iPad.

    But, if you need to use Publisher on an iPad, you can get apps. Pages and Adobe Spark have editing capabilities like Publisher. If you need advanced features like printing, then the apps don’t work. But they may help in a pinch!

    What is Microsoft Publisher?

    Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing program. It’s part of the Microsoft Office suite. This program helps you create and edit printed publications, such as newsletters, brochures, flyers, postcards, web pages, and other documents. It has the power of desktop publishing, plus the easy-of-use of word processing, making it simple to create professional-looking content. It also has built-in templates and clip art, to help you make polished designs quickly.

    Though it requires skill to use, it’s popular in the Microsoft Office suite.

    Is Microsoft Publisher available for iPad?

    No, you cannot download Microsoft Publisher to an iPad. Apple products such as the iPad and iPhone don’t support Windows applications, including Publisher. Office is available for iOS devices, but only Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

    No way to get Microsoft Publisher directly on an iPad. However, similar programs can be downloaded from the App Store or cloud servers such as iCloud or Dropbox. For example, Adobe InDesign or Apple Pages. These programs allow users to do tasks like those in Microsoft Publisher, and they can be used on an iPad.

    Downloading Microsoft Publisher on an iPad

    Downloading Microsoft Publisher on iPad? Possible! Ensure your iPad has the latest iOS software and enough storage space. Open the App Store and search for “Microsoft Publisher“. Tap “Get” or “Install” and launch the app. Log in with a Microsoft account or open documents saved in OneDrive/Dropbox. Access features like WordArt, Insert Merge Fields, Theme Colors & Fonts and Document Themes.

    Export file as PDF document or publish online? Use ‘Share > Export’ at the top of the screen. Done!

    Is Microsoft Publisher available on the App Store?

    Microsoft Publisher isn’t available on the App Store for iPad users. But Microsoft offers a free app called Office Suite. This can open and edit .pub and .xps files. These are the file formats used by Publisher.

    Apple users can access Publisher content without buying or downloading extra software.

    Office Suite app is limited compared to the full version of Microsoft Publisher. It’s still good for quick edits or opening Publisher files sent from other platforms. You can also easily save your work in an accessible format. This can be shared with other Apple devices.

    Can you download Microsoft Publisher from other sources?

    Microsoft Publisher is only available on PC and Mac computers. Sadly, it isn’t on iPad devices so you can’t get it from the App Store. But, you can find it on websites like Amazon or Third-party websites may also offer downloads of the program, though they might have malware or viruses.

    If you search for alternative downloads, be sure to check reviews and feedback before downloading!

    Alternatives to Microsoft Publisher

    Seeking an alternate to Microsoft Publisher? Look no further – there are many options! Apple Pages app is a great choice for designing documents on iPad. It has amazing features like text boxes, tables, and page layout options – making your documents look professional!

    Additionally, there are web-based services like Canva and Adobe Spark Page. These enable you to create lovely webpages and digital documents from desktop or mobile devices.

    Lastly, specialist software such as Scribus or LaTeX offer professional typesetting capabilities.

    What other software can be used to create publications?

    If you’ve got an iPad and want software to make publications, Microsoft Publisher might not be what you’re after. Sadly, it hasn’t made the leap to iPad yet.

    Luckily, there are other programs that can do the job! Adobe InDesign is a great desktop publishing app available on Macs, Windows PCs, and iPads. Apple Pages or iWork are also good for creating publications. And if you’re a code-savvy designer, HTML or CSS editors and web browsers will let you craft basic publication designs.

    Are there any free alternatives?

    Adjusting the volume on an iPad is the same, regardless of the app. Microsoft Publisher isn’t available for iOS devices. But, there are free alternatives for iOS. These include Pages (for Apple products), Scribus and OpenOffice Draw.

    Each has pros and cons to consider. Scribus may be more customisable, while Pages may offer better integration with iPhones and iPads. It will depend on personal preference which app works best.


    Conclusion-Can You Download Microsoft Publisher on an iPad?

    No, you cannot download Microsoft Publisher onto an iPad. There are apps that allow you to create and edit documents, but Publisher is only available for Windows. To use Publisher on an iPad, special software is needed.

    Windows’ Remote Desktop app or third-party programs like JumpDesktop allow access to Publisher running on a Windows computer. However, it requires a Windows PC with Office installed and technical skills. Therefore, downloading Publisher on an iPad is not possible.

    Summary of the article

    Can you get Microsoft Publisher on an iPad? Yes, but there are some things to bear in mind.

    • You’ll need an iPad with an A9 processor or newer, at least 2GB of RAM, and iOS/iPadOS 12.x or later.
    • The app itself is free from the App Store, but some of its features may require an Office 365 subscription.

    So, if you have the right specs and software and the subscription, you can get Microsoft Publisher on your iPad. Just make sure you’ve got enough space for it – it’s a big download.

    FAQs about: Can I Download Publisher On My Ipad

    Q: Can I download Microsoft Publisher on my iPad?

    A: Unfortunately, Microsoft Publisher is not available on iPad. You can, however, use the Microsoft Office Suite on your iPad, which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

    Q: Is there a substitute for Microsoft Publisher on iPad?

    A: Yes, you can use other apps to create documents, graphics, and other designs on your iPad. Popular apps include Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and Pixlr.

    Q: Are there any free apps I can use to create documents?

    A: Yes, there are many free apps you can use to create documents, such as Google Docs, Apple Pages, and LibreOffice.

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