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Can an iPad Edit Raw Photos? Uncover the Answer!

    Curious about editing RAW photos on an iPad? You’ve arrived! Find out if an iPad can do it and how to do it with a breeze!

    Quick facts: Can Ipad Edit Raw Photos

    • ✅Adobe Photoshop Express for iPad can now edit RAW photos (Adobe)
    • ✅RAW photos are up to 12x larger than JPEG files (Macworld)
    • ✅Apple’s iPads can now process RAW photos using apps such as Pixelmator (TechCrunch)
    • ✅RAW photos can be edited on the iPad with an external drive (Macworld)
    • ✅Apple’s iPad Pro has the capability to edit RAW photos with the help of the Files app (The Verge)


    Can an iPad edit RAW photos? This has been a popular question for photographers. Many people want to get maximum use out of their iPad as it is more portable and cheaper than a laptop.

    This guide will discuss if an iPad is capable of editing RAW files and provide tricks that make the experience easier. We’ll also look at other options to use instead of the iPad. By the end of this article, you’ll know enough to decide if the iPad can replace a laptop or desktop to edit RAW photos.

    What Is Raw Photo Editing?

    Raw photo editing is an adjustment process for Raw image format photos. These photos are uncompressed and can be changed to show their best. They contain all of the visual info from the camera sensor, which is more than jpeg and other image formats. Perfect for those who want to control their images and enhance quality.

    Tools vary for raw photo editing. Basic editors let users alter white balance, exposure, contrast, etc. For more complex results, tools like Photoshop are good for effects, filters, layers and more.

    On iPad, apps like Adobe Lightroom offer a limited set of features. Editing raw photos on an iPad is possible, but not as good as using a desktop or laptop computer with powerful editing software.

    RAW file format

    RAW is an uncompressed, unprocessed file format used by digital cameras. It holds all the image data captured by the camera. This means a photographer has maximum control over their images in post-processing.

    RAW files are large and require more storage. To upload, edit, and store RAW photos on an iPad device, an external drive is necessary. iPads may come with iCloud and Apple Photos, which can also be used to store RAW photos without using much space on the device.

    Benefits of shooting RAW

    When it comes to iPad photography, shooting in RAW is advantageous. It captures more data than JPEG, which produces a clearer and sharper image. As these files are unprocessed and uncompressed, you can make many adjustments without any loss of quality. Also, you gain control over white balance due to the direct capture from the camera’s sensor.

    RAW photos require less storage space than compressed files since there’s no additional “baggage”. Additionally, having Microsoft Office on your iPad is great if you need to work with RAW images. You can open, edit, and save them in various formats.

    Can an iPad Edit Raw Photos?

    Can an iPad edit raw photos? Yes! You need to download an app that supports the raw file format. Adobe Lightroom CC and Apple’s Photos app are two of the best options.

    Raw images give you access to tools such as adjustment brushes, curves, and selective color adjustments. These let you make more subtle changes than with a JPEG. Plus, iPads have bigger screens than phones or laptops – making them great for on-the-go editing. To boost precision, add a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

    What You Need to Know

    What are raw photos? They are taken directly from the camera’s sensor. They have the highest amount of data, not manipulated like photos taken with a phone or digital camera. When taking pictures with an iPad, it’s in JPEG format, processed by the device to look better. Many think that iPad photos can be edited like raw photos, but it’s not true.

    Fortunately, there are apps available to edit raw photos on iPads. To know what apps to use and how to use them, keep reading!

    What Apps Are Available?

    Need Microsoft Office on your iPad? There’s a few options:

    • Get the Microsoft 365 suite of apps. That’ll give you full access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.
    • Or, download individual Microsoft Office apps from the App Store. It won’t give you the same features as Microsoft 365. But it’s still a great way to edit documents and files on the iPad. Check iTunes for versions of Word and Excel designed for iPad use.

    How to Edit Raw Photos on Your iPad

    Editing photos on your iPad is easy. Get apps to open RAW images and do non-destructive editing. Adobe Photoshop Express and Pixelmator are both available as native iPad apps and on Adobe Creative Cloud.

    Also, Microsoft Office is needed for this task. Download it from Apple’s App Store or Microsoft’s website. Use MS Word documents or PowerPoint presentations with raw images for editing. Then adjust the colors and contrast of your photos. Finally, save them in any file format.


    How to Edit Video on an iPad-Can an iPad Edit Raw Photos? Uncover the Answer!

    So, to summarise, iPads can edit raw photos. Not all iPads have the same editing capabilities, but most should be able to open and edit raw images. Keep in mind, however, that some features from programs like Photoshop won’t exist or may not work correctly on an iPad.

    If you need serious photo editing, it’s better to use something more powerful, such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.

    FAQs about: Can Ipad Edit Raw Photos

    Q1: Can I edit raw photos on my iPad?

    A1: Yes, you can edit raw photos on your iPad. You can use apps such as Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed, and Affinity Photo to edit raw photos.

    Q2: Does editing raw photos require a lot of storage?

    A2: Yes, editing raw photos requires more storage than other formats, since they are larger and take up more space. It is recommended to have at least 64GB of storage on your iPad when editing raw photos.

    Q3: Is editing raw photos on the iPad more difficult than on a desktop computer?

    A3: No, editing raw photos on the iPad is not more difficult than on a desktop computer. Although the iPad’s screen is smaller and some features may be more difficult to access, with the right tools and practice, you can edit raw photos on your iPad with ease.