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What You Need to Know About Post-Purchase iPad Engraving

    Ever ponder if your iPad can be engraved after you buy it? Now you’re fortunate! This piece will tell you everything you need to know about post-purchase engraving. Then you can have the personalized iPad you’ve been dreaming of!

    Quick facts: Can You Get Ipad Engraved After Purchase

    • ✅ iPad can be engraved after purchase for an additional fee of $99 –
    • ✅ Apple offers up to two lines of text for iPad engraving –
    • ✅ Engraving of iPads is available in many Apple stores –
    • ✅ iPad engraving is offered on the iPad Pro and iPad Air –
    • ✅ Nearly 2 million iPads have been engraved –

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    Personalize your iPad with engraving! People may choose to have their iPad engraved with a name, message or artwork. But, what are the costs? What do you need to know before you make the purchase? This guide will tell you all about post-purchase iPad engraving.

    It will provide information on different types of engraving services, what information is required, and associated costs. Plus, it will explain the steps to completing a post-purchase engraving and give tips on how to make sure it succeeds. Now customers can be sure that their personalized iPad experience will be just as they imagined!

    What is iPad Engraving?

    Engrave your iPad! Personalize it with a custom message, phrase, or design. Get it through Apple’s online store or in-store at an Apple store or an authorized retailer.

    Apple uses a high-powered laser to etch words, symbols, or designs into your iPad’s aluminum casing. The engraving service costs $19 and takes approximately 2 weeks if ordered online. You’ll get your iPad back with the custom engraving and a small case to protect it.

    Show off your style and creativity while protecting your device. Engrave your iPad!

    What is included in the engraving?

    Buy an iPad from Apple, and you get the option to engrave it. This works with all iPad models, like Pro, Air, Mini and 6th generation+. You’ll have a custom message or design on the aluminum casing. Maximum of two lines, 21 letters each. You can personalize it with a name, monogram or emoji. Laser technology etches it, so it won’t fade away. Perfect for making your iPad unique!

    What is the cost?

    Post-purchase iPad engraving is an option from Apple. It’s for customizing the back of iPads. It costs extra. The cost depends on the size and complexity of the engraving. For example, just text on a single iPad Pro costs £49. An image or a combination of images/text starts at £64.

    All iPads are engraved with laser etching. Mistakes can’t be reversed. Apple has a policy that engraving options can’t be changed.

    Advantages of Engraving

    Post-purchase iPad engraving is an affordable and creative way to make the device unique. It adds a message or slogan onto the metal backplate. This is permanent and offers various advantages, including:

    • Security
    • Adding value and making it easier to recognize
    • Making people feel special and providing peace of mind
    • Being cost-effective
    • No part of the original design is sacrificed

    You can express yourself with words or images of your own choice!


    Personalization is key when purchasing an iPad. Once you find the ideal one, you can add a unique touch with an engraving! Apple offers post-purchase engravings. You can add a message, initials, or even an emoji.

    Two lines of text can be added with a max of 30 characters each. Mix and match letters and numbers for the perfect gift or a special treat for yourself. Engravings are etched onto the device and won’t fade over time. However, they may wear down with excessive use. The cost of engraving starts at $10 before taxes and fees.


    Durability is a thing to think about when picking a contract for post-purchase iPad engraving. Contracts usually have a protection plan that protects against damage from falls, knocks, and more. They may also include a durable case to keep your device safe. Plus, extra extended warranties might be available.

    Check how long the contract will last. See how long any coverage or repair services from the seller last. Compare coverage between different contracts before buying or renewing. This will make sure you get the most complete protection. That way, your iPad engraving won’t have unnecessary risk of damage in its lifetime.

    Steps to Engrave your iPad

    Using a Tracking App-What You Need to Know About Post-Purchase iPad Engraving

    Engrave your iPad for a personal touch! It’s simple: visit the Apple website, select “Engrave Your iPad”, enter your serial number. Choose your font and color. Put your text or image in the box (up to 18 characters!). Submit payment and click “Submit My Engraving Request”. You’ll get an email with an estimated return date (4-6 days). Inspect your engraved product for damage when it arrives!

    Make your iPad stand out with a unique phrase or design – add a touch of personality to your everyday life!

    Purchase your iPad

    When getting your new iPad, be cautious. Check if storage and device type fit your needs. To get exactly what you want, check out retailers who offer customizations like engraving.

    Send off the iPad for engraving and prep. Tracking apps or services are the best way to make sure your purchase arrives safe. They enable you to monitor the entire route from store to delivery. This added layer of protection ensures a smooth shopping experience!

    Choose your engraving design

    Choose your iPad model and get it on contract. Then, to add a personal touch, have it engraved! You can choose from Apple’s extensive range of designs, from classic fonts to contemporary insignias. Plus, you can include up to three lines of text with fifteen characters per line.

    When deciding on a design, think about the recipient and what they would appreciate most. If you don’t find a special engraving on Apple’s site, some stores allow customers to bring in their own designs, giving your iPad a one-of-a-kind look!

    Choose the engraving placement

    Purchase an iPad to personalize it with an engraving! You can do this via Apple’s website or the Apple Store app. Once you select your model, you’ll be asked to choose the engraving placement on the back.

    If you use iCloud, remember to pick the engraved area as your iCloud storage location. This keeps all your info secure and visible only to those with access to your device.

    Look for a small “i” near the top corner of the back – that’s where you should position it. Make sure it fits before ordering – any customization outside this region may not be allowed. Enter your text/images and complete your order!

    Place your order

    To purchase iPad engraving, you must have an Apple ID. Provide the name of the person engraved on the device. Orders can only be made online, not in-store. Only iPad Air (3rd generation) or newer models can be engraved. When the info is provided and payment is made, an electronic invoice will be emailed.

    Install the necessary apps on your device to prepare it for engraving:

    • Phone Translator Pro from App Store
    • Camera+ 2 from App Store
    • iFonts – Font Maker & Style Editor Pro from App Store. Create a profile with a valid email address before installing.

    When all three are installed, you will get an email from Apple that your device is ready to ship for engraving.

    Tips for Engraving

    Engraving an iPad post-purchase needs thought. To ensure success, remember some tips:

    1. Select the right engraver for the material. For example, use a diamond tip for stainless steel.
    2. Practice on scrap before starting. This helps you know the carving process and prevents mistakes ruining the final product.
    3. Measure twice and engrave once. Accurate markings are important for successful engraving.

    Follow these steps for an enjoyable experience and no iPad Engraving frustrations!

    Choose a design that is simple and easy to read

    When deciding on a post-purchase iPad engraving, consider the size of the text, how detailed it is and what font you want to use. You need an attractive and legible message, so keep it simple. Select a font that’s easy to read and not too fancy. Avoid multiple fonts or elaborate designs which can take away from the message. The text size needs to be large enough, usually 6pt or larger, so it’s readable. Ensure your engraving is centralized and aligned correctly.

    Keep these tips in mind for a design that looks good and is still easy to read!

    Consider the size of your engraving

    Before personalizing your iPad with an engraving, consider the size.

    • Max for one line: 22 characters.
    • Max for two lines: 11 characters each.

    Choose an image from our selection:

    • Apple logo
    • Butterfly
    • Flower
    • Star
    • Heart

    Note: the size and visibility of the image may differ depending on the color or finish of your iPad. Also, the text or image engraved cannot be removed or changed later.

    Proofread your engraving text

    Proofread! Before setting parental controls on your iPad, check engraved text for typos and spelling errors. It’s important; when etched onto the device, it can’t be changed or undone without damaging the iPad. Double-check everything to make sure you get what you want.

    Mentally review the engraving before submitting it. Check it reflects what you want printed and is not offensive. When creating parental control settings with engraving, don’t forget to check additional safety measures like password protection or monitoring systems. This can help keep the iPad safe for family members using it.


    When it comes to engraving your iPad, you should think of a few things:

    1. Buy an iPad with the suitable engraving option.
    2. Get an expert engraver for the job.
    3. Pick a font, design and message or image that you will be proud of.

    Remember, post-purchase engravings cost extra and come with a delivery delay. But the end result is worth it. Your unique engraved iPad is a fantastic present or a memorable reminder of your life!

    FAQs about: Can You Get Ipad Engraved After Purchase

    Q: Can you get an iPad engraved after purchase?

    A: Yes, Apple offers engraving services for iPads after purchase. You can order an engraving online or in store.

    Q: How much does it cost to get an iPad engraved?

    A: The cost for engraving an iPad is $19. You will be charged this fee at the time the engraving is ordered.

    Q: Is it possible to add a custom message to the iPad engraving?

    A: Yes, you can add a custom message to the engraving. The message can be up to two lines, with a maximum of 30 characters per line.

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