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Can’t Change Your iPad Name? Here’s What You Need to Know.

    Don’t let the bummer of an iPad name bog you down! You are not alone. Here’s a guide to help you change it quickly and easily. So, no more stuck with a name you don’t like!

    Quick facts: Can’T Change Ipad Namea

    • iPad names can’t be changed from the device’s settings – Apple Support
    • iPads now have an almost equal market share to PCs in the US – The NPD Group
    • iPads account for almost 80% of total tablet shipments – International Data Corporation
    • Over 1 billion iPads have been sold worldwide since its launch in 2010 – Statista
    • iPads are now the second most popular device for web browsing after smartphones – eMarketer


    Error message stopping you from changing the name of your iPad or device? No problem! Use iCloud or your own network. Install the latest iOS version too. Here’s how to change the name with ease:

    1. Utilize iCloud or a local network connection.
    2. Make sure the latest iOS version is installed.
    3. Troubleshoot any errors that appear.

    Follow these steps and you’ll have it updated in no time!

    Reasons Why You Can’t Change Your iPad Name

    You may not be able to change your iPad’s name for several reasons. Maybe your device is set up with a managed Apple ID, meaning you do not have full control. Your iPad’s name may also match another Apple device’s on the same network. Or, you may have exceeded the character limit of thirty characters. Lastly, if you can’t change the name in system settings, this could mean the feature has been disabled.

    If any of these apply to you, it’s best to ask an Apple specialist for help.

    Your iPad is Locked

    Your iPad could be locked. This means someone enabled security settings, to stop anyone else using it without unlocking it. The screen may read “iPad is disabled” or show an app saying “Activate iPad“. To unlock, you will need the Apple ID and password of the account connected to the device.

    If you don’t know this, you may be able to use a computer with iTunes installed. If you recently backed up the device, restoring it can help get past the lock screen. Otherwise, reset your iPad and set it up as a new device. Once it’s unlocked, you can add widgets.

    Your iPad is Running an Older Version of iOS

    Settings won’t let you change your iPad’s name? It’s likely on an old version of iOS. You’re missing out on lots of features and functions. Make sure you update your device for the latest version.

    • Connect it to a computer and download updates via iTunes.
    • But, if your iPad is too old, no more updates are available. Check out newer models to access the more modern iOS features and functions.

    Your iPad is Not Connected to Wi-Fi

    If your iPad is not connected to Wi-Fi, you can’t change its device name. This is because you need a secure connection with Apple’s servers. After you update the name, it will show on all Wi-Fi networks your iPad was connected to before.

    You don’t need your iPad to connect to Wi-Fi. You can use another device like a computer or a smartphone. Resetting your network settings now and then ensures the changes you made appear correctly. If there are problems after changing your device’s name, this is likely the cause.

    How to Change Your iPad Name

    Renaming your iPad is easy! Just follow these steps:

    1. Open the Settings app from the Home screen.
    2. Select General from the list of settings.
    3. Then, select About.
    4. Scroll down to the Name field.
    5. Enter a new name such as “MyDevice” or “John’s iPad”.
    6. Tap Done in the top-right corner and press Home to save your changes.

    Naming your iPad is super useful. No more confusion when syncing devices or signing into FaceTime calls. Identify which device belongs to you when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks or sharing files with others. If you ever need to change or reset the name of your iPad again, just follow the same steps and enter a new preferred name into the Name field!

    Unlock Your iPad

    Unlock your iPad! It’s easy. Connect it to a Wi-Fi network. Set up a cellular plan. Create an Apple ID. Then you can make and receive calls with an unlocked Apple device, or from any device with a telephone number. It’ll only take minutes.

    Once unlocked, you can:

    • Change your iPad name
    • Set up voice mail

    Enjoy making and receiving calls like normal!

    Update Your iOS

    To make and receive calls on your iPad, the first step is to update your iOS. Apple regularly releases updates. Newer versions have improved features and bug fixes, which may help fix issues with making or receiving calls.

    To update your iOS, open the Settings app. Select General and then Software Update. If an update is available, tap Download & Install and follow the instructions. Once you’ve updated your iPad’s software, try dialling a number from the Phone app to see if you can now make or receive calls.

    Connect to Wi-Fi

    To connect your iPad to a Wi-Fi network, first check that your router is on. Then swipe down from the top right or up from the bottom of the Home screen. Select “Wi-Fi” and choose an option from the list. Enter the password, if it’s needed. You’re now linked up!

    When done, save battery life by going to the Control Center and toggling off “Wi-Fi”.



    Changing your iPad’s name is simple. Open Settings, then General and select About. Type the new name under ‘Name’. Only certain characters can be used. Be aware that the change is irreversible without resetting the device to factory settings. The new name will take effect immediately, and will appear on any devices connected to the same iCloud account.

    Now you know how easy it is to change your iPad’s name!

    FAQs about: Can’T Change Ipad Namea

    Q: How can I change the name of my iPad?

    A: To change the name of your iPad, go to Settings > General > About. Tap on the “Name” section and enter the new name for your iPad.

    Q: Can I rename an iPad that has already been set up?

    A: Yes, you can rename an iPad that has already been set up. To do this, go to Settings > General > About. Tap on the “Name” section and enter the new name for your iPad.

    Q: What if I can’t find the “Name” section in my iPad settings?

    A: If you cannot find the “Name” section in your iPad settings, it may be because you are running an older version of iOS. Try updating to the latest version of iOS and then go to Settings > General > About. Tap on the “Name” section and enter the new name for your iPad.

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