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Do You Need an iPad Pro or Just an iPad?

    Stuck between an iPad Pro and iPad? We’ve got you covered! This blog will give you the rundown on all the good and bad points of both models. Get ready to make an informed decision!

    Quick facts: Do I Need Ipad Pro Or Ipad

  • ✅ iPad Pro has an A12X Bionic chip, which is more powerful than iPad’s A10 Fusion chip (Source: Apple)
  • ✅ iPad Pro has a larger display with 11 inches (Source: Apple)
  • ✅ iPad Pro has a better camera with 12MP rear and 7MP front cameras (Source: Apple)
  • ✅ iPad Pro provides up to 10 hours of battery life compared to iPad’s 9 hours (Source: Apple)
  • ✅ iPad Pro is available in four different storage capacities (64GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB) compared to three on the iPad (32GB, 128GB, 256GB) (Source: Apple)
  • Overview

    The iPad Pro and regular iPad are made to help you be productive, connected and entertained. The Pro is more powerful and expensive than the standard iPad. To pick the correct device for you, it’s crucial to recognize the differences between them.

    • The iPad Pro has a bigger screen, more powerful processor and works with the Apple Pencil, that offers a more professional experience.
    • It also has USB-C charging ports and not the Lightning ports of the regular iPad. This means you can use external devices like hard drives or audio interfaces that the standard iPad can’t use.
    • The Pro model has up to 1 TB of internal storage.
    • Lastly, if portability is essential, both models offer LTE cellular data plans from Verizon and other providers, so you can stay linked wherever you are.

    Advantages of the iPad Pro

    The iPad Pro offers lots of great features for power users. It has a 12.9-inch display, a faster processor, and an optional keyboard and Apple Pencil. Plus, the battery life and cameras are better than the standard iPad. Its size makes it simpler to see multiple windows at once or use multiple apps together.

    The Apple Pencil gives you extra precision for sketching and note taking. The keyboard lets you type longer documents in comfort. Furthermore, it has four speakers instead of two. This means your audio will sound better when playing games or watching movies. You can also watch videos in their native aspect ratio, or watch widescreen movies without zooming in.

    Advantages of the iPad

    The iPad is packed with features! It’s lightweight, portable, and its touchscreen display makes it great for consuming content. Plus, the App Store has tons of apps. Touch ID provides secure unlocking and Apple Pay for swift payments. With the built-in cameras, you can snap high-quality photos. And you can FaceTime with family and friends. To top it off, the iPad has a long-lasting battery life. You can use it all day without recharging.

    Design and Display

    Design and display are two essential aspects to think about when looking at iPads. There are two main types: iPad Pro and just an iPad.

    The iPad Pro is huge, with a 12.9” Liquid Retina display, a rounded rectangular body, and an aluminum finish. The power comes from Apple’s most advanced A12Z Bionic processor. It has a magnetic connector that can be used with extra accessories such as the Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard Folio.

    On the other hand, the just an iPad is smaller, with options of 8”, 10”, or 11” screens. It doesn’t have extra accessories. Its power is slightly less than the Pro version, using an A10 Fusion chip.

    iPad Pro Design and Display

    The iPad Pro is totally transforming the tablet world. It features an A12Z Bionic processor, Liquid Retina edge-to-edge display, slim bezels, four speakers, and a 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate. Plus, USB-C connectivity and Face ID sensors make logging in quick and safe. It also boasts LiDAR scanners and advanced camera tech for sharp images/video. Lastly, its long battery life lets you use it for ages without charging.

    iPad Design and Display

    The iPad, a tech favourite for many, has different versions – the Pro and Air models. Both have the same 9.7-inch Retina display with 2,048 x 1,536 pixels resolution and 264 ppi pixel density plus anti-reflective coating.

    The Pro has an A9X chip with 64-bit architecture and M9 motion coprocessor, making it faster and better in performance than the Air. It offers 4 stereo speakers and 4 microphones for better audio. Additionally, it has a Smart connector for easy access to accessories like keyboards, no need for extra cords or power. Both models have various storage options from 32GB to 128GB.


    The iPad Pro is Apple’s top-of-the-line tablet. It was made for productivity and content creation. It has a large display, higher resolution, and a powerful A12X Bionic chip. Plus, up to 6GB of RAM. All of this makes it faster, from loading apps to webpages to editing photos.

    More importantly, it has ProMotion technology. This gives smoother scrolling and animations with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Plus, wider color range and improved HDR support for better visuals. It also has optional accessories like the Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil for enhanced usability. This makes the iPad Pro stand out from its peers in performance.

    iPad Pro Performance

    Weighing up an iPad Pro? Consider its performance. It has the A12Z Bionic chip with 4GB RAM for massive computational power and speed. Data processing is fast, allowing for quick multitasking in apps like Adobe Creative Cloud and Office 365. However, some apps may run slower than expected on the iPad Pro. Also, battery life will suffer when using intensive tasks like gaming or streaming video.

    Think through the pros and cons before buying!

    iPad Performance

    Performance is critical when buying an iPad. If you want a top-of-the-line device, iPad Pro is the way to go. It is around 1/3 faster than basic iPads and much quicker than older models.

    The applications you want to use will influence your decision. If you want to play games or use intense apps, iPad Pro is the right choice. The upgraded GPU will make the experience better and boost performance when playing graphics-rich or 3D games.

    Battery Life

    Troubleshooting-Do You Need an iPad Pro or Just an iPad?

    The iPad Pro and iPad have great battery life. The iPad Pro offers 10 hours, while the iPad offers 9 hours. With the iPad Pro, you get an 18-watt fast charger. That allows for faster charging times. So, if you need to be away from home for a long time, choose the iPad Pro.

    iPad Pro Battery Life

    The iPad Pro is the bigger, better version of the iPad. It offers a powerful experience for the pros and creatives. Battery life is one of the main things that sets it apart from the smaller iPad. Apple claims you can get up to 10 hours of web surfing, video watching, and music listening on Wi-Fi.

    For maximum battery life, keep these tips in mind:

    • Charge your iPad Pro when it’s more than half full. If the battery goes too low, it can turn off and cause charging problems.
    • Make sure no apps are running in the background. Switch off Bluetooth and Location Services when not in use.

    By following these basic steps, you can get the most out of your new iPad Pro!

    iPad Battery Life

    A Screen Protector is an extra layer of protection for your iPad Display. It helps to prevent scratches, dust and other hazards from damaging your display. It should be scratch-resistant, ultra-clear for best viewing and impact resistant for any drops or shocks.

    Apple’s iPad Pro has an impressive battery life. You can expect a minimum of 10 to 12 hours per full charge. This is like most laptop batteries, so you can use it when you are away from power outlets.


    The iPad Pro is pricier than a regular iPad. A 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts from $999 (WiFi-only) or $1,149 (WiFi + Cellular). An 11-inch iPad Pro is $799 (WiFi-only) or $949 (WiFi + Cellular).

    On the other hand, an iPad (non-Pro) with 32GB storage starts from $329 (WiFI-only) or $459 (WiFi + Cellular). It has a 10.2” display, smaller than the iPad Pro models.

    So, it’s up to you and your budget. If you can afford it and need 4K HDR video recording or a mini LED Display, go for the iPad Pro. If not, opt for the regular iPad.

    iPad Pro Price

    When choosing between an iPad Pro and a regular iPad, price is a key factor. The Pro has a bigger display and more features, but it’s pricier. If you want an affordable Apple tablet, go for the regular iPad.

    The cost of the iPad Pro ranges from $799 USD for the 32 GB WiFi-only version to $1,229 USD for the 512 GB Wifi + Cellular. It’s important to weigh up all your options and decide what’s best for your needs.

    iPad Price

    Deciding between an iPad Pro or iPad? Consider price. iPad Pro – Apple’s most expensive – starts at $799. iPads – much cheaper – start from $329 for a 32GB Wi-Fi model.

    Price differs, but both have features and capabilities. Want power and performance? Spend extra. Casual browsing or light gaming? An iPad’s all you need. It’s up to your budget and what you need your device for.


    Weighing if you should buy an iPad Pro or regular iPad? Consider the purpose.

    • Looking for performance? Faster processor, better display or sound? iPad Pro is the one.
    • Basic functions like web browsing and email? Regular iPad will do!

    Think of your budget and what you need. Then decide between iPad Pro or iPad.

    FAQs about: Do I Need Ipad Pro Or Ipad


    Q: What is the difference between iPad Pro and iPad Air?

    A: The main differences between iPad Pro and iPad Air are the size and display, processor, storage capacity, camera, and battery life. iPad Pro is larger and has a bigger display than iPad Air. It also has a faster processor and more storage capacity. Additionally, iPad Pro has a better camera and longer battery life than iPad Air.

    Q: What is the price difference between iPad Pro and iPad Air?

    A: The price difference between iPad Pro and iPad Air depends on the model and storage capacity. Generally, iPad Pro models are more expensive than iPad Air models. The entry-level iPad Pro starts at $799, while the entry-level iPad Air starts at $499.

    Q: Is iPad Pro better for multitasking than iPad Air?

    A: Yes, iPad Pro is better for multitasking than iPad Air. It has a faster processor and more storage capacity, which makes it better for running multiple apps at the same time. Additionally, iPad Pro has a larger display, which allows for more room to work and multitask.

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