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How Long Does an iPad Last Compared to a MacBook?

    Pondering buying a new gadget? Can’t decide between an iPad and a MacBook? You’re in the right spot! In this article, we offer a comprehensive comparison between the two devices. We’ll help you to make an educated choice.

    • Learn how long each device lasts.
    • Also, find out how you can make them last even longer!

    Quick facts: Does An Ipad Last Longer Than A Macbook

  • ✅60% of Apple devices last four years or longer – Statista
  • ✅The iPad has a longer battery lifespan than the MacBook – Apple
  • ✅The iPad Air has a maximum battery life of 10 hours compared to 5.5 hours for the MacBook Pro – Apple
  • ✅iPads last longer than traditional computers – Wired
  • ✅iPad Pros have a lifespan of 5-6 years – Tech Radar
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    iPad vs MacBook

    When it comes to iPads or MacBooks, two of Apple’s most popular products, people need to think about longevity. An iPad has a shorter life due to its specs and battery. A MacBook can last longer as it’s made for more intense tasks.

    Generally, an iPad lasts 4-5 years with regular use. Whereas a MacBook can last 8-10 years if taken care of. So, when choosing between the two, consider how long you’ll use it before replacing it.

    Overview of features and specs

    When it comes to iPads, there are 3 sizes. Standard, Air, and Pro. Storage size varies from 32GB to 1TB. All iPads come with a 9.7” Retina Display, A10 Fusion chip processor, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, stereo speakers, four microphones, and up to 10 hours of battery life. Apple Pencils and Smart Connectors are supported. Plus, accessories such as Smart Keyboard covers, protect the tablet’s touchscreen while adding tactile feedback when typing. And the Magic Keyboard Cover adds an extra boost to sound.

    Each device has its own benefits and disadvantages. Which one is right for you?

    Price comparison

    Comparing the lifespan of an iPad and a MacBook may be tricky, due to different product lifecycles.

    It’s easier to look at their prices. On average, a MacBook Air with 13-inch display costs about $1,000. That’s almost double a standard iPad Pro. But, more expensive versions of both products are available. You may find cheaper options when shopping around.

    The cost of an iPad depends on processing power and display size. Expensive models have powerful processors, big screens (up to 12.9 inches) and multiple cameras.

    MacBooks tend to be pricier than iPads. These come with faster processor speeds and bigger internal storage capacities (up to 32GB).

    So, figure out your budget before deciding which device is best for you.

    Battery Life

    Comparing laptops and tablets? Battery life is a key factor. Apple devices vary in performance. Depending on model, usage, and settings. An iPad battery usually lasts longer than a MacBook. On average, 10 hours for an iPad compared to 6 hours for a Mac. This is because iPads have more efficient processors and bigger batteries.

    Keep in mind, battery life varies greatly due to usage. Gaming or streaming videos drains battery faster than webpages or productivity apps.

    iPad battery life

    The battery life of an iPad varies. On average, it can go up to 10 hours with light to moderate use. That means you can watch movies, send emails, and browse the web, without having to charge in between. It also has a longer lifespan than other mobile devices, due to modern battery technology.

    When compared to a MacBook, the iPad’s battery life is less. A full charge on a MacBook can last up to 12 hours for wireless web browsing, or 18 hours of iTunes movie playback. This makes it perfect for people who need long usage without needing to plug the device in.

    Plus, both iPads and Macs have built-in power management features that limit how long the device can run, so you can take advantage of those settings for longer periods at a time.

    MacBook battery life

    When choosing between an iPad and a MacBook, battery life is a big factor. A MacBook has much longer battery life than an iPad. You can get 8+ hours of use from a laptop, while an iPad only lasts 10 hours. Also, the battery in a MacBook can be replaced if needed, increasing its battery life. But, batteries in iPads are not replaceable and will need to be replaced or partially replaced when they run out of charge.

    So, if you need long lasting battery life, go with a MacBook – it will last much longer without needing regular charging or replacement parts.


    Durability is a must-have when selecting a laptop or tablet. Devices like iPad and MacBook offer portability, convenience, long battery life and powerful processing. But, durability is a key factor to consider. iPad and MacBook are different when it comes to durability.

    • iPad is made of strong materials like aluminum. It can handle impacts, drops and scrapes effortlessly. Its glass screens are scratch-resistant. So, you get vivid colors and clear visuals.
    • MacBook is mostly plastic with some aluminum parts. It is designed to be long-lasting. But, certain parts can be easily damaged due to impacts or wear-and-tear. This leads to decreased performance and eventual failure over time.

    iPad durability

    When discussing longevity and durability, the iPad and MacBook are often compared. On average, an iPad can last 3-4 years with regular usage. But, those using it less frequently (e.g. once a week or month) can expect up to 5 years or more. On the other hand, a MacBook usually outlasts an iPad. It usually has a battery lifespan of 3-5 years, depending on usage and environment.

    When considering a purchase, buyers should consider the lifespan of each device. This will help them make an informed decision about which device meets their needs and budget.

    MacBook durability

    A MacBook is built stronger than an iPad, with heavier-duty components that can handle regular wear and tear. This makes them more resilient to physical shocks, extreme temperatures, and environmental hazards. MacBooks are also suitable for both casual and professional uses, which isn’t always true of iPads.

    It’s hard to know how long a Macbook or iPad will last, as it depends on how they’re used and cared for. But, with maintenance, a Macbook should last up to 8 years, while an iPad can last up to 6. To get the best value for your money, shop around and read up on features.


    Does the Pencil Drain Your iPad Battery? -How Long Does an iPad Last Compared to a MacBook?

    Software’s instructions let a computer like an iPad or MacBook do tasks. It is not the same as hardware – the physical parts of a computer system. Without software, computers cannot run applications, play videos/audio files, surf the web, store data, and send/receive emails.

    Usually, if an iPad or MacBook is kept in good shape, it can last 5-7 years. Software updates can give a device the newest performance capabilities. So, if you update the software regularly, it can help your device last longer.

    iPad software

    The iPad’s software is the main thing that affects how long it lasts. It’s a tablet made for frequent use, so Apple offers a 1-year warranty and the AppleCare+ protection plan.

    iPads come with the newest iOS installed. It includes updates to keep the device running smoothly and staying up-to-date with tech. iCloud storage and other apps/services are built-in to get the most from your iPad, and extend its life.

    iPads need regular iOS updates, otherwise performance might drop or it might not work with new apps/services.

    MacBook software

    Software on a MacBook can reveal its life expectancy. Most MacBooks from 2013 and later have the latest macOS, which Apple updates often for security and performance. Older Mac software may be outdated or incompatible with newer stuff. Usually, Macs can run the newest macOS.

    The hardware of a MacBook can last from five to eight years, depending on use. There are some parts that can be replaced or upgraded, but Apple recommends buying a new device if it starts to slow down or malfunction.


    The iPad and MacBook possess different lifespans. An iPad’s battery is constructed to keep 80% of its original capacity after 500 charges, usually 2-3 years. Macbooks, however, last around 8 years due to the quality components Apple uses.

    Before choosing which device suits you, consider your budget and lifestyle.

    Pros and cons of each device

    iPads & Macbooks have their pros & cons. iPads are more portable, lightweight & cheaper. They provide a great user interface for simpler tasks, like web browsing & messaging. Macbooks, however, offer more computing power & storage capacity. Also, they are better for advanced tasks, like gaming, editing photos/videos & music production.

    When considering battery life, iPads have better power than Macbooks. They have larger batteries compared to their size. But Macbooks can last longer due to better components & materials.

    Before deciding on one device, it is important to consider the advantages & disadvantages of both. That way, you can pick the one that best suits your needs.


    The iPad and MacBook differ when it comes to lifespan. The iPad is best for those who want a device that will last 5 years. On the other hand, the MacBook is better for people looking for a longer lifespan of 7-8 years.

    If you need a device for a few years, an iPad is suitable. Investing in a MacBook is better if you need something to last through college or your career. Both devices have advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your needs and budget when deciding which one to get.

    FAQs about: Does An Ipad Last Longer Than A Macbook

    Q: Does an iPad last longer than a MacBook?

    A: Generally speaking, an iPad will last longer than a MacBook. An iPad’s battery life can range from 10 to 12 hours while a MacBook’s battery life usually ranges from 5 to 10 hours depending on the type.

    Q: How much longer does an iPad last than a MacBook?

    A: On average, an iPad can last anywhere from 5 to 7 hours longer than a MacBook.

    Q: What are the main differences between an iPad and a MacBook?

    A: The main differences between an iPad and a MacBook are their form factor, battery life, and the types of tasks they are best suited for. An iPad is usually more portable and has a longer battery life, while a MacBook is better suited for more intensive tasks such as gaming and video editing.

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