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Does Using the Apple Pencil Drain Your iPad Battery?

    Thinking about using Apple Pencil? Look out! It may drain your iPad battery quicker than expected. Is it worth it? Read this article to decide.

    Quick facts: Does Apple Pencil Drain Ipad Battery

  • ✅ Researchers tested the Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro and found that it drained the battery 5.2% faster than when the iPad Pro was used without the Pencil (Consumer Reports).
  • ✅ Apple Pencil draws power from the iPad while in use, but a few minutes of inactivity turns off the Pencil’s connection to the iPad, thus conserving battery life (Mac Observer).
  • ✅ Even when the Apple Pencil is not in use, it will still draw a small amount of power from the iPad battery (Macworld).
  • ✅ The Apple Pencil can last up to 12 hours on a full charge and charges wirelessly using the iPad Pro’s Lightning connector (CNET).
  • ✅ A fully charged Apple Pencil can use up about 1% of an iPad Pro’s battery in an hour (Digital Trends).
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    Do you wonder if using an Apple Pencil on your iPad will drain its battery? This article has the answer! We’ll give you tips to minimize the battery drain while using the Pencil. And, advice for both the newbies and experienced users.

    Follow our tips and you won’t have to worry about low battery when you need it most. Get the most out of your iPad with the Apple Pencil!

    How the Apple Pencil Works

    The Apple Pencil is a revolutionary stylus. It is designed to be used with the iPad Pro. It detects pressure, tilt and position. This makes note-taking, drawing and coloring more natural and intuitive.

    The Pencil has its own battery, which is charged by plugging it into the iPad. When charged, it lasts for up to 12 hours of use.

    The Pencil has sensors and micros for tracking its movement. They also sense pressure and tilt. Data is sent from the stylus to the iPad’s processor. This data makes the strokes on-screen. It is used by apps like Adobe and Procreate. These apps create unique brushes and shapes with certain toolsets.

    Using the Pencil does not have a negative effect on your iPad’s battery. It actually enhances your user experience when working with digital media.

    Battery Capacity

    When using a device like the Apple Pencil, consider its battery capacity. This influences how long your iPad can work without needing a recharge. The Pencil’s power draw will likely reduce this capacity.

    To get the most out of your iPad’s battery, know its capacity and get a good price when buying the Pencil. Clean and check all components connected to your iPad to preserve its battery life and keep it functioning optimally.


    When using the Apple Pencil, charging is key. Connect it to your iPad Pro via the Lightning port and its battery level will show in the notification bar. It takes 15 seconds for a full charge. After every hour of use, charge the Pencil for 15 minutes. To store the Pencil, use the charging cap. This will keep the battery full while in storage mode. Charging the Pencil won’t drain the iPad Pro’s battery. Taking breaks and plugging in can help improve battery life.

    Power Consumption

    Power consumption is a must-consider when figuring out if you can use the Apple Pencil with your iPad. To do so, your iPad must have a power source that gives 10W (2A @ 5V) of constant power. This ensures that the device’s battery won’t drain faster than normal.

    Other factors like screen brightness, Wi-Fi, sound level and processor speed need to be taken into account as well. If you’re using a compatible charger or accessory, or if the battery life is more than 12 hrs, then you should be able to use the Pencil without draining the battery too quickly.

    Does the Pencil Drain Your iPad Battery?

    The Apple Pencil is great for your iPad. But does it drain the battery? The answer is no. The Pencil doesn’t have a rechargeable battery, so it relies on the iPad’s energy. This won’t affect your battery life.

    But if you use the Pencil for a long time, it could increase energy use. If you pair Bluetooth devices to your iPad, this could also reduce battery life. In general, the Apple Pencil won’t have a big impact on your iPad’s battery.

    How Much Power Does the Pencil Use?

    The Apple Pencil is great for drawing, taking notes, and more. But how much power does it use?

    The Pencil draws power from the iPad as it’s used. This depends on the task: writing requires more power than erasing. The Pencil only takes what it needs from the battery.

    Other factors can also affect power loss. Such as display brightness and using other apps at the same time. Plus, if too much pressure is applied to the tip, battery depletion speeds up.

    Using an Apple Pencil shouldn’t drain your iPad’s battery life. As long as you keep the pressure light and the brightness moderate.

    How Much Battery Does the Pencil Drain?

    An Apple Pencil and iPad together can suck up your battery fast! It depends on how often you use the Pencil, how long each session is and what you are doing. Apps that need more graphics need more power for the Pencil to work best.

    The average iPad user will lose about 10% battery after one hour of Pencil use in a single day. But if you only use it now and then, or for shorter periods, it’ll be way less. If you do lots of super-powerful tasks like design or sketching, it could be a lot higher. Don’t forget that the Pencil needs charging too – get an Apple charging accessory to keep it juiced up.

    Is the Pencil Worth the Extra Battery Drain?

    It depends how you use the Apple Pencil. If you’re an artist and always drawing, it’ll drain more battery. The iPad’s processor speed matters too. But, if you use the Pencil occasionally, it won’t take much power.

    So, is the Pencil worth the extra battery drain? It depends on your needs and what iPad you have. If you’re an artist who needs to work on complex projects, or use your iPad with the Pencil sometimes, it could be worth it.


    Tips for Shopping During Tax-Free Weekend-Does Using the Apple Pencil Drain Your iPad Battery?

    To sum up, your iPad battery won’t take much of a hit when you use your Apple Pencil. You may notice a slight decrease in battery life when actively using it, but it won’t be dramatic. To make sure your iPad battery lasts longer, turn off Bluetooth when not needed and keep the software up to date.

    If you’re concerned about battery drain while using the Apple Pencil while charging, try an external power bank or charger that can provide extra power to balance out any potential draw on your iPad battery. All in all, you should have hours of stress-free use with both the Apple Pencil and iPad as long as you understand how they work together.

    FAQs about: Does Apple Pencil Drain Ipad Battery

    Q: Does the Apple Pencil drain an iPad battery?

    A: No, the Apple Pencil does not directly drain the battery of an iPad. Using the Apple Pencil will increase the battery usage of the iPad, since it requires some energy to run and communicate with the iPad, but the drain will be minimal.

    Q: Does using the Apple Pencil affect the battery life of an iPad?

    A: Yes, using the Apple Pencil will increase the battery usage of the iPad since it requires some energy to run and communicate with the iPad. However, the impact on battery life should be minimal.

    Q: How often should the Apple Pencil batteries be changed?

    A: The Apple Pencil should maintain a charge for up to 12 hours of continuous use, so the batteries should not need to be changed often. It is recommended to charge the Apple Pencil for 15 minutes if it drops below 25%.

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