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How to Choose the Right Size iPad for Your Needs

    Can’t make up your mind on the correct iPad? You’re not the only one! From Mini to Pro, this guide will help you locate the ideal size iPad for your way of life.

    Quick facts: How Big Ipad Do I Need

    • ✅ The iPad Pro 12.9-inch is the largest iPad currently available, measuring 12.9 inches diagonally (Source: Apple).
    • ✅ The iPad mini is the smallest iPad currently available, measuring 7.9 inches diagonally (Source: Apple).
    • ✅ The iPad Air and iPad Pro 10.5-inch are the next largest iPads available, measuring 10.5 inches diagonally (Source: Apple).
    • ✅ 64% of tablet users prefer larger screen devices (Source: The NPD Group).
    • ✅ iPad sales grew 20% year-over-year in Q1 2020, the largest since Q1 2018 (Source: IDC).

    Determine Your Needs

    Shopping for an iPad? It’s important to think about size and features. There are different models of various sizes. Before you choose, decide what you need it for.

    • Want a device for web browsing and streaming? An iPad mini or Air is great. They have good displays and storage, plus they’re lightweight.
    • Need one for complex tasks like photo or video editing? A bigger iPad Pro with powerful processing would be better. The Pro also has dual-lens cameras and Face ID.

    Consider your daily usage

    If you’re wondering which iPad to get, think about what you’re gonna use it for. For casual activities like web browsing or light gaming, get the 9.7-inch standard iPad. But if you’re doing more intense activities like editing videos and watching movies, go for an iPad Pro with a 10.5- or 12.9-inch display. It has more storage and is powered by Apple’s A10X Fusion chip. If you need portability, then the iPad Mini 4 might be the one for you. It’s only 7.9-inches, but still has the same A8 chip as its bigger siblings, so it can handle basic tasks.

    Consider your budget

    When selecting an iPad, price is a major factor. iPads come in three sizes; 9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 inches. The 12.9 model is usually pricier than the other two. If you want to save money, you can choose an older model, like a Mini or Air 2. They offer great performance at a lower cost.

    It’s important to consider your budget and needs when buying. That way, you’ll make a wise decision that keeps your wallet and conscience happy!

    Compare Models

    When picking an iPad size, there are many options. All come in three sizes: Mini (7.9 inches), Air (10.5 inches), and Pro (12.9 inches).

    • The Mini is the smallest and lightest, with a smaller display. It’s also the least expensive.
    • The Air is slightly bigger than the Mini but still lightweight. It has more features, including stereo speakers and more storage.
    • The Pro is the largest, with powerful processing, a larger display, and lots of storage.

    All models have Apple Pencil support. It’s up to you to decide which fits your needs best. Each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses to consider.

    Compare iPad models

    Deciding which iPad model to get can be hard. There are various options, each with its own features and capabilities. This guide helps compare each model so you can pick the best for you.

    • iPad Pro is Apple’s top-of-the-line tablet. It has more power and plenty of RAM. It also has larger display, faster storage and improved cameras. Perfect for video editing and gaming. Plus, it supports Apple Pencil.
    • Regular iPad has a slower processor but still great for everyday tasks like browsing and light gaming. It has lots of storage and is Pencil compatible.
    • iPad Air is great value. It has faster processors than the standard iPad, but at a lower price.
    • Mini iPad is small and portable. But not as powerful for multitasking and gaming.

    Consider the size of the display

    When picking an iPad, size counts. Apple has 3 sizes: 7.9-inch, 9.7-inch, and 12.9-inch. The 7.9-inch is for portability. The bigger sizes are for productivity or entertainment.

    A 12.9-inch iPad allows you to see more content than a 7.9-inch. It’s great for emails, photos, documents, webpages, and videos. If portability is a priority, go with the 7.9-inch. It’s lighter and thinner than the bigger models.

    Consider the weight of the device

    When choosing an iPad, weight is key. iPads come in various sizes, with different weights. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro weighs more than the 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 or 7.9-inch iPad mini 4. The weight of the device affects how easy it is to use.

    Also, if you plan on travelling with your tablet, portability is important. Consider how easy it is to carry, and if it’s too heavy for you. Furthermore, if you plan on using your tablet in bed or other places, make sure the size and weight won’t be too taxing for your body.

    Consider Accessories

    When shopping for an iPad, think about the accessories you want. These can make using your iPad easier. Choose the size that fits your iPad model. For instance, smaller models like the iPad Mini and 9.7-inch iPad fit well in small cases and keyboards. Bigger iPads such as the 12.9-inch or 11-inch ones require bigger accessories. Stands can also be useful, depending on how you use your device.

    Before buying, check if the size of the case or keyboard is compatible with the size of your device. Also, look for third-party options with different sizes than typical Apple products.

    Consider a protective case

    Selecting the perfect iPad? Consider accessories. A protective case is a must-have. It’ll protect from drops and scratches. Pick one that fits and is designed for the size you choose. It might provide a stand or keyboard too!

    Also, an adapter or dock may be necessary. It’ll have USB and HDMI ports for connections. Lastly, if you use your iPad a lot, get an extra charging cable or powerbank. That way you can stay charged when you’re away from home.

    Consider a Bluetooth keyboard

    A Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad can make it simpler and more convenient to use. There are several sizes to choose from which fit the size of your iPad. It all depends on what you plan to use it for.

    If typing or using word processing is in your plans, then a Bluetooth keyboard will make it much quicker and not so annoying. But if your main aim is social media, streaming movies or playing games, then a Bluetooth keyboard isn’t needed.

    Consider a stylus

    Want to get more done with your iPad? Get a stylus! It’s a digital pen that works with the touchscreen. With a stylus, it’s easy to write, draw, and choose stuff. There are basic ones for writing and more advanced ones for drawing and taking notes. And if productivity matters to you, it’s worth the cost. You’ll go from struggling to jot down notes to doing it easily and quickly.

    Choose the Right Size

    Contact the Organization-How to Choose the Right Size iPad for Your Needs

    When deciding on the perfect iPad size, it’s essential to take your own needs into account. iPads are available in five sizes: 11-inch, 12.9-inch, 10.2-inch, 9.7-inch, and 7.9-inch. Each size offers unique pros and cons depending on your budget, lifestyle and preferences.

    • If portability is key, then a smaller size iPad such as the 7.9-inch or 9.7-inch might be a great option.
    • But if visual quality is most important, an 11-inch or 12.9-inch will give you better visuals and performance – ideal for gaming and streaming services like Netflix or Hulu Plus.
    • For those who want a mix of both, the 10.2-inch offers portability and display quality at a great price!

    Consider the size and weight of the device

    When selecting an iPad size, think about the size and weight. There are five options – Mini, Air, iPad Pro 9.7”, iPad Pro 12.9”, and iPad Pro 10.5”. Generally, the larger the tablet, the heavier it is. The Mini weighs 0.66 pounds, while the Pro 12.9” is 1.57 pounds.

    Choose a size that is comfortable to handle and can be taken when travelling. If you’ll be using the tablet at home or in an office, then choose a larger model. This could give you more usability. Plus, certain models have an A10X processor, which offers faster processing than other models.

    Consider the size of the display

    When choosing the best iPad size, the display size is important. For example, if you want to watch movies or present documents on a large scale, then the iPad Pro with its 12.9-inch display would be suitable. The iPad Mini has the smallest display size at 7.9 inches.

    If you want to travel or play games, then a smaller screen is better. It is easier to carry and doesn’t need much storage space. Also, an iPad Air may be perfect if you are looking for a lower price point and good performance. It’s in between sizes of the Mini and Pro, but cheaper than both.

    Consider the accessories you need

    When choosing an iPad size, consider accessories. If you’ll use a stylus, go for a bigger one, like 10 inches or more – writing looks neater from further away. Accessories are better suited for certain sizes. A keyboard case is better on a 12-inch iPad Pro than an 8-inch iPad mini – it offers more space to type. External hard drives and other devices, like USB sticks and thumb drives, are easier to plug into larger iPads due to wider slots.

    Before buying, think about the accessories you may need and if they pair with your device size.


    Selecting the correct iPad for your needs all boils down to what you will use it for. If mainly browsing the net and viewing movies, the iPad Mini or Air will do. But if gaming, word processing and apps with high graphics are your thing, the iPad Pro could be worth considering. It’s all personal preference – do you prefer portability or performance?

    Consider what features you need and how much you’re willing to spend. iPads come in many price points with Retina display, A12 and A13 processors and more. Think about how often you’ll use the device, what tasks you’ll use it for and your budget. Don’t forget – whichever iPad you choose, it’s sure to be amazing!


    When selecting an iPad size, think about portability and tasks. The 7.9-inch mini fits in a pocket and is powerful enough to do tasks on the go. The 9.7-inch and 10.2-inch are great for viewing media and multitasking. Students and professionals alike will benefit from them.

    The 12.9-inch Pro is best for content creators or developers needing the most out of their iPad experience. It has a larger display, A12Z Bionic processor, and Apple Pencil support.

    Tips for finding the right iPad size

    Pick the right iPad size for you! Consider these tips:

    1. Your Needs: What will you use your tablet for? Do you want a large display for work or movies? Or just something small to read & check emails?
    2. Storage Capacity: A larger iPad model gives you access to more features & storage, but may not be necessary if you’re using it for basic tasks.
    3. Budget: How much money are you willing to spend? A larger model may cost more, so make sure it fits within your budget before deciding.

    FAQs about: How Big Ipad Do I Need


    Q1: What is the largest iPad size?

    A1: The largest iPad size is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

    Q2: What size iPad should I buy?

    A2: The size of iPad you should buy depends on your needs and preferences. The 9.7-inch iPad is great for casual use, while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is great for media consumption and more intensive tasks.

    Q3: How much storage do I need on an iPad?

    A3: The amount of storage you need on an iPad depends on how you plan on using it. If you plan on using it mainly for media consumption, then 32GB should be enough. If you plan on using it for more intensive tasks, then 128GB or more is recommended.

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