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How to Make Your iPad Battery Last Longer: Tips & Tricks

    Do you suffer from rapidly draining iPad battery? Our tips and tricks can help! Maximize your iPad battery life to get the most out of it. Extend your battery life and get more time unplugged. Easy-peasy!

    Quick facts: How Can I Make My Ipad Battery Last Longer

    • Use Low Power Mode to conserve battery life – Apple Support
    • Reduce screen brightness to conserve battery life – Apple Support
    • Disable Location Services to preserve battery life – Apple Support
    • Automatically lock your device to save battery life – Apple Support
    • Update your iOS to the latest version for improved battery life – Apple Support

    Optimize Settings

    Optimizing your iPad’s settings is a great way to extend its battery life. Lowering the brightness setting is one of the most effective changes. Usually, iPads are set to maximum brightness by default, but this drains the charge quickly. Reducing the brightness level or enabling Auto-Brightness can help. This adjusts the brightness depending on the lighting conditions.

    You can also adjust other system settings. Decrease animation effects, reduce motion effects and background app refresh. Enable Low Power Mode and disable unnecessary features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not needed. Finally, keep apps up-to-date to get recent optimizations. These small changes can make a big difference in how often you have to charge your iPad’s battery.

    Enable Low Power Mode

    Low Power Mode on your iPad is an awesome way to save battery life. This mode reduces processes that use lots of energy, such as auto downloads and background app refresh. To turn it on, go to Settings, select Battery, then click Low Power Mode. Remember, features like email fetch, Hey Siri, and background app refresh are disabled while Low Power Mode is on. You can update them manually if necessary, in their particular settings menus.

    Additionally, you can set your device to switch to Low Power Mode when battery levels reach a certain percentage. By activating Low Power Mode, you’ll get more out of your device each day!

    Reduce screen brightness

    To make your iPad’s battery last longer, reduce the screen brightness. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness and drag the slider below “Brightness” to a comfortable level. You can also turn on Auto-Brightness. This allows your iPad to adjust brightness according to its environment and activities. Know that turning off Auto-Brightness decreases battery life a bit.

    Disable background app refresh

    Want your iPad Pencil battery to last? Disable Background App Refresh! Go to ‘Settings’, select ‘General’ and switch off ‘Background App Refresh’.

    If you want more control, go to ‘Manage Background App Refresh’ and choose which apps are allowed to run in the background. This will only allow essential apps to run, helping save battery life.

    Reduce Usage

    To have a longer-lasting iPad battery, reducing usage is key. Don’t use it for too long every day, and pick activities that don’t need a lot of your device’s power. Close apps before leaving them – this helps save device resources. Lower the screen brightness, turn off automatic downloads. Disable or reduce location services and background app refresh, since they take up plenty of power.

    If the battery isn’t lasting as long as before, storing less content can help prolong its life.

    Limit app usage

    Want your iPad battery to last? Limit app use! Apps are huge battery drainers, so only open the ones you need. Close them when done. Or, set up a “Do Not Disturb” mode for certain hours of the day.

    Reduce brightness, disable location services and Bluetooth. By following these steps, your iPad will stay powered for longer!

    Avoid playing graphics-intensive games

    Time to switch off those graphics-heavy games on your iPad. They push the processor and GPU to their limits, using more power than non-gaming apps. Maximize battery life by playing 2D games instead. Turn off dynamic lighting and reduce game detail levels. Updating your iPad’s OS can also help battery life.

    Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use

    To make your iPad battery last, turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use. They’ll drain your battery searching for connections, even when you’re not using them. Simple! Go to settings, find ‘Wi-Fi & Bluetooth’ and toggle the switches off. Plus, it’s good for security. Limiting access to your data is important.


    Keep your iPad efficient and battery healthy:

    • Turn off background apps.
    • Set a “comfortable” display brightness level.
    • Turn off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth when not needed.
    • Only charge when necessary, avoid topping up if close to full.

    Keep your iPad updated

    Keep your iPad Pencil functioning well and lasting long! It needs Bluetooth connections with the iPad to work, but these can weaken over time. To make sure it’s always in top shape, stay up-to-date with updates from Apple.

    • Open the Settings app and select “General”.
    • Then choose “Software Update”.
    • Have a look at your iOS version and any available updates. Download them straight to the device.
    • Apple releases new updates often with bug fixes, features, and battery life improvements. Always stay updated for the best performance!

    Clean the charging port

    A clean charging port is key for a longer iPad battery life. Build-up of lint or dirt can lead to a bad connection and slow charging. Clean it with a soft-bristled toothbrush or cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, with no excess liquid. Gently brush the inside of the port and make sure it’s dry before plugging it back in.

    To keep debris out, use a tight-fitting case or one with a flap over. That’ll keep dust and other particles out and extend the battery life.

    Calibrate your iPad battery

    Calibrating your iPad battery is essential for a longer device life. And it’s easy!

    1. Firstly, you must fully discharge the battery. Set the brightness low, turn on airplane mode and use the iPad until it says, “Your iPad Battery Is Very Low”. This takes multiple hours.
    2. Then, plug it in. Let it charge to 100%, but don’t unplug it until it reaches that point.
    3. Finally, unplug it and you’re done!

    Set aside around 4 hours for this process.

    Use Accessories

    Conclusion-How to Make Your iPad Battery Last Longer: Tips & Tricks

    Accessories can be a great way to extend your iPad’s battery life. Power cases, wall chargers and USB cables are key accessories to preserve your battery’s charge.

    • Power cases give you a boost of energy when you need it.
    • Wall chargers and USB cables provide access to outlets, so you don’t have to worry about draining the battery.
    • These accessories minimize discharges due to inactivity or flight delays.
    • Smart charging technology detects when the device is nearly depleted and stops charging to prevent killing the battery.

    Use a power bank

    A power bank is great for making your iPad battery last. It’s rechargeable, portable and has multiple USB ports for charging multiple devices. Plus, most models have safety features like overcharge protection.

    To maximize battery life, keep the screen dimmed, disable Bluetooth when not needed and turn off background apps. And always keep your iPad updated with the latest software updates for optimal performance.

    Invest in a high-quality charging cable

    Want your iPad’s battery life to last? Invest in a high-quality charging cable. Low-quality cables will fray or degrade over time. This can lead to charging issues or even damage. They also use more electricity, meaning the battery runs down faster.

    Rule of thumb: find a cable with sturdy construction and 1.5A of current or higher. It’ll charge your device quickly and safely. Plus, it’ll help extend the battery life – so you don’t need to buy replacements as often.

    Try a battery case

    A battery case for your iPad can boost battery life. It offers extra power, so no need to find a plug or charging station. Plus, many battery cases have a stand, ports, and other useful features. Choose one that works with your model of iPad. Look for a higher mAh rating for more hours of use.

    Replace Battery

    Replace the battery if needed. Check if your device has been used for some time. If so, the battery might not be as strong as before. You may need to replace the battery if it’s losing charge quickly or not charging fully.

    Take your device to a repair center or electronics store that offers battery replacement services. Check your device’s warranty too, to see if replacements are covered.

    Use only genuine parts from a reputable source to replace the battery. Don’t use generic batteries that can cause swelling or fire. Follow the instructions given when replacing the battery. Also, get it safely disposed of if needed. Doing this will maximize your device’s performance and keep you safe.

    Determine when it’s time to replace the battery

    The iPad uses capacitive sensing touch screen tech, not like the resistive screens of most phones and tablets. This tech uses electric currents to detect when your fingers are on the display. Your finger creates an invisible electric field, which is noticed by the device.

    To see if you need a new battery, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Level. If it’s below 80%, replace the battery. To see how much charge is left compared to when you bought it, go to Settings > Battery > Maximum Capacity. This will show you in a %.

    Find a certified technician

    Enlisting a certified technician is key for keeping the iPad touch screen efficient. They can diagnose any issues and replace parts as needed. Replacing an entire touch screen requires special tools and experience, so it’s best to consult a reputable technician. This will keep you in warranty limits and protect your device.

    Consider Apple’s battery replacement program

    Apple provide an affordable battery replacement service for iPads. It can help to increase the device’s lifespan. If your iPad is 7 years or older, Apple offer a battery replacement service for a lower cost than a new device.

    The service is available from Apple Stores and their approved repair centers. Technicians will swap the old battery with a new one that lasts longer. Doing it yourself or with an unqualified technician can void the warranty. Make use of Apple’s free service while it’s still available!

    FAQs about: How Can I Make My Ipad Battery Last Longer


    Q: How can I maximize my ipad’s battery life?

    A: To maximize your ipad’s battery life, you can reduce the brightness of your display, close any apps that you are not using, and turn on the Low Power Mode. You can also make sure that your device is kept cool and away from direct sunlight.

    Q: What should I do when my ipad battery is running low?

    A: When your ipad battery is running low, you should turn on the Low Power Mode to help extend the battery life. You should also close any apps that you are not using and reduce the brightness of the display.

    Q: How often should I charge my ipad battery?

    A: It is best to charge your ipad battery regularly and avoid letting it drop to 0%. You should also avoid overcharging it, as this can reduce the battery life.

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