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How to Track Your Samsung Tablet: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Worried ’bout your Samsung tablet’s safety? Track it down in easy steps with this guide. Get peace of mind, secure your tablet. Follow these steps and you’re all set!

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    Quick facts: How Do I Track My Samsung Tablet

  • ✅ Samsung Find My Mobile Service is available to help people track their lost Galaxy tablets – Samsung
  • ✅ There are various third-party apps that can be used to track Samsung tablets – CNET
  • ✅ People can use Google’s Location History service to track Samsung tablets – The Verge
  • ✅ Samsung tablets can be tracked through GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks – TechRadar
  • ✅ Samsung provides a remote-controlled tracking system for their tablets – Digital Trends
  • Introduction

    This guide will show you how to track your Samsung tablet. Misplaced it? Worried about theft? We’ve got you covered!

    We’ll start with the basics. Enable location services, set up accounts/apps, and become familiar with tracking tools.

    Then, we’ll look at ways to track your device if it goes missing or is stolen.

    Finally, we’ll show you how to prevent theft before it happens.

    Take the right precautions and understand tracking – you can protect your Samsung tablet with ease. In case of theft or loss, it can be recovered fast with minimal effort.


    If you want to track your Samsung Tablet, there are certain requirements.

    • Ensure your tablet has a GPS receiver. This will help it know its location when tracking.
    • Also, have the right apps like Google Maps or Mapquest. This will make sure you can easily find your tablet in the real world.
    • If your Samsung Tablet has 3G/4G LTE, make sure it’s enabled and working correctly.

    Once all this is done, you can continue with tracking it.

    Create a Samsung account

    To track your Samsung tablet, you must make a Samsung account. This account gives access to many services and features related to your device.

    To get started, open the Settings app and tap Accounts > Add Account > Samsung Account. If you have an existing account, enter your username and password. Otherwise, create a new one by filling out basic info like name, email, and telephone number. Select Continue to activate the account.

    Now, you have a Samsung Account that can be used to track your tablet!

    Download the Find My Mobile app

    To track your Samsung Tablet, you need the Find My Mobile app. Just tap a few buttons and you can locate your tablet. It also gives extra security if someone tries to steal it.

    Go to the Google Play Store and sign in with a Gmail account. Then search for “Find My Mobile” under Apps & Games. Install it, create an account and use fingerprint authentication for extra protection. Now you can find your device anytime it goes missing or is stolen.

    Setting up Find My Mobile

    Find My Mobile is a feature on Samsung Tablets for finding, locking, unlocking, and even erasing a device if it is lost or stolen. Here’s how to set up this feature and protect your tablet.

    1. Go to Settings and choose the Security option. Turn on the Remote Controls switch. Then tap Set Up Find My Mobile and log in with your Samsung Account credentials. Click Allow. This will enable GPS tracking so you can locate your tablet if it gets lost.

    After setting up Find My Mobile, check out the features such as Locate My Device (to view its location on a map) and Lock My Device (to stop others from accessing it). If your tablet is stolen or lost, changing the PIN or password won’t help. Find My Mobile is the best way to protect your data!

    Enable Remote Controls

    To track your Samsung tablet, you must enable remote controls. Go to the Settings menu and select the Security & Location tab. Click on “Find My Mobile” and make sure it is enabled.

    Also, if you don’t have one already, create a Samsung account. With this, you can access your device from anywhere with an internet connection. You’ll be able to track its current location and respond remotely in an emergency.

    Set up location tracking

    To get location tracking for your Samsung tablet, take these steps:

    1. Turn on “Location” in the Settings app.
    2. Launch Find My Mobile and enter your Samsung account details.
    3. You can spot your tablet’s whereabouts and follow it in real-time.
    4. You can also set up geofence notifications to alert you when your Samsung tablet arrives or leaves certain spots.
    5. Don’t forget to keep your Samsung account password safe, so only you can access the private information!

    Using Find My Mobile

    Find My Mobile is a helpful service for Samsung tablet owners. It helps them track their device, if it gets lost or stolen. This service is available for Galaxy S6 and above.

    To use it, you must first set up your Find My Mobile account. Open Settings, scroll down and click on Accounts & Sync. Log in with your Samsung Account details. Once inside the settings page, toggle the switch to enable the service.

    You can use Find My Mobile from any web browser or from the official mobile app. Through this service, you can track your device’s location and set up remote alarms. These will sound if someone moves your tablet.

    Locate a lost device

    If your Samsung tablet is lost, Find My Mobile can help you find it. Log in to your Samsung account, and enable Find My Mobile in Settings. Then you can use an online tool to locate it. You can even lock or erase it remotely, if needed.

    To get started, open the Settings app on your device. Select “Lock Screen and Security”. Scroll to “Find My Mobile”. Toggle on “Location” and “Remote Controls”. When these are enabled, you can locate your tablet as long as it’s connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

    Lock a lost device

    If your Samsung tablet is lost or stolen, you need to lock it fast. You must have an active Samsung account and be signed in on the device.

    • Log in to your Samsung account on a computer or other device with an internet connection.
    • Choose “Find My Mobile” from the menu.
    • Select the device you need to lock. If no instructions appear, select “Lock My Device”.
    • You’ll be asked for a password. This password is necessary to access your data.
    • When locked, no one can access your data without it.

    Wipe a lost device

    If you’ve lost your Samsung tablet and suspect it’s been stolen, try to remotely wipe it. You can do this if it’s connected to the internet or if you have a Samsung account linked to it.

    • Go to the Find My Mobile website. Log in using your Samsung account details.
    • From the left menu, select “Wipe My Device“. This will erase all your personal data and accounts associated with it.

    Be aware that you won’t be able to locate or track the device after it’s wiped. If you can’t recover it, and couldn’t get back any personal data, consider contacting law enforcement for assistance.


    Tracking your Samsung tablet is simple. Just follow the steps in this article. It’ll take just a few minutes. After that, tracking your device will be a breeze!

    • Take precautions to keep it secure.
    • If anything suspicious happens, report it right away.
    • You can also benefit from location-based services like geo-fencing or remote wiping.
    • Keep your Samsung tablet safe and enjoy the advantages!

    FAQs about: How Do I Track My Samsung Tablet

    Q1: How do I track my Samsung tablet?

    A1: To track your Samsung tablet, you can use Samsung’s Find My Mobile service. You can access this service on any web browser, or you can download the Find My Mobile app on your mobile device. Once you have logged in with your Samsung account, you can track your tablet’s location, sound an alarm, lock the device, and even erase all data on the device.

    Q2: What information do I need to track my Samsung tablet?

    A2: You will need your Samsung account login information to track your tablet. You will also need to make sure that the Find My Mobile service is enabled on your tablet. You can do this by going to the Settings menu and selecting the Lock Screen and Security option.

    Q3: What should I do if I can’t find my Samsung tablet?

    A3: If you are unable to find your tablet, you can use the Find My Mobile service to remotely lock the device, sound an alarm, or even erase all data on the device. If you have already enabled the service, you can log in and track the tablet’s location.

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