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How to Change the Homepage on Your Samsung Tablet in Just a Few Steps

    Trouble changing the homepage on your Samsung Tablet? Not to worry! Here are quick and easy steps so you can customize your device. Simple as that!

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    Quick facts: How To Change Homepage On Samsung Tablet

    • ✅ To change the homepage on a Samsung tablet, go to the “Settings” app, then tap “Home screen” and select “Home” from the list of available launchers. (Samsung Support)
    • ✅ The latest Samsung tablets come with a new feature called “My Home,” which allows you to customize the look and feel of your tablet’s home screen. (Android Authority)
    • ✅ You can also adjust the size of your icons and widgets, and even change the wallpaper of your home screen on a Samsung tablet. (Tech Advisor)
    • ✅ Home page customization is a popular feature on Samsung tablets, as it allows users to create a more personalized experience. (Digital Trends)
    • ✅ Samsung’s Galaxy tablets offer a range of options when it comes to customizing your home page, such as creating folders, adding widgets, and more. (Tech Junkie)

    Checkout this video:

    Understanding the Homepage

    A Homepage is the first thing a user sees when they load software. It can provide quick links and other options.

    To change your homepage on a Samsung tablet, take these steps:

    1. Go to settings.
    2. Choose “Home” category.
    3. Select “Home Page Options“.
    4. Pick the website or page you want as homepage.
    5. Tap “Set as HomePage” button.
    6. If you want multiple homepages, choose “Manage Pages” under “Home Page Options“. This allows you to switch between pages depending on what you need.

    What is the Homepage?

    Your Samsung tablet’s homepage is the page that pops up when you open the web browser. It’s the first page you’ll see, and also your default search engine. When you type words in the address bar, it will take you to a website related to those words. You can change the homepage depending on your choice or needs. Set it to a website, a blank page, or even several pages showing multiple websites at once.

    To alter the homepage on your tablet, follow these steps in this article:

    What are the Benefits of Changing the Homepage?

    Updating the homepage of your Samsung tablet has perks!

    • Firstly, you can customize it with websites you frequent the most.
    • You can also choose a background to make navigating easier and more visually appealing.
    • Moreover, by taking charge of the homepage, ads won’t disrupt your browsing.
    • Plus, you can create multiple homepages for business and personal use, so you can switch between them as you please.

    Setting Up the Homepage

    Changing your Samsung tablet’s Homepage? Easy-peasy!

    1. Press the Home button at the bottom of your screen.
    2. Tap the “Settings” icon in the top right corner.
    3. Select “Home Screen” from the list of options.
    4. Choose which webpage you want as your homepage.
    5. Click “Set as Homepage”.
    6. Lastly, hit “Done” and you’re all set!

    Accessing the Homepage Settings

    To customize your Samsung tablet’s homepage, open the device’s Settings. Scroll down to the Home Screen option. Here, you’ll have lots of choices! Wallpaper, icons, widgets, and folders can all be customized. You can also rearrange apps, change their size and location, or remove them.

    When you’re done, save changes and exit Settings. Your tablet’s homepage should now be perfect!

    Selecting a Homepage

    To change the homepage on your Samsung tablet, you need to pick one. Most browsers have a search bar where you can type the URL of the website you want. Or, you can pick from pre-loaded favorites like Amazon, Google, and Yahoo.

    Once you find the one you want, click on it and confirm it’s your default page. You’re all set! Having a homepage on any device makes navigating the web easier and faster.

    Customizing Your Homepage

    Your Samsung tablet’s homepage is probably set to a default view. But, you can customize it easily!

    • Locate the “Settings” app (gear icon) on the home page. Tap on it.
    • Navigate to “Display Settings“. Here, you can choose the background color and wallpaper. Also, you can decide which apps appear on your homepage by selecting “Apps Icon Layout“.
    • Hit “SAVE” at the top of the screen.

    Your Samsung tablet homepage is now ready – just the way you like it!


    Troubleshooting is key for tech support. It can solve problems quickly, without using more complex fixes. With Samsung tablets, users can try troubleshooting on their own. This section will show how to tackle common issues.

    For instance, if you have difficulty changing the homepage, follow the instructions here. Just take a few simple steps and you’ll be good to go!

    1. Open the browser app and select “More Settings“.
    2. Then, pick “Homepage” from the menu and type in a new URL.
    3. Lastly, press “Save” at the bottom of the page to apply changes.

    Remember to restart your device so the changes work. Now you should see your new homepage!

    Common Homepage Issues

    Setting up your Samsung tablet homepage can bring some common issues. For example, if the home page isn’t what you expected, you may need to clear the cache. Or, check the URL and settings are right. You may also have trouble seeing the same page on mobile or desktop. This could be browser settings or compatibility.

    When you click the “Home” button, nothing happens? That could be either the website or the browser loading sequence. Refresh the page and double-check the browser config to fix it. Lastly, you might not be able to add a webpage as your home page because of security settings, like parental control or antivirus protection. If so, get help from the device admin.

    How to Fix Homepage Problems

    Having homepage problems on your Samsung tablet? It might be a virus, browser issue, or user error. Here’s how to fix it fast!

    1. Open the Browser app.
    2. Swipe from the top of the screen to find the menu.
    3. In Settings, select Homepage.
    4. Check if your preferred address is there. If not, type it in the box & hit Done.
    5. Exit the browser & restart it. That should do it!

    Hopefully these steps have helped you resolve any issues with the homepage quickly.


    To sum up, changing the homepage of your Samsung Tablet is not difficult. Just follow a few steps and you will be able to set your preferred URL as the homepage. Then you can go directly to the page you visit most often when you open the browser.

    To do this, go to the Settings page on your device. Change the Home Page URL to what you want. After that, it will be easy to access your desired webpage with clicks or taps.

    Summary of the Process

    To change the homepage of your Samsung tablet, here’s what to do. It’s easy and won’t take long.

    1. Open the internet browser app.
    2. Click on the Settings cog at the top right of the screen.
    3. Choose ‘Homepage setting’.
    4. In this menu, you can enter a homepage address or choose from some preset options like Google or Yahoo!. Select one of them and press ‘Done’ at the bottom.

    You’re done! Your Samsung tablet’s homepage is now updated with the address you chose.

    Benefits of Changing the Homepage

    Changing the homepage on your Samsung tablet gives you many advantages. You can have your most-used apps on the home screen, so you can access them quickly. Moreover, you can customize the widgets for a unique experience. Additionally, you can stay informed with notifications and news from your favorite websites and social media accounts.

    Changing your homepage is an efficient way to use your Samsung tablet more productively.

    FAQs about: How To Change Homepage On Samsung Tablet

    Q1: How do I change the homepage on my Samsung tablet?

    A1: To change the homepage on your Samsung tablet, open your Google Chrome browser and tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the screen. Select Settings > Homepage > Change and enter the URL of the desired website.

    Q2: How do I set my Samsung tablet to open a new page when I open the browser?

    A2: To set your Samsung tablet to open a new page when you open the browser, open your Google Chrome browser and tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the screen. Select Settings > On startup > Open a new tab.

    Q3: How do I set a homepage on my Samsung tablet?

    A3: To set a homepage on your Samsung tablet, open your Google Chrome browser and tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the screen. Select Settings > Homepage > Change and enter the URL of the desired website.

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