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How to Charge Your Samsung Tablet with a Broken Port

    Frustrated ’cause your Samsung tablet charging port is broken? Don’t fret! You can still charge it! Here’s how:

    This guide will help you keep your tablet all powered up. Check it out!

    Quick facts: How To Charge A Samsung Tablet With A Broken Port

    • ✅ A USB to micro-USB cable can be used to charge a Samsung tablet with a broken port – Digital Trends
    • ✅ An OTG cable can be used to connect a USB drive to the Samsung tablet to charge it – PC Magazine
    • ✅ An adapter can be used to convert the existing port on the tablet to a USB port – GSM Arena
    • ✅ A wireless charger can be used to charge the Samsung tablet wirelessly – Tech Advisor
    • ✅ A power bank can be used to charge the Samsung tablet – Android Authority


    This guide is for Samsung Tablets with damaged USB charging ports only. It will help you charge your tablet using an external USB power adapter.

    1. First, you must find the correct adapter. You can get it from a retailer or online with OEM parts.
    2. Then, plug the adapter into a wall outlet and your tablet’s charging port. Ensure that any third-party USB cables used are certified for safe use with Samsung devices. Otherwise, it could damage your hardware/software.
    3. Finally, you’re ready to charge your device!


    Before charging a Samsung tablet with a broken port, you must prepare:

    1. Power off the device.
    2. Ensure you have the right screwdriver and parts.
    3. Check the charger is correct and works.
    4. Review troubleshooting guides and videos.

    This will help you get a successful outcome.

    Gather the necessary materials

    Gather the items needed to charge your Samsung tablet with a broken port. These include:

    • A USB-C compatible charger
    • A 13-inch male to male USB cable (Type C or A)
    • A wall plug adapter with enough power
    • Certain tablet models may need an OTG (on-the-go) Type-C adapter

    Ensure the system can supply 3 Amps of current for successful charging. Check the user manual for any specific needs before beginning the repair.

    Power off the tablet

    Power off your Samsung tablet before you try to charge it with a broken port. Make sure to save anything important before you do this. Use an external battery pack or USB charging device to give the device power. Don’t force anything into either end of the port.

    After you have charged your device with an external battery pack, get a replacement port professionally installed. Un-repaired damage can be dangerous for your device in the future.

    Steps to Charge Your Samsung Tablet with a Broken Port

    Charging a Samsung tablet with a broken port? It’s tricky, but doable! You’ll need an adapter with 5V and 2A output. Connect the USB cable from the adapter to your tablet’s charging port. Then, use scissors or pliers to strip away the plastic casing on both ends of the cable. Attach two metal alligator clips onto each end of the exposed wire. Alligator clip one end to ground and the other to a power source such as a laptop or PC.

    When everything’s in place, plug in your charger and start charging your Samsung Tablet!

    Connect the USB cable to the power source

    Take the first step to charge a Samsung tablet with a broken port:

    • Connect a USB cable to a laptop or computer.
    • Plug one end of the USB cable into the port and the other end into the power source.
    • Ensure the device is connected firmly.
    • Then start powering up your tablet.

    Also, install a memory cleaner app on the Samsung tablet before plugging in any cables. This will clear all temporary files and free up space. It might help with charging issues.

    Connect the other end of the USB cable to the charging port adapter

    Your Samsung tablet can still be charged even when its charging port is broken. To do this, first insert the USB-C end of the cable into the port on the side of your tablet. Then, attach the other end of the USB cable to the charger’s charging port adapter. Your device will be able to charge for as long as you need.

    Additionally, you may also be able to use apps pre-installed on your tablet that enable wireless charging. To make full use of these apps, you may need to:

    • Buy a wireless charger.
    • Install an app from Google Play Store.

    Connect the adapter to the tablet

    Broken USB port? No prob!

    • Plug the adapter into a wall outlet.
    • Connect the charger cable to the adapter and your Samsung tablet’s charging port.
    • Plug it in and your tablet should start charging.

    Nothing happening?

    • Check if the connection is good.
    • If it still won’t work, try different outlets.


    Having trouble charging your Samsung Tablet with a broken port? There are several solutions:

    • Check the charger’s plugged in properly, and the wall outlet’s working. Might have to replace either of them.
    • Still not fixed? Clean the charger port and cable with warm water, soap, or rubbing alcohol. Dry with a lint-free cloth.
    • If that doesn’t work, replacing the charging port might be necessary. Look up tutorials online, and buy replacement parts at electronics stores or online retailers. Make sure your model and year of tablet is correct when buying replacement parts!

    Check the connections

    Check if your Samsung tablet’s charging is off:

    • Make sure the charger and cable are plugged in a wall socket and your device.
    • If using a USB adapter, ensure it’s connected to both sources.
    • For wall outlet adapter, confirm it’s correctly plugged in.
    • Then, check for dirt or lint on both ends of the cable.
    • If all’s good, unplug for 30 secs then plug in again and try to charge.

    Check that the power source is working

    If your Samsung tablet charger isn’t working, check it first. Use a voltage tester or multimeter to measure the outlet’s voltage. Make sure it produces enough electricity for the tablet. Plug in another device and test it too. If it doesn’t work, contact an electrician.

    Replace the cord if it’s faulty or damaged. Get an approved cord that fits the plug type in the manual.


    To sum up, charging your Samsung Tablet with a broken USB port can be tricky. You must find the right adapter and connector for your device. If you cannot find them, consult a professional or buy a new power cord.

    Plus, take extra safety precautions when connecting an external power source to your device. It may cause electric shock or fire hazard. We hope this article gave you valuable info about charging a Samsung Tablet with a broken USB port.

    FAQs about: How To Charge A Samsung Tablet With A Broken Port

    Q1. How do I charge a Samsung tablet with a broken port?

    A1. If the tablet has a broken port, you can use a wireless charger or an external battery pack to charge it.

    Q2. What type of external battery pack should I use?

    A2. You should use an external battery pack that is compatible with your Samsung tablet.

    Q3. How do I know if my external battery pack is compatible with my tablet?

    A3. You can check the specifications of your tablet and the external battery pack to make sure they are compatible.

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