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How to Charge Your iPad Without a Charger – Tips and Tricks

    Struggling to charge that iPad? You’re not alone! We’ve got some tricks to help. Ready to learn? Here’s how to do it without a charger! Get your iPad powered up in no time!

    Quick facts: How To Charge Ipad Without Charger

    • ✅ Using a third-party charger can cause overcharging, which can damage the battery – Consumer Reports
    • ✅ Charging the iPad by USB cable from a laptop is the most widely used alternative to the official charger – Macworld
    • ✅ The iPad can also be charged with a power bank – Tech Times
    • ✅ Charging the iPad with a car charger is only recommended when traveling – CNET


    The iPad revolutionized productivity. But what do you do when it runs out of battery and no charger’s around? This guide offers tips and tricks to charge an iPad without a charger.

    Learn how to increase the battery life and charge it quickly. We’ll also cover general tips to reduce reliance on chargers. Plus, find out what to do in emergency situations! By the end of this guide, you can use your device effectively and extend its battery life.

    Use a Computer

    You can charge your iPad without a charger! Just use a USB-to-Lightning or USB-C to Lightning cable, depending on your iPad type. Connect the lightning end of the cable to your iPad, and the other to your computer’s USB port.

    To make sure your computer is set to allow charging while asleep, go to System Preferences in macOS or Change PC Settings in Windows Control Panel. This way, you can charge your iPad while it’s connected to the computer, even when it’s off or sleeping – no wall charger needed!

    Connect the iPad to a computer

    You don’t need a charger to charge your iPad. Connect it to your computer using an Apple cable that comes with the iPad. Plug one end of the cable into your laptop/desktop. Plug the other end of the cable into the “Lightning” port on your iPad. This lets you transfer data between devices and charge the iPad. For iPad Pro, you need an Apple USB-C connector instead of a regular USB cable.

    This method is useful when you’re on the go or away from an outlet. Some people also use their laptop’s battery to charge their iPads when away from home. It may take longer but it’s possible in a pinch!

    Use the USB port to charge

    Charging your iPad without a charger can be tricky. Luckily, you can use your computer’s USB port. You’ll need an Apple-approved USB cable and the correct software on your computer.

    • Connect the USB cable to your iPad and computer. Make sure the USB connector is secure in both devices.
    • Turn on the iPad and computer. When prompted, select “Trust”.
    • Then, check the iPad status bar. If it says “Not Charging” after five minutes, switch off both devices. Unplug and reattach them securely. This should start the charging process via the USB connection.

    Use a Car Charger

    A car charger is great for charging your iPad. No extra charger needed. Car chargers use the power from the car’s cigarette lighter socket. Types of car chargers include USB port, multiple ports that can charge multiple devices, and wireless charging models.

    • Plug the charger into the cigarette lighter socket.
    • Connect to your iPad with the USB cable or wireless connection.
    • Your device should start charging!
    • See the battery icon in the top right corner of the screen to check the charge level.

    Connect the iPad to the car charger

    Charge your iPad without a charger by connecting to the car. Plug into the USB port or use a 12V cigarette lighter adapter. Buy an adapter that fits your car and iPad. Make sure you have the right cable (lightning or 30-pin).

    Another way is to use an external battery pack. It gives extra use when away from an outlet – perfect for trips or no power.

    Use the USB port to charge

    Charging your iPad without a charger is possible! Grab a USB-to-Lightning cable – the same that comes with every iPad. If you don’t have one, you can buy it separately. Plug the USB connector into a powered USB port – on your computer or another device like a car adapter. Plug the Lightning connector into your iPad. It should start charging immediately!

    Check the compatibility of the external device before using it to charge your iPad. Once powered on, the Apple logo and battery indicator will appear on the home screen. This is an easy and convenient way to charge without buying extra cords.

    Use an External Battery Pack

    Use a Wall Outlet-How to Charge Your iPad Without a Charger - Tips and Tricks

    External battery packs, or charging bricks, are a handy power source. They’re small and light enough to fit in a bag. Many come with multiple USB ports. This lets you charge several devices at once.

    Battery packs offer up to 10 times more power than standard chargers. Fully charged, they last up to 6 hours. Before buying one, double-check it’s compatible with your Apple product. Also, read the instructions and follow all safety guidelines.

    Connect the iPad to the external battery pack

    An external battery pack is a great way to charge your iPad if you don’t have a charger.

    • Get the battery pack and a compatible charging cable.
    • Connect the iPad with the battery pack using the cable.
    • Instructions for use and settings should come with the pack. You might need to press a button or toggle a switch to start charging.
    • Check the connection between the battery pack and iPad is secure before you charge.

    Use the USB port to charge

    A USB wall outlet is a simple and economical way to charge your iPad. Just plug it in and attach the iPad USB cable. This gives you access to a 5V charging port – no need for the usual wall outlets.

    It’s also portable, so you can take it with you. Plus, many are small enough to fit in pockets, bags, etc when not needed.

    Use Wireless Charging

    No need to plug in a charger to power up your iPad. With wireless charging, just place it onto a special charging pad connected to an outlet. Some newer iPads even wirelessly charge without a charger.

    Wireless charging has lots of benefits. It reduces clutter and stops any tripping over wires. Plus, induction technology instead of current reduces electrocution or electric shock risks. That’s why it’s becoming more popular in offices and other places with many people.

    Place the iPad on a wireless charging pad

    Wireless charging of an iPad is possible with a charging pad. It’s a round device that uses wireless tech to send power to the iPad. Place it on the pad and wait for the indicator to switch on. The speed of charging depends on the size and output of your charger, usually taking two and a half hours. It’s slower than plugging in with a cable.

    For optimal safety, always use an Apple-certified charger.

    Use the Qi wireless charging technology

    Qi wireless charging is a convenient way to charge your iPad. It works by transferring energy from the charger to the device. To use it, your device must have compatible hardware and software, plus a charging station or pad. Most Qi wireless chargers use inductive coupling, which sends power over an air gap between two coils.

    Set up the Qi system, then place your iPad near the transmitting coil. It will wirelessly charge without any extra wires. Bear in mind, Qi chargers usually only provide 5W of power. This is less than most traditional chargers, so your iPad may not charge as quickly.


    Searching for an iPad charger? There are multiple options:

    • Power adapters
    • USB cables
    • Car chargers
    • Battery cases

    And, the Energy Saver Pro app reduces battery consumption, making your iPad last longer.

    No access to any of these? Use your computer or laptop as an alternative. Plug the charging cable into a port and you’re good to go!

    FAQs about: How To Charge Ipad Without Charger

    Q1: How do I charge my iPad without a charger?

    A1: You can charge your iPad without a charger by using a USB cable. Connect the USB cable to your iPad and then plug the other end into a power source, such as a laptop, computer, or USB wall charger.

    Q2: Does the iPad charge faster with an original charger?

    A2: Yes, the iPad will charge faster with an original charger, as it will be able to provide the power required to charge your device quickly and efficiently.

    Q3: Are third-party chargers safe to use with my iPad?

    A3: Yes, as long as the charger is certified by Apple and comes with the correct connector and power rating, third-party chargers are safe to use with your iPad.

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