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How to Cool Down Your Phone

Your phone is a powerful device that can perform many functions and tasks, but it can also generate a lot of heat in the process. If your phone gets too hot, it can affect its performance, battery life, and durability. It can also cause discomfort, damage, or even injury to you or your phone. Therefore, it is important to keep your phone cool and prevent it from overheating.

There are many reasons why your phone may overheat, such as using heavy apps or games, charging your phone, exposing your phone to direct sunlight or high temperatures, or having a faulty or old battery. However, there are also many ways to cool down your phone and avoid overheating problems. Here are some tips and tricks to cool down your phone:

Method 1: Stop using your phone for a while

The simplest and most effective way to cool down your phone is to stop using it for a while and let it rest. If you are using a demanding app or game, close it and exit to the home screen. If you are charging your phone, unplug it from the charger. If you are using your phone’s camera, video, or flashlight, turn them off. You can also turn off your phone completely or switch it to airplane mode to reduce the battery and CPU usage.

Method 2: Remove your phone case and accessories 

Your phone case and accessories can trap the heat and make your phone hotter. Therefore, you should remove them when your phone is overheating. Take off your phone case and any other attachments, such as headphones, speakers, or power banks. This will allow your phone to release the heat and cool down faster.

Method 3: Put your phone in a cool place

Your phone’s temperature can be affected by the surrounding environment. If your phone is in a hot or humid place, such as under the sun, near a heater, or in a car, it can overheat quickly. Therefore, you should move your phone to a cool and dry place, such as under a fan, in the shade, or in an air-conditioned room. You can also put your phone in a bag of rice or silica gel, which can absorb the moisture and lower the temperature. However, you should not put your phone in the freezer or refrigerator, as this can cause condensation and damage your phone, and be making sure you avoid pressing your phone while charging.

Method 4: Use a cooling app or device 

There are some apps and devices that can help you cool down your phone by monitoring and controlling the temperature, CPU, and battery. For example, you can use a cooling app, such as Cooling Master, CPU Cooler, or Phone Cooler, which can scan and close the apps that are causing your phone to overheat. You can also use a cooling device, such as a cooling pad, fan, or stand, which can physically cool down your phone by blowing air on it. However, you should be careful when choosing and using these apps and devices, as some of them may not work well or may harm your phone.


Overheating can harm your phone’s battery, performance, and components, and make your phone less functional or even unusable. To cool down your phone, you should turn it off, remove any cases or accessories, and move it to a cool and shady place. To prevent your phone from overheating, you should limit your phone usage, charge your phone properly, avoid extreme temperatures, and use a phone cooler app. By following the tips and tricks in this article, you can cool down your phone and keep it in good condition.

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