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How to Quickly Delete a Guest User on Your Samsung Tablet

    Want to delete a guest user fast from your Samsung Tablet? Here’s a guide to make multiple user profiles managable. Follow this easy step-by-step tutorial and learn how to secure your tablet from unauthorized access.

    Quick facts: How To Delete Guest User On Samsung Tablet

  • ✅ Guest Mode can be disabled by going to “Settings > General” and tapping on “Guest Mode” – Samsung
  • ✅ It is possible to delete a Guest User by going to “Settings > Users” and tapping on the “Delete” icon – Samsung
  • ✅ A Guest User can also be deleted by tapping on the user icon on the lock screen and selecting “Delete User” – Samsung
  • ✅ Deleting a Guest User will delete all data associated with the user, including account information and apps – Android Central
  • ✅ It is important to note that a Guest User cannot be restored once it is deleted – Android Authority
  • Introduction

    This guide shows you how to swiftly delete a guest user on your Samsung tablet. It is important to note that it does not work in all cases. To start, open the settings app on the device. Select ‘Accounts and security’ from the list. Afterwards, choose ‘Guest users’.

    Click ‘Delete’ next to the name of the desired guest account. Tap ‘Ok’ to confirm the deletion. The guest user will then be gone from your device. This guide makes erasing unwanted guest users effortless for those who have difficulty with complex steps.

    Identifying Guest User

    Are you a Samsung tablet user? You may have noticed an option to create a ‘Guest‘ account. This type of account makes it easy for multiple users to access the same device. Plus, no personal info is linked to it.

    Identify the ‘Guest‘ user icon on your home screen. It’s usually labeled as ‘Guest‘ or ‘Visit User‘. Then, delete it with a few taps in the Settings menu.

    Go to Settings > Users. Select ‘Delete Guest User Profile‘. Confirm you’d like to delete it. Then, wait as it’s uninstalled from your device. Maximize storage and protect your files and settings!

    Check for the Guest User Icon

    Check for the Guest User Icon. To do this, go to the Notifications Panel. Or pull down your Screen Lock Notification. Look for an icon with a checkered flag and a profile silhouette. It indicates a guest user is active. Tap it. Then choose “Remove Guest” from the menu.

    If there isn’t an icon, proceed with the steps in this guide to quickly delete a guest user on your Samsung Tablet.

    Check the Settings

    Tap the Settings icon on your home screen.

    Select Accounts.

    This will open the Accounts page.

    Tap the Guest user account you want to delete.

    Click Delete.

    You’ll be asked to confirm.

    Hit Yes to complete the process.

    Remove the guest user from your device.

    • Back up all data before deleting any account.
    • This action cannot be reversed.
    • All associated data will be lost.

    Deleting Guest User

    Deleting a guest on a Samsung tablet is simple:

    1. Tap the Menu button in the top right corner of the screen.
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Look for User and Accounts.
    4. Select Add/Remove users. The Manage Users page should appear with all the current users.
    5. Make sure the guest is signed out.
    6. Select their account and hit the sign out button at the bottom.
    7. Select ‘Remove’.
    8. Confirm that you want to remove them. The guest will be gone and won’t have access to the tablet or its content.

    Open the Settings

    Tap the gear icon in the top right corner of the home screen. This opens the Settings.

    Scroll down to “Device” and select “Users”.
    A list of all users appears. Tap “Guest” and then select “Remove guest”. You’ll get a warning that personal info will be lost. Select “Remove” if this is okay. Now you’ll see only your own profile remains.

    Tap on the Users and Accounts Section

    Tap on the Users and Accounts section in Settings to begin. View all users associated with your device. When you spot the guest user, long-press it and select “Delete”. This will instantly remove the account.

    Make sure there are no important files or data stored in the guest user account before deleting. To check for software updates, open Device Maintenance and tap on “Software Update” in Settings.

    Tap on the Guest User

    Got a Samsung tablet? You can create a guest user on it. Handy if you don’t want them to see your personal stuff, or control which apps they use. But if you need to delete the guest user, it’s easy:

    1. Open settings.
    2. Then go to “Accounts” and select “User Accounts”.
    3. You should see a list of all accounts, including the guest user at the bottom.
    4. Tap on the Guest User and choose “Remove User”.
    5. Finally, confirm the removal by tapping “Remove Account”.

    Done! The guest user is removed from your device.

    Select Delete Guest User

    When prompted, select Delete Guest User in the Samsung tablet security settings menu. Click “OK” when the pop-up window appears.

    This will delete all info associated with the guest user account, including their profile. Make sure the account isn’t in use when deleting, as it may cause data recovery issues.

    • The pin number and other security protocols created for the user will be erased too.
    • Save any preferences you wish to keep before selecting “Delete Guest User”, as these will be deleted after confirmation.


    This article gives you the steps to remove a guest user from your Samsung tablet. Follow these steps and they’ll easily be gone:

    1. Open Settings, then Users & Accounts.
    2. Tap the Guest User icon and select Delete User.
    3. Confirm the action with Delete and restart your tablet.

    After this, all the data connected to the guest user will be wiped.

    These steps will let you delete a guest user quickly and keep your tablet secure. It’s especially useful if you have to let someone unfamiliar with tablets use it for a short time without risking your confidential data.

    FAQs about: How To Delete Guest User On Samsung Tablet

    Q1: How do I delete a guest user on my Samsung tablet?

    A1: To delete a guest user on a Samsung tablet, open the Settings app and select the Users and Accounts option. Select the Guest option, then select the Delete User icon. Confirm the deletion, and the user will be removed from your tablet.

    Q2: What happens when I delete a guest user?

    A2: When you delete a guest user on your Samsung tablet, all data and settings associated with that user will be deleted and removed from the device.

    Q3: Is there a way to restore a deleted guest user?

    A3: Unfortunately, once a guest user has been deleted from a Samsung tablet, there is no way to restore them. You will need to create a new guest user if you wish to access those features again.

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