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how to delete videos from android tablet

    Stuck with limited storage on your Android tablet? You’re not the only one. Get back wasted space and speed up your tablet by deleting unnecessary videos. Learn how to delete videos quickly with this guide. Make it happen!

    Facts: How To Delete Videos From Android Tablet

    Top 5 Crazy Facts, Statistics and Trends Related to ‘How to Delete Videos from Android Tablet’

    • 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, making it challenging for individuals to manage their data conveniently. (Forbes)
    • A study by Kaspersky revealed that only 15% of people backup their data, and only 30% of people will delete data that they no longer need. (Kaspersky)
    • According to a study done by the International Data Corporation, 60% of individuals fail to backup their phone’s data, which includes their videos. (IDC)
    • In 2019, more than 1.5 billion smartphones were sold globally, which would lead to a significant number of unused videos on devices. (Statista)
    • By 2022, experts predict the amount of data created will reach 175 zettabytes, which would mean more data that needs to be managed by individuals. (Cisco)

    Understanding Internal Storage on Android Tablets

    Android tablets have changed the way we use tech. They have amazing features, but they come with their own challenges. One of these is limited internal storage. If you need to free up space on your device, you may be wondering “How do I delete videos from my Android tablet?” Not to worry! Understanding storage on Android tablets is easy.

    This article gives you step-by-step instructions for deleting videos and managing your device’s storage. With this guide, you’ll say goodbye to storage stress!

    Identify the Internal Storage of your Android Tablet

    To delete videos from your Android tablet, you must first identify the internal storage location where they are stored. Here’s how: open the File Manager app, find the “Internal Storage” folder, open it, locate the folder containing your videos, select the ones to delete, and tap the “Delete” button.

    For further optimization, you can:

    • Clear cache and data from unused apps.
    • Uninstall unused games.
    • Update your OS and installed apps.
    • Install an anti-virus app.

    Don’t let cluttered storage slow you down – take action today!

    Pro tip: Use a search function in the File Manager app to quickly locate the videos you want to delete by name, date, or file type.

    Check How Much Space is Available on your Android Tablet

    Do we ever check how much space is available on our Android tablets when we love to capture moments? Even if we don’t wish to delete anything, we must know the room left. In this article, learn how to access the space on your Android tablet. Free up space and keep capturing those precious moments!


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    LSI Keywords:

    • Memory
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    Steps to Check Available Space:

    1. Open the “Settings” app.
    2. Select “Storage & USB”. It may be “Storage” or “Device Storage”.
    3. See how much space is being used under different categories.
    4. Select “Explore” for a detailed breakdown.
    5. Manage individual files/folders to free up space. Tap and hold a video, select “Delete”.

    No need to delete videos/files always. Transfer them to an external storage device/cloud storage service.

    Conclusion: Check the available space on your Android tablet. Follow the steps to manage storage and keep it running smoothly. Pro tip: Set up automatic backups on Google Photos!

    Deleting Videos from Android Tablets

    Fed up with your Android tablet storage always full due to videos you don’t need anymore? Can’t seem to find the way to remove them? Have no fear! This article will show you how to delete videos from your Android tablet in a few steps. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or experienced user, our guide will give you easy options to keep your tablet running smoothly. Let’s get started!

    Deleting Videos from Android Tablets-how to delete videos from android tablet,how to delete videos from android tablet

    Image credits: by Adam Arnold

    Uninstall Unwanted Videos from the Tablet

    Tablets are becoming increasingly popular due to their light weight, easy access and large storage. But, these benefits can quickly be overshadowed by a full storage notification if we don’t keep our tablets free of unwanted files. So, let us show you how to delete any unwanted videos from your Android tablet and quickly free up some much needed space.

    Steps to delete videos from the Gallery app:

    1. Open the Gallery app
    2. Select your unwanted videos
    3. Press the ‘Delete’ icon at the bottom
    4. Confirm by pressing ‘Yes’
    5. Clear your cache and trash folder

    Steps to delete videos from the File Manager app:

    1. Find the ‘File Manager’ app
    2. Navigate to the video location
    3. Select your unwanted videos
    4. Press the ‘Delete’ icon
    5. Clear your cache and trash folder

    Uninstalling unwanted videos from your tablet is straightforward. And it can also improve performance. If you want to store your videos without taking up your tablet’s space, consider using cloud storage services like Google Photos, Dropbox, or One Drive.

    Move Videos to an External Storage Device

    Downloading music from YouTube is a great way to make custom playlists. But, with so many videos, your android tablet’s internal storage can get cluttered quickly. Deleting videos might not be an option, so you can move them to an external storage device. Here are the best tips for doing this:

    • Get an External Storage Device: First, buy one. SD cards, USB drives, and portable hard drives are available. Choose the one that suits your needs and budget.
    • Insert it: Insert it into your tablet’s USB port. It could be a USB-C or Type-A port. Use the right cable.
    • Transfer Videos: Navigate to the video files (likely in the Downloads folder) and select them. Tap the Share icon and pick the external storage device for transferring. This could take time, depending on the video file size.
    • Disconnect Device: After the files have been moved, you can safely disconnect the device. To prevent data corruption or loss, “eject” the device properly before unplugging it.

    Moving videos helps your android tablet run smoothly while keeping music close. Make sure there’s enough space on the external storage device and follow these tips. This can free up space and keep your music organized.

    Pro tip: Backup important video files to cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. This prevents loss if you have a device failure or it gets lost.

    Delete Videos from the Tablet’s Internal Storage

    Minecraft is a hit on Android tablets! But, limited space is a challenge. Video storage takes up a lot of room. So, deleting videos from the tablet’s internal storage is a good way to free it up. Here is how to do it:

    1. Open the gallery app in the app drawer.
    2. Press and hold the video you want to delete.
    3. A context menu will appear. Click “delete.”

    You can also use the file manager app:

    1. Open the file manager app.
    2. Go to the folder with the video.
    3. Long press the video and select “delete” from the context menu.

    Tip: Regularly delete unneeded files from the tablet. Also, back up important videos to external storage or cloud storage.

    Final Thoughts: how to delete videos from android tablet

    Technology is an ever-growing part of our lives. Android tablets are no different, as users find their storage space filling up with photos, videos, and apps. Managing video files can be particularly challenging, as they require a lot of storage.

    In this guide we’ll share tips on how to delete videos from Android tablets and free up space. Whether you use it for fun or work, these tips will help you manage your storage and keep your tablet running smoothly:

    Delete Unused Apps

    Technology advances, which boosts our smart device capabilities. With more storage, it’s easy to save lots of videos on our Android tablets. But with time, some of these files aren’t needed, cluttering our device and slowing performance. In this article, we’ll discuss why deleting unused apps on your tablet is important.

    Getting rid of unused apps can help clear up space. It’s also great for optimizing performance. Before deleting apps, consider:

    • Priority: How often do you use the app?
    • Storage: Does the app take up a lot of space?
    • Alternative options: Is there another way to get the same results?

    Uninstalling apps is easy:

    1. Open the “Settings” app.
    2. Select “Apps & notifications.”
    3. Select the app you want to delete.
    4. Select “Uninstall.”
    5. Select “OK” to confirm.

    Pro Tip: Keep track of the apps you delete. This will help avoid reinstalling apps that don’t serve a purpose. Regularly deleting apps can improve your Android tablet’s performance and give you space for important files.

    Clear App Cache

    Shooting and saving videos on an Android tablet? We’ve all been there. But when you need to make room for new files, deleting videos isn’t always straightforward. Clearing your app cache is the answer! It’ll help you remove the deleted files from your device and free up storage space.

    Clearing the app cache can also speed up your device, prevent crashes, and fix glitches. Plus, it’s a simple process you can easily do yourself. Here’s how:

    1. Open Settings, then select Apps.
    2. Find the app you want to clear cache for and tap it.
    3. Tap Storage & cache.
    4. Tap Clear cache.
    5. Confirm by tapping Clear cache again.

    That’s it! Your app cache should now be cleared, freeing up tablet space. Keep in mind that this may log you out of the app or remove some of your settings, but don’t worry – they’ll be back once you reopen the app.

    To sum it up, clearing app cache is an easy way to delete videos from your Android tablet and free up space. So make sure you do it regularly to keep your device running smoothly.

    Pro tip: If clearing the app cache doesn’t do the trick, you can try deleting data for the app. But this will remove your personal data too, so use it only as a last resort.

    Move Apps to an External Storage Device

    Today, mobile devices are an essential part of our lives. We use smartphones and tablets for communication, work, and entertainment. But with more use, comes the issue of storage space. Android-based tablets have limited internal storage, so users need to optimize their storage. One way is by moving apps to an external storage device.

    This has many benefits. It frees up internal storage and makes the device run faster and smoother. Android tablets have an SD card slot to insert an external storage device. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Insert the compatible storage device into your tablet’s SD card slot.
    2. Tap the “Apps” icon and select “Settings.”
    3. Go to “Device,” then “Applications.”
    4. Pick an app from the list.
    5. Choose “Storage.”
    6. Select “Change” and choose the storage device.
    7. Tap “Move” to transfer the app.

    Optimizing storage space will help your Android tablet work better. But before moving apps, make sure the storage device is compatible and that the app can be moved.

    Other Tips for Managing Storage on Android Tablets

    Do you own an Android tablet? It’s necessary to stay connected and productive. As you use it more frequently, you’ll need to manage storage. Low storage alerts got you down? Can’t free up space? Don’t despair! We’ve got you covered. Read on for tips on managing storage on your tablet, with emphasis on deleting videos to make room for more important data. Let’s go! Grab that tablet!

    Other Tips for Managing Storage on Android Tablets-how to delete videos from android tablet,how to delete videos from android tablet

    Image credits: by David Washington

    Use Cloud Storage Services

    Introduction: Managing storage on Android tablets can be tricky. Especially when we have heaps of files, like videos, music and documents, stored away. If you’ve run out of room, you may be asking yourself how to delete videos from your Android tablet. Besides deleting, there are other tricks to make the most of your storage. One useful way is to use cloud storage services.

    Use Cloud Storage Services: Cloud storage is increasingly popular. You can store your files and access them from anywhere with a stable internet connection. No more taking up room on your tablet. Here are some cloud storage services to check out:

    • Google Drive – It’s available to all Android users and offers 15GB of free storage space.
    • Dropbox2GB of free storage space. You can upgrade for more.
    • OneDrive – A cloud storage connected to Microsoft Office. It offers 5GB of free storage space. Upgrade for more.

    Cloud storage services make it easy to transfer your videos and other files to the cloud. This clears up storage on your tablet and allows you to access your files whenever.

    Pro Tip: Backup your data before deleting anything. Use a cloud storage service or transfer them to an external hard drive or USB drive. That way, if anything gets accidentally deleted, you can always restore your files.

    Conclusion: Managing storage on your Android tablet is critical for smooth performance. Deleting videos is one way to free up room, but using cloud storage services is better. It not only gives you more space, but it also guarantees your files are safe and accessible whenever. Try using cloud storage services and you won’t regret it.

    Compress Photos and Videos

    Ever thought about why your Android tablet’s storage space is diminishing each day, even after deleting unnecessary files and apps? You’re not alone! In today’s digital world, where we often create and download media files, storage can be a real issue.

    One solution is compressing photos and videos. Not only does it free up space, but it also makes sharing easier and faster. Here, we’ll know the advantages of compressing and how to do it on Android tablets.

    • What is Photo and Video Compression?

    Compression is a type of data optimization. It reduces large files’ size without compromising quality. In other words, the same image or video can be made smaller, therefore taking up less storage.

    • Why Compress Photos and Videos?
    1. Save Storage – As mentioned before, compressing files helps save space.
    2. Easily Share – Compressed files can be quickly shared via email or messaging apps.
    3. Upload on the Web – Compressed photos and videos take less time to upload on the web, making sharing faster.
    4. Better User Experience – Smaller files load webpages and apps faster, resulting in a better user experience.
    • How to Compress Photos and Videos on Android Tablets?

    Ways to compress photos and videos on Android tablets:

    1. Compression App – Download an app from the Google Play store that specializes in compressing files. It allows batch compression and offers several quality and resolution options.
    2. Built-in Compression Tool – Android tablets have a built-in File Manager app with a compression tool. Open the app, select the photos/videos, then ‘Compress.’ Choose the compression level and output folder.
    3. Photo Editing App – Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Express are photo editing apps that allow compressing photos while editing.

    Pro Tip: Back up files before compressing, as it can lead to a loss in quality.

    Use a File Compression App

    Tired of the same notification sound on your Android tablet? Want to customize it to something more pleasing? If so, this article has you covered. It provides a simple solution to change the sound.

    People buy Android tablets for entertainment, including watching videos. But, accumulating videos can take up space and slow down the device. Here’s how to free up space by deleting videos with a file compression app:

    • Download and install WinZip, 7Zip, or RAR from the Google Play Store.
    • Open the app and go to the folder with the videos.
    • Long press the file name or tap the box next to it to select the videos.
    • Hit the compress button.
    • The app compresses the files into a smaller size, making it easier to delete them all.
    • Navigate to the compressed folder, select all the files and tap delete.

    Using a file compression app is a great way to save space. It’s a quicker process than manually deleting each file one by one. Plus, it saves time.

    Pro tip: Back up data to avoid losing files permanently due to device failure or accidental deletion. This way, you’ll always have copies of important files close by.

    FAQs: How To Delete Videos From Android Tablet

    Q: How do I delete videos from my Android tablet?

    A: To delete videos from your Android tablet, go to your device’s gallery app or video player app, find the video you want to delete, and then tap and hold on the video. Options to delete the video should appear.

    Q: Can I delete multiple videos at once on my Android tablet?

    A: Yes, you can. In your gallery app or video player app, tap and hold on one video to start selecting multiple videos. Then, select all the videos you want to delete and tap the delete button.

    Q: What happens to the videos I delete on my Android tablet?

    A: When you delete videos on your Android tablet, they are sent to the device’s trash folder. The videos will stay in the trash folder for a designated amount of time before they are permanently deleted. You can manually delete videos in the trash folder if you want to free up space on your device.

    Q: How do I access the trash folder on my Android tablet?

    A: To access the trash folder on your Android tablet, go to your gallery app or video player app and look for the trash or recycle bin icon. Tap on that icon to view the videos you’ve deleted. From there, you can choose to restore or permanently delete the videos.

    Q: Can I recover videos that I’ve deleted on my Android tablet?

    A: Yes, you can restore videos that you’ve deleted on your Android tablet as long as they are still in your device’s trash folder. To restore a video, open your gallery or video player app, locate the video in the trash folder, and tap on the restore button.

    Q: What should I do if I accidentally delete a video I did not mean to on my Android tablet?

    A: If you accidentally delete a video on your Android tablet, you can try to recover it from the trash folder. If the video is not there or if you have already emptied the trash folder, you can use a data recovery app to try and recover the deleted video.

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