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How to Do a Split Screen on Your iPad in 4 Easy Steps

    Have a hard time watching two films at the same time on your iPad? You’re not alone! This guide will help. It’s simple. Follow these four steps and you’ll never miss any crucial scenes again. Learn how to do a split screen on your iPad now!

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    Quick facts: How To Do A Split Screen On Ipad

    • ✅ Split Screen is available on iPad Air 2 or later models, iPad Pro models, or iPad Mini 4 or later models (Apple Support).
    • ✅ To use Split Screen, open two apps in Slide Over mode and then swipe up on the app divider (Apple Support).
    • ✅ You can open multiple apps in Slide Over mode and switch between them by swiping left or right on the app divider (Apple Support).
    • ✅ You can adjust the size of the two apps in Split View by dragging the app divider (Apple Support).
    • ✅ Split Screen can help you multitask on your iPad. For example, you can compose an email in one app while viewing a website in the other (Apple Support).

    Checkout this video:


    Split screen on the iPad? Wow! It’s an amazing way to multitask and get more done. It allows us to work on two apps side-by-side. iOS 9 and later have this feature. Here’s a guide to set it up, in 4 easy steps.

    Split screen on iPads can be used for many tasks. Writing documents, watching movies, or doing research! With split-screen mode, you can quickly change between apps. It helps you work more efficiently and do more in less time. Ready to learn how to set it up? Let’s go!

    Preparing Your iPad

    Before using your iPad, there are some things to do:

    • Connect it to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. It’s needed for apps and internet.
    • Set up an iCloud account to access data saved on the cloud.
    • Then, set up an Apple ID and enable Touch ID or Face ID. This increases security.
    • When done, you can use the Split Screen View. This mode lets you use two programs at the same time. The steps for this are in the next section.

    Update your iPad to the latest iOS version

    To do a split screen on your iPad, you must be running iOS 12 or later. Check your version by going to Settings > General > Software Update. If it’s not the latest edition, use the page to download the update from Apple.

    After updating, you can begin using split screen mode!

    Enable the “Split View” feature

    To use the iPad’s Split View feature, you must enable it in Settings. Open Settings, tap General. Then, tap Multitasking & Dock. Toggle Split View to On.

    Split View is enabled! Now, you can have two apps side-by-side, or one app with a third one in a small window. To start using split-screen mode, swipe up from the bottom of your iPad screen. Keep your finger there until you hear a sound. The dock will appear at the bottom of your screen. Drag left or right to select the apps you want to use in split-screen mode. Start using them simultaneously!

    Setting Up Your Split Screen

    Split screens on iPads are great for multitasking. The split view feature lets you open two apps side by side. Here’s how to set it up in four steps:

    1. Make sure both apps are compatible with split view mode. Open one app, drag it to the edge of the screen and tile it into one half of the display.
    2. Use a three-finger tap gesture to bring up an app menu. Tap on the app you want to use in split view. It will open in its own window.
    3. Resize each window so they fit together neatly. Drag their edges until they meet in the center of the display. You can scroll through both windows, switch between them and interact with both.
    4. Enjoy! Now you can switch between windows quickly and get more multitasking done.

    Open two apps side-by-side

    Split your iPad screen to view two apps at once! It’s helpful if you want to look up data or copy text between two files.

    1. Select the apps you want to use.
    2. Drag the second app from the dock tray onto the first one. A handlebar appears between them, letting you adjust the space each app takes up.

    Maximize productivity with split-screen multitasking!

    Adjust the size of each window

    You can pick a custom split-screen setup by adjusting the size of each window. To do this, click & hold on the bar between the apps. Then drag it to the right side of your iPad until you reach the size you want. To make one app full-size, grab any corner and drag it outward. However, other apps opened after this will have the same default size. So, you might need to reset your network settings or restart your device.


    Conclusion-How to Do a Split Screen on Your iPad in 4 Easy Steps

    Split screens on iPads make multitasking easy! Activate Split Screen mode, choose the apps you want to view, adjust the size of the app windows, and when you’re done, exit Split Screen mode.

    Four simple steps to get your multitasking on!

    • Research online?
    • Draft an email?
    • Stream a movie?
    • School work?

    You now have all the tools you need. Get ready for productivity and efficiency!

    FAQs about: How To Do A Split Screen On Ipad

    Q: What is a split screen on an iPad?

    A: A split screen on an iPad is a feature that allows users to have two different apps open simultaneously on the same screen. This feature is available on iPad models that support iOS 11 and later.

    Q: How do I activate split screen on my iPad?

    A: To activate split screen on your iPad, first open the app that you want to use in the split screen. Then, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open the Dock. Find the second app that you want to open and drag it to the right or left side of the screen. The two apps will then be displayed side by side.

    Q: How do I resize the two apps displayed on the split screen?

    A: To resize the two apps displayed on the split screen, simply drag the divider line between the two apps to the left or right. You can also pinch the divider line with two fingers to adjust the size of each app.

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