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How to Find Your IP Address on an iPad in Just a Few Steps

    Struggling to locate your iPad’s IP? No problem! You can get your device’s IP address with ease. No tech-savvy required. Just follow these few steps and you’ll be done in no time!

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    Quick facts: How To Find Ip Address On Ipad

    • ✅ Most iPads get assigned an IP address based on your home Wi-Fi network (Apple Support)
    • ✅ To find the IP address on an iPad, open the Settings app, select Wi-Fi, and select the Wi-Fi network you are connected to (TechRadar)
    • ✅ You can find the iPad IP address by going to settings > Wi-Fi > tap the blue arrow next to the connected Wi-Fi network (Business Insider)
    • ✅ For those using an Apple iPad, the IP address can be found in the settings app, under Wi-Fi and then the blue arrow next to the connected Wi-Fi network (Lifewire)
    • ✅ The iPad IP address is located in the Wi-Fi settings of the device (CNET)


    An IP address is for each device connected to a computer network using Internet Protocol (IP). It is used to identify and locate the device. Knowing the iPad’s IP address is helpful if you need to set up a remote connection or troubleshoot network issues. Here’s how to find it in a few steps:

    1. Open the Settings app and select Wi-Fi.
    2. The Wi-Fi settings page will show the active connection’s signal strength and IP address.
    3. If you have multiple networks, make sure you are connected to the right one before going to the next step.

    Understanding IP Addresses

    An IP Address is a numerical label. It’s special, assigned to each device linked to a network using Internet Protocol. It’s for ID and addressing, letting devices linked to the network communicate.

    To find your IP address on an iPad with iOS 11+, follow these steps:

    • Open Settings > Wi-Fi.
    • Click on your Wi-Fi network.
    • Look below ‘DHCP’ and you’ll see your device’s IP address.

    Understanding IP addresses helps with troubleshooting networks, setting up networking equipment, configuring firewall rules and configuring online services, like VPNs and cloud computing services that need a static IP address.

    What is an IP Address?

    An IP address is a label given to devices that use the Internet. It contains 4 sets of numbers divided by periods. This lets billions of combinations exist. When you join the Internet, your device receives a unique IP address from your network provider. It keeps track of the device’s online activity.

    Therefore, when finding out an issue with your iPad or other device, it can be helpful to know the IP address. This helps to find and solve any problems to ensure a steady connection. Your IP address also lets you set up private networks or restrict access for certain users/devices.

    How do IP Addresses Work?

    An IP address is a special ID that’s specific to a device connected to a computer network. It’s usually given by an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and can either be static or dynamic. Static means the address remains the same, so it’s easier for remote access and other web services. On the other hand, dynamic IPs can change unexpectedly, making it harder to trace or connect from another device.

    To find a device’s IP address you need to understand how networks work and use the appropriate method. For example, on an iPad, you can go to Wi-Fi settings or system preferences to find your static or dynamic IP. To access another person’s local network info, you may need 3rd-party software or systems.

    How to Find Your IP Address on an iPad

    Finding your IP on an iPad is easy. Knowing your IP can help with network connection issues. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Open Settings and select Wi-Fi from the left-hand sidebar.
    2. Tap on the blue “i” next to the name of the wireless network.
    3. Look for “IPv4 Address” and you’ll find your IP beside it.

    You can also find your public IP by searching “What is my IP” on Google/Bing. Or, you can download an app like Fing from the App Store. It’ll help you identify connected devices and their details, including their IP and MAC address.

    Open the Settings App

    Open the Settings app to find your IP address on an iPad. It can be seen on the main home screen. Navigate to the ‘General’ tab. A section labeled ‘Network’ appears with various internet options. Select ‘Wi-Fi’.

    Look for your connection name (SSID). Your device’s IP address will appear next to ‘IP Address’ below the connection information. Note this information for future reference. It’s useful when setting up a new wireless connection or troubleshooting an existing one.

    Select Wi-Fi

    Seek the ‘Wi-Fi’ option to find your IP address on an iPad. Head to the ‘Settings’ page and tap ‘Wi-Fi’. This will show a list of Wi-Fi networks you can access. Select your desired network. Enter passwords or other required information to connect. Tap the ‘i’ next to the network you are connected to. Your IP address should display in that page. If it’s not there, reset your network settings in ‘Settings’.

    Go to the ‘General’ section of the menu. Select ‘Reset Network Settings’. You should now find your IP address in that same page.

    Find the IP Address

    Finding the IP address on your iPad is simple. Just head to Settings, select Wi-Fi at the top, and select your connected network. This will give you both the internal and external IP address.

    You can use this IP address for various tasks. Examples include remote desktop access, printing over a network, and configuring dynamic DNS settings. Also, it helps when troubleshooting internet connection issues.

    Additionally, you need this IP address for port forwarding settings. An example of this is setting up an FTP server. Here, port 21 needs to be open on your modem for external users to access the server from outside your home network. Knowing your iPad’s IP address helps set up remote connections and port forwarding.


    Introduction-How to Find Your IP Address on an iPad in Just a Few Steps

    Finding your iPad’s IP address is easy. Open the Settings app and tap on Wi-Fi. Select your network. You’ll find the IP address, plus other info about the connection.

    Now you know how to find your IP address. You can use it for troubleshooting or for web hosting. This guide makes it easier to find your IP address.

    FAQs about: How To Find Ip Address On Ipad

    Q: How do I find my IP address on my iPad?

    A: To find the IP address of your iPad, open the Settings app and tap on Wi-Fi. The IP address of your iPad will be the first number listed next to “IP Address”.

    Q: How do I know if my IP address is static or dynamic?

    A: You can tell if your IP address is static or dynamic by checking your network settings. If the IP address does not change, it is a static IP address. If it does change, it is a dynamic IP address.

    Q: What is the difference between an IP address and a MAC address?

    A: An IP address is an identifier for a computer or device on a TCP/IP network. A MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to most network adapters or network interface cards (NICs) by the manufacturer for identification.

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