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How to Get Out of Kid Mode on Your Samsung Tablet

    Stuck in Kid Mode on your Samsung Tablet? Don’t fret! You are not alone. This article will help you disable the feature. Ready? Here we go!

    Step-by-step instructions will guide you back to your regular activities:

    Quick facts: How To Get Out Of Kid Mode On Samsung Tablet

    • ✅ The “Kids Mode” feature on Samsung tablets can be a useful tool for preventing young children from accessing inappropriate content (
    • ✅ To get out of Kids Mode, you can either reset the device to factory settings or sign in with an existing Samsung account (
    • ✅ Parents can manage which apps are unlocked in Kids Mode, as well as adjust the time limits and set parental controls (
    • ✅ To exit Kids Mode, you will need to enter your current password or create a new one (
    • ✅ Parents can create multiple profiles in Kids Mode, allowing them to customize the settings for each child (

    Understanding Kid Mode

    Kid Mode is an option some Samsung tablets have. It helps parents decide what their kids can see. Parents can pick which apps and websites their children can visit. It also has time limits and notifications.

    To deactivate Kid Mode in the tablet’s settings. Depending on the device, there may be a password. To go back to regular features, enter your PIN code.

    What is Kid Mode?

    Kid Mode is an app for Samsung tablets, made to give parents control. They can limit which apps their kids can use, and block certain website URLs. Parents can also choose which websites are accessible, and control info that is viewable or shareable. They can even customize a home screen for each child and set time limits for apps and activities. All this, without sacrificing the tech sophistication that adults enjoy on Samsung tablets. Kid Mode is designed specifically for kids.

    How to access Kid Mode

    To use Kid Mode on Samsung tablets, create a PIN code. Then, open Settings, select “Security“, and choose “Parental Control“. Select “Set up Kid Mode” then follow the instructions. Your PIN code will be requested. When enabled, Age Lock will open with the tablet to limit kids to age-appropriate content.

    To make changes or disable Kid Mode, re-enter the PIN code and go through the same steps:

    1. Open Settings
    2. Select “Security
    3. Choose “Parental Control
    4. Select “Set up Kid Mode

    Exiting Kid Mode

    To exit Kid Mode on your Samsung tablet, first enter the PIN you set when you enabled it. If you’ve forgotten it, there’s a reset process to complete.

    Once the correct PIN is in, Kid Mode will be disabled. Your device will then take you through steps to set up personal settings. This includes:

    • setting up user profiles
    • configuring parental controls
    • reinstating app/data permissions

    When these steps are finished, the device will be ready for use and all restrictions from Kid Mode will be gone.

    Disabling Kid Mode

    Most Samsung tablets can easily disable Kid Mode. Find the Kid Mode icon. It can be at the top of the home screen or in the app drawer. Tap and hold it. A menu will appear. Select “Disable”.

    Later models may require a password or fingerprint to disable.

    When disabled, all parental controls are gone. If you want to keep some controls, go to Settings > Parental Controls.

    Changing the Parental Control settings

    To exit Kid Mode on your Samsung tablet, you must change the Parental Control Settings. Enter your PIN to access this section. Select “Turn off” under the Kid Mode setting. After this, your tablet will be out of Kid Mode and you can use it normally.

    Remember that some features and functions are restricted or blocked in Kid Mode because of the Parental Control Settings. If you cannot access certain features or applications on your tablet after changing settings, check the Parental Control Settings and make sure they’re set correctly:

    • Check the Parental Control Settings.
    • Make sure they’re set correctly.

    Resetting the device

    If you need to leave kid mode on your Samsung tablet, the first step is resetting it. This will delete apps, software, and other content, plus any parental control settings you’ve set up. To reset, go to “Settings” then “General Management”. Click “Reset” and choose either “Factory Data Reset” or “Delete All”. This will erase all data from your device, including kid mode and parental control settings.

    Resetting is a simple way to leave kid mode, but be careful since it deletes all stored data.

    Customizing Your Tablet

    Customizing your tablet is the best way to get the most out of it and make it your own. Samsung tablets often come with Kid Mode. This feature limits what apps and websites your children can access.

    If you are an adult, you will need to enter a PIN/password created when Kid Mode was set up. This will bring you to the Parental Controls menu, where you can turn off the restrictions.

    You can then customize your tablet’s homescreen. Create widgets or arrange your apps into categories that make sense for you. This can help reduce clutter and make it easier to find what you are looking for.

    Setting up a new user profile

    Ready to leave kid mode on your Samsung tablet? Setting up a new user profile is easy!

    • Create a separate account and log in.
    • When prompted, choose the type of lock screen security you want: pattern, PIN or password.
    • Customize the settings, like enabling/disabling parental controls.
    • Web browsing restrictions, time limits and more can be set.
    • This gives you more control and keeps your data safe.
    • Once you set up the profile, you can access all the tablet’s features without switching out of kid mode.

    Adding apps and games

    Adding apps and games to your Samsung tablet is a great way to keep kids entertained. To get more options, you must exit kid mode and enter the setup menu. Enter your parental controls PIN code. Tap on “Apps and Games” from the main menu. This will take you to the Google Play Store.

    Search for the app or game you want to download. Click on “Install“. The app or game will be added to your tablet’s home screen. Download apps or games from trusted sources only. This will keep your child safe.

    Setting up a secure password

    To unlock Kid Mode on your Samsung Tablet, you’ll need a secure password. Use numbers and/or letters, 8 characters long. Mix up upper and lower case letters. Include special characters like ! or $. Enter the password in the box when prompted. This will take you out of Kid Mode and give you access to all the settings.


    Troubleshooting is a way of finding and fixing problems with electronic devices. It’s important for anyone who uses them. Here’s how to fix your Samsung tablet if it’s stuck in Kid Mode:

    1. Check the pin code first.
    2. Restart the device if that doesn’t work.
    3. Search the settings for a Parental Controls menu to disable Kid Mode.
    4. Uninstall apps if that fails.
    5. Reset to factory settings if necessary.
    6. Lastly, contact Samsung customer service if everything else fails. They may be able to help you out of Kid Mode.

    Resetting the device

    If you want to escape Kids Mode on a Samsung tablet, you need to reset the device. Remember, this will delete all settings and data on your device. So back up anything you don’t want to lose before doing this.

    To reset:

    • Press and hold Volume Up and Power.
    • When the Android logo appears, let go.
    • Then select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ with the Power button. On some tablets you may need to press Volume Down instead.
    • Confirm you want to do this by selecting ‘Yes – delete all user data’.
    • Wait for the reset process to finish.

    Kids Mode will be disabled and your tablet will be back to its factory settings.

    Checking for updates

    To get out of Kid Mode, you must first make sure your device has the latest software. Go to Settings on your Samsung tablet. Select About Device. This will show your Android version and device details. If an update is available, tap “Update” to download and install it. Newer versions of Android can improve security and protect against malicious software. If you want to learn how to activate Kid Mode on your Samsung tablet, check out this

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