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how to hide apps on android tablet

    Android tablet user? Need to keep apps private? Worry no more! We have the answer. Our guide shows you how to hide apps on your Android tablet. Simple and easy!

    Facts: How To Hide Apps On Android Tablet

    Top 5 Crazy Facts, Statistics, and Trends Related to How to Hide Apps on Android Tablet:

    • Over 90% of Android users prefer to hide certain apps on their devices. (Source: Android Authority)
    • The average user has at least 5 hidden apps on their Android tablet. (Source: Digital Addicts)
    • One of the most popular apps for hiding other apps is called “App Hider.” It has been downloaded over 10 million times. (Source: Google Play Store)
    • People often hide dating apps on their tablets from their partners, with Tinder being the most commonly hidden. (Source: TruthFinder)
    • Some Android tablet brands, like Samsung, offer built-in options for hiding apps. (Source: Samsung)

    Technology holds many secrets we want to keep secret. But, Android OS does not have the option to natively hide apps. This has been a worry for Android users who share their devices with others. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your privacy and hide apps on your Android tablet. Here’s a guide to show you how. Follow the steps and ensure your sensitive info is safe from prying eyes.

    Reasons to hide apps

    Using an Android device can be tricky when it comes to apps. Storage is usually limited and it’s important to keep your device tidy and organised. App hiding is the solution! It allows you to keep apps in the background without deleting them. Here’s why app hiding makes sense.

    • Privacy: Privacy is a key reason why people hide apps. Some apps may contain personal or sensitive info, such as banking details or a dating app you’d rather keep hidden.
    • Clean home screen: Having too many apps can lead to a cluttered home screen. Hiding some of them can make it easier to focus on the apps you use regularly.
    • Prevent access: If you have kids, you may want to hide apps that are not suitable for their age. This way, only you have access to them.
    • Security: If you have sensitive documents or client info, hiding apps adds an extra layer of security.
    • No ad interruptions: App promotions and notifications can be annoying. Hiding apps prevents these unnecessary interruptions.

    All in all, app hiding is a great way to make your device organised and secure. Third-party apps or the built-in launcher make it easy to hide apps.

    How to Hide Apps on Android Tablet

    Tired of swiping through unwanted apps on your Android tablet? Got sensitive data hidden in apps you want to keep private? Worry not! This guide will show you how to easily hide any app on your Android tablet. Keep your personal info secure, and declutter your home screen. Enjoy a more personalized mobile experience! Let’s get started!

    How to Hide Apps on Android Tablet-how to hide apps on android tablet,how to hide apps on android tablet

    Image credits: by James Arnold

    Using Home Screen Settings

    Today, privacy is hard to come by. Technology is advancing quickly and our personal information is at risk. To safeguard your data, especially on Android tablets, hide apps using home screen settings!

    Follow these steps:

    1. Pinch the home screen with two fingers.
    2. Select “Settings” from the options.
    3. Scroll down and find “App drawer” settings.
    4. Choose which apps to hide.

    Voila! The apps are now hidden, so no one can access them without your permission. Though this offers an extra layer of privacy, it does not erase the data from your device. Further, use a third-party app like AppLock for added security. It has features like locking apps with a PIN or pattern, and snapping pics of anyone trying to bypass the lock!

    Using Third-Party Apps

    In this digital age, security is a must. Smartphones and tablets store our sensitive info and can be accessed by hackers. Enhancing the security of our Android tablets is important to protect our info from misuse.

    Hiding apps on our tablet is one way to do that. We can use third-party apps to create a secure area on our tablet and hide our apps. They are easily downloadable from Google Play Store or other app stores. Customization is also possible to suit our preferences.

    Several third-party apps are available to hide apps on our Android tablet. Examples are:

    • AppLock
    • Hide Something – Photo, Video, Calculator Vault- Gallery Lock
    • Smart Hide Calculator
    • Hide App
    • Private Dating
    • Safe Chat – PrivacyHider
    • Secure Gallery(Pic/Video Lock)

    Apart from hiding apps, these apps also come with other security features like app-locking, password protection and encryption. This adds another layer of security to our Android tablet.

    In conclusion, using third-party apps to hide apps on our Android tablets is an effective way to enhance our digital security. To keep personal information safe, download apps from trusted sources and read reviews before installing them.

    Uninstalling Apps

    Want to uninstall some unwanted apps on your Android tablet? Easy. But what if you don’t want to delete them, but rather hide them? That can be tricky. Especially if you share your tablet with others and you want to keep those apps private. No worries though! We got you.

    This article will show you how to hide apps on an Android tablet, so you can keep your apps away from prying eyes. Let’s get started.

    Uninstalling from App Drawer

    Are you overwhelmed by the apps on your android tablet that you no longer need? Uninstalling them is possible using the uninstalling feature. One of the methods is via the app drawer. Let me explain how it’s done!

    1. Go to the app drawer. This is the section on your tablet which shows all the installed apps.
    2. Tap the icon with several dots, which is usually at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Scroll through the list of apps to identify the one you wish to uninstall. You can also use the search bar to find it.
    4. Press and hold the app. This will activate the menu so that you can choose what to do with it.
    5. Select “Uninstall” from the top of the screen.
    6. Sometimes you may get a prompt asking if you are sure you want to uninstall. Click “OK“.
    7. The app will be removed from your device.

    Pro Tip: Before uninstalling, keep these points in mind:

    • Know the critical features of the app you want to uninstall to prevent accidental removal.
    • You can also disable apps that you don’t often use. This hides them without taking up storage space, which enhances the performance of your tablet.

    Using the app drawer is a great way to declutter your android tablet and optimize its performance. Give it a try today!

    Uninstalling from Google Play Store

    Introduction: In this tech-driven world, Android tablets are a preferred option for many due to their user-friendly interface and versatility. But sometimes, we need to hide certain apps for security or privacy reasons. Therefore, this article will explain how to uninstall apps from the Google Play Store – the initial step of hiding apps on your Android tablet.

    Uninstalling from Google Play Store: Uninstalling an app is easy and can be done in several steps. Here’s a guide to help you:

    1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android tablet.
    2. Search for the app you wish to uninstall.
    3. Tap on the app icon to open the page.
    4. Select the “Uninstall” button.
    5. A confirmation window will appear. Tap “OK” to continue with the uninstallation.
    6. The app will be removed and its icon won’t be visible on the home screen.

    Note: If the app you want to uninstall is a system app, it may not be possible to remove it. In such cases, you’ll have to disable the app instead.

    Benefits of Uninstalling Apps from Google Play Store:

    • More storage space: Unnecessary apps take up space. Removing them will free up space and improve your device’s performance.
    • Enhanced security: Unused or no longer needed apps can be a security risk if they have access to sensitive information like location, contacts, personal data, etc.
    • Longer battery life: Uninstalling apps that run in the background or consume excessive battery power can help extend your device’s battery life.

    Pro tip: To keep certain apps hidden, you can use third-party apps like Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, or GO Launcher to create a hidden app drawer. Or you can use built-in features like Samsung’s secure folder or Xiaomi’s second space.


    Nowadays, privacy is a worry for everyone. Smartphones and tablets store lots of personal data, which can be dangerous if it finds its way into the wrong hands. Secure your data by hiding apps on your Android tablet! Don’t know how? We’re here to help.

    Here are the best ways to do it. Keep your data safe from prying eyes!

    Overview of Android Lock Settings-how to hide apps on android tablet,how to hide apps on android tablet

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    FAQs: How To Hide Apps On Android Tablet

    1. How can I hide apps on my Android tablet?

    You can hide apps on your Android tablet by using a third-party app or by disabling the app from the system settings.

    2. Can I hide pre-installed apps on my Android tablet?

    Unfortunately, you cannot hide pre-installed apps on your Android tablet. However, you can disable them from the system settings.

    3. Is it possible to hide apps without using a third-party app?

    Yes, you can hide apps on your Android tablet without using a third-party app by disabling them from the system settings.

    4. What are some popular apps for hiding other apps on Android devices?

    Some popular apps for hiding other apps on Android devices are Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, and GO Launcher.

    5. Will hiding an app on my Android tablet delete it?

    No, hiding an app on your Android tablet will not delete it. It will only remove it from the app drawer on your home screen.

    6. Can I still use a hidden app on my Android tablet?

    Yes, you can still use a hidden app on your Android tablet. You can access it by searching for it in the Google Play Store or by using a third-party app.

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