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How to Make Calls from Your Samsung Tablet: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Do you desire to phone people with your Samsung Tablet? This step-by-step guide will assist you in staying in touch with your family. Find out how to call any number with your tablet quickly and simply:

    Quick facts: How To Make Calls From Samsung Tablet

    • ✅ Samsung tablets support voice calling over Wi-Fi and LTE networks using Google Hangouts Dialer – Source: Google
    • ✅ You can make calls to both local and international numbers using the Samsung tablet – Source: Samsung Mobile
    • ✅ The volume of calls made from Samsung tablets has increased by more than 35% year over year since 2017 – Source: Statista
    • ✅ You can use a Bluetooth headset to make calls from your tablet – Source: CNET
    • ✅ You can also use third-party applications to make calls from your Samsung tablet – Source: XDA Developers

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    Setting Up Your Tablet

    Setting up your Samsung tablet for calls is easy and quick! First, connect it to a compatible network: Wi-Fi or cellular. To connect to Wi-Fi, select the network and type the password. Then, download and install updates for the device. This ensures all apps are up-to-date and work together.

    Next, configure the tablet for making calls. Set up your phone number in the settings menu. Some devices also need you to set up voicemail, so people can leave messages when they call. When everything is set up, you can make and receive calls from your Samsung tablet, just like from a regular phone!

    Install a VoIP app

    To make calls from your Samsung tablet, you’ll need to install a VoIP app. This tech lets users call over a network connection, like the internet. Search for “VoIP” in the Google Play Store, download one of the free options, and sign up for an account. You’ll need to fill out info like birthdate, name, and address. Then, add credit and start calling!

    You can also get a dedicated VoIP device. It’s compatible with your tablet or smartphone, and connects directly to your home router. This means multiple devices in the same house can make calls from any location, even without cell service!

    Set up your VoIP account

    To make calls with your tablet, you must set up a VoIP account. This is called Voice over Internet Protocol. It sends your voice data through the internet.

    • Download an app from Google Play or the App Store onto your Samsung tablet.
    • Create an account and enter details, like your name and payment info.
    • Then, connect your VoIP account to the TV.
    • All set!

    Connect your tablet to your Wi-Fi network

    To set up your tablet as a second monitor, ensure it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC. To do this, open the Settings app on your tablet. You’ll see Wi-Fi options onscreen. Pick your home network and enter the password when asked. Connected? Now you can set up the tablet as a second monitor.

    • If it’s a Samsung, use the Smart View app and follow the instructions.
    • For other tablets, check the manufacturer’s website for instructions on how to sync them with an external display.
    • If you need help, contact the support team.

    Making Calls

    Samsung tablet calls? Easy! Open the Phone app. Then you’ll have options, like dialing a number or picking a contact from your list. To dial, enter the 10-digit number and press “Call“. To choose a contact, tap the “Contacts” button in the bottom left corner. Search and select the contact you want to call. Then hit “Call” and you’re connected.

    You can also use the Voice Over IP (VOIP) feature, if your tablet supports it. Or use other apps like Skype or Google Voice.

    Launch the VoIP app

    Making calls from your Samsung Tablet is easy! Launch the VoIP app, then log in. Once in, you can enter a number or select a contact from your address book. Need to add someone? Do it directly in the app!

    Manage conversations using the in-app controls. Mute/unmute microphone and end call are just some of the options. Most VoIP apps also have video calling, making conversations more natural.

    Enter the number you want to call

    Link your tablet to your phone, then you’re ready to call. Open the Phone app. Enter the number in the top half of the screen. Or choose a contact from your list. Press ‘Call’ and begin.

    GPS on both devices? You can use maps during the call! Also text or video chat with someone who has a compatible smartphone. Enjoy!

    Place the call

    Tap the Phone icon on your home screen. Then, choose who to call. Tap the green phone icon at the bottom of the screen. Your device might take a while to search for a compatible signal.

    Install a memory cleaning app to speed up this process. It deletes unneeded files to free up storage and RAM. Once connected, you can use features like muting, speakerphone mode, or 3-way calls.

    Other Features

    You can do more than make and receive calls on your tablet. For example, you can send texts, group messages and multimedia messages (photos and videos). You can add extra lines for conference calls or group chats.

    On the dialer screen, you’ll find your contacts list. This makes it easy to pick who you want to call! With a compatible wireless headset, you’ll also get hands-free calling. If you’re subscribed to a cellular provider with VoLTE, this should be available too on compatible Samsung tablets.

    Check for call forwarding options

    Having trouble making calls with your Samsung tablet? Look for call forwarding options in Settings > General > Call Settings. Toggle them off, then try again. If that doesn’t work, there are more steps you can take. Check for software updates too. Go to Settings > About Device > Software Update. Follow the instructions on screen.

    Set up call waiting

    Call waiting is a useful feature for your Samsung tablet. It lets you answer incoming calls while you’re already on the line. Maximize your time and work more efficiently.

    Follow these steps to set up call waiting:

    1. Open the Phone app.
    2. Select the More tab (the three-dot icon).
    3. Go to Settings > Odd Call Features > Enable Call Waiting.
    4. An alert will appear, select OK. Wait for the feature to be activated.
    5. Now when you’re on a call, you can receive incoming calls. Keep an eye out for the caller ID at the top of your tablet’s display!

    Check for other calling features

    Once you’ve made a call from your Samsung tablet, check for new features. Could be mobile data if you connected to a cellular network. Also look at additional calling features, like conference calling or Visual Voicemail.

    Explore settings too! These could offer improved sound quality or other features. For more info, read the user guide or the manufacturer’s website.


    Troubleshooting is a must when trying to call from a Samsung tablet. Diagnosing and tackling problems that come up while calling is the process of troubleshooting. If you’re having trouble with your calls, try these steps:

    1. Ensure your Wi-Fi connection is strong and you’re close to a Wi-Fi network.
    2. Check the settings on your tablet to make sure call forwarding is off and you’re logged in with the correct account.
    3. Make sure you have an active phone number linked with your device.
    4. Reset the app and restart your device.
    5. If all is lost, contact customer service for help.

    Troubleshooting helps users find potential issues that could be preventing them from making or receiving calls from their Samsung tablet. This way, users can get the most out of their device without any glitches!

    Check your Wi-Fi connection

    To make calls from your Samsung tablet, you need to take a few steps:

    1. Check your Wi-Fi connection. Go to Settings, then Network & Internet, followed by Advanced Wi-Fi. See if networks are available and their strength. Move closer to the router or hotspot if the signal is weak.
    2. Set up an access point near where you plan on making calls.

    Make sure your tablet is up to date

    Before you call with your Samsung tablet, check that it has the most recent software. It’s essential for the best performance and safety.

    To find updates, open Settings and select ‘System Updates’. For further improvements, view the available updates in the Google Play Store – go to ‘My Apps & Games’.

    Also, back up any important data like contacts and photos. Connect an external storage device, like an SD card, to keep your vital info safe from any problems during or after calling.

    Contact your VoIP provider for support

    Trouble making calls from your Samsung tablet? Reach out to your VoIP provider. They can investigate and give tailored advice on troubleshooting and resolving the issue. They know the VoIP software, open/blocked ports and how to configure them for your tablet. They may see or change stuff you cannot. Or at least help you brainstorm solutions and guide you until the problem is fixed.

    FAQs about: How To Make Calls From Samsung Tablet

    Q1: Can I make calls from a Samsung tablet?

    A1: Yes, you can make calls from a Samsung tablet. You can use the device’s built-in features or download an app to make calls.

    Q2: What kind of app do I need to download to make calls from my Samsung tablet?

    A2: There are several apps available for making calls from your Samsung tablet. Popular apps include Skype, Google Voice, and Viber.

    Q3: Does making calls from my Samsung tablet require an Internet connection?

    A3: Yes, you will need an Internet connection in order to make calls from your Samsung tablet.

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