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How to Easily Print from Your Samsung Tablet

    Having difficulty printing from your Samsung tablet? You’re not alone! This guide will solve the problem and make printing from your device a breeze.

    Quick facts: How To Print From A Samsung Tablet

    • ✅ Mobile printing is becoming an increasingly popular option for Samsung tablet users. (CNET)
    • ✅ Samsung tablets are compatible with a wide range of printing apps, including AirPrint, Canon Print Service, and HP ePrint. (HP)
    • ✅ Many Samsung tablets come with native printing support, allowing users to print wirelessly over their home network. (Samsung)
    • ✅ Users can also print with a USB cable, allowing them to connect their tablet directly to their printer. (TechRadar)
    • ✅ Cloud printing options are also available, allowing users to print from their device to a remote printer. (Android Central)

    Preparing Your Tablet

    Get your tablet ready for printing! To start, make sure the correct printer driver is on your device. You can find it in the Settings tab or online. Check if your tablet and printer are connected to the same WiFi network. Look in settings for both devices. Or use a USB cable/Bluetooth connection. Remember to turn your printer on before trying to print.

    Doing these steps will make sure your document prints from your tablet!

    Ensure your tablet is connected to a Wi-Fi network

    It’s key to make sure your Samsung tablet is connected to a Wi-Fi network before you install the update if you want a smooth printing process. Connecting it to Wi-Fi will let it get the newest software and operating system updates. To ensure the connection works, make sure:

    • Your Wi-Fi network is secure.
    • It’s connected to the internet.
    • It’s clear of other wireless networks.

    Once you’ve connected your device, go ahead and download and install the needed updates for printing.

    Ensure your tablet is connected to a printer

    Before you enable Safe Mode on your Samsung Tablet, ensure it’s connected to a printer. This is because once Safe Mode is activated, all app data and settings will be reset.

    You can connect wirelessly or with a USB cable. Wireless printing works when the printer and tablet are on the same Wi-Fi network. For this, turn on Bluetooth or NFC (Near Field Communication) on both devices. Then, add the printer using Control Panel. Wired requires an USB cable plus a driver software specific to your tablet model – you can find these online.

    Once everything is connected, you can proceed to activate Safe Mode.

    Download and Install Printer App

    Downloading and installing a printer app on your Samsung tablet is a breeze. Make sure your device and printer are compatible first. Go to “Settings” and select “Connections” to check. If you don’t see an option to connect to a printer, it’s probably not compatible.

    To get the printer app, search the Google Play Store or other app marketplaces for “printer“. Choose the right one for your device and download. Open the app and follow the instructions for connecting it to your printer. When done, you can start printing docs from your Samsung tablet!

    Download the appropriate printer app

    To print from a Samsung tablet, you need to get a printer app. Look on the Google Play Store; there are lots of choices. Examples are HP Print Service Plugin and PrinterShare Mobile Print.

    Download it and install it. Then, go back into the tablet’s settings and make the printer the ‘default printer’. That’s it! Now you can print documents from your tablet, without leaving home.

    Install the printer app

    Split Screen is a great feature on the Samsung tablet. It lets you view multiple apps side by side. To make the most of it, you’ll need the right printer app. Different printers need different apps. So if you bought your tablet separately from the printer, be sure to download and install the app.

    Open the app and go through the setup process. Make sure your wireless settings are correct. And also any other settings like toner levels or paper types. After that, close the printer app. Check that Split Screen works. You should now be able to easily print from your Samsung tablet!

    Print from Your Tablet

    Printing from your tablet is so much easier with the Samsung range! If it’s an Android or Apple device, printing is a breeze.

    Start by connecting your printer and tablet to the same Wi-Fi. Then, open the thing you want to print, select “Print” and choose your printer. You can also adjust settings like page size and orientation before printing.

    iPhone and iPad users have a special app called the ‘Samsung Print Service Plugin’. It supports different file types and lets you print documents or photos directly from the device. No hassle!

    Open the document you want to print

    Open the document you want to print. Check if it’s saved on the tablet’s internal storage or an external source like a cloud account or USB flash drive. The printer won’t be able to access anything else.

    Tap the print icon in the top right corner. This will show a list of available nearby or paired printers. Choose one, plus paper size, orientation, number of copies and quality. Then send off for printing!

    Select the printer you want to use

    When printing from your Samsung tablet, choose your printer first. It can be wireless or USB connected, if it’s compatible with your tablet. Ensure the printer is connected and switched on.

    Once you’ve picked the printer, your Samsung tablet will offer several printing options, likely through an app like ‘Samsung Print’ or a compatible one. You’ll need drivers installed in the tablet so it can communicate with the printer. This should be done automatically.

    Lastly, select the document and press ‘Print’!

    Select the number of copies you want to print

    Open the Samsung Cloud app to print from your tablet. Select the file or photo you want to print. Look for the ‘Print’ option at the top right corner of the screen. You’ll get a ‘Select Printer’ window. Pick your printer from the list.

    • Choose how many copies in the ‘Number of Copies‘ field.
    • Tap ‘Print‘ and your document will start printing.
    • The number of copies you picked will be printed for each file or picture.


    Troubleshooting is the process of figuring out and fixing issues. It stops them from happening again in the future.

    When troubleshooting a Samsung tablet, first work out what the problem is. Is it the tablet not working properly? Is it settings? Or, is it an app issue?

    Once you know the problem, look for solutions. You could call customer support, look online for related articles or tutorials, or try some fixes yourself. Solutions might include:

    • Updating drivers/software
    • Checking settings/configurations
    • Resetting/restarting the device

    Check if the printer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network

    To get your Samsung tablet printing, first make sure the printer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Check Settings on both devices. Tap “Network” or “Wireless Setup” and ensure they are connected to the same router or access point.

    If they’re not linked to the same Wi-Fi, connect them up. Then, the two devices should be able to communicate easily. Follow our instructions and you’ll be printing from your Samsung tablet in no time!

    Check if the printer is compatible with your tablet

    Before continuing, check if your Samsung tablet and printer are compatible. Search the printer’s model number and manufacturer name online. Also, consult your tablet’s manual to make sure it can sync with the printer. Many printers have a list of compatible models – so look at this too.

    After confirming both devices can be used together, move on to the next troubleshooting step.

    Check if the printer app is up to date

    Before printing on your Samsung tablet, identify a guest user. Check if the printer app is up to date by opening the Google Play store. Search for “Samsung Printer App”, or your specific make and model. Click “Update” if available. This will give you the latest version of the app.

    Open the printer app and select “Guest User” to connect without credentials. All set! Now you can start printing!

    FAQs about: How To Print From A Samsung Tablet

    Q: How do I print from my Samsung tablet?
    A: To print from your Samsung tablet, you will need to install a compatible mobile printing app such as Samsung Mobile Print, HP All-in-One Printer Remote, or PrinterShare. Once the app is installed, you will need to connect your tablet to a compatible printer using either a USB cable, Bluetooth connection, or Wi-Fi network.

    Q: Can I print to any printer from my Samsung tablet?
    A: No, you will need to make sure that the printer you are trying to print to is compatible with the app you have installed. You can check the app’s description to see which models are compatible.

    Q: What type of files can I print from my Samsung tablet?
    A: Most mobile printing apps are able to print documents, pictures, webpages, and more. However, some apps may be limited in the types of files they can print. Check the app’s description for more details.

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