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How to Set Up Parental Controls on Your Samsung Tablet

    Wondering how to protect your kids online? No need to fret! Here’s a guide to setting parental controls on your Samsung tablet. Keeping your children away from the risks of the web is easier than ever before.

    • Open the Settings app on your Samsung tablet.
    • Tap the Biometrics and Security option.
    • Tap the Parental Controls option.
    • Tap the Set Up option and follow the on-screen instructions.
    • Choose a Parental Control level.
    • Set the content restrictions for different types of content.
    • Set the time limits for how long your children can use the device.
    • Set the usage restrictions for different types of apps.
    • Set the location restrictions for different locations.

    Quick facts: How To Put Parental Controls On Samsung Tablet

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  • Understanding Parental Controls

    Parental Controls let you create a safe web experience for your kids. You can limit the type of content your kids see, and control how much time they spend online.

    With Samsung tablets, you can customize settings for each family member’s account. Set age-appropriate restrictions, monitor online activities and manage app access. Block certain websites, apps and in-app purchases. Setting up Parental Controls is simple and gives you peace of mind that your children can use their devices safely.

    What are parental controls?

    Parental Controls are a must-have for families, especially with kids. They give you control over what your children can access online, what apps they can download, and more. Plus, you can easily set up time restrictions and activity reports.

    To set up Parental Controls on a Samsung tablet, open Settings and select the “Parental Controls” option. Then, you can pick which sites to block, set time limits and view reports. Giving your kids a safer browsing experience is just a few clicks away!

    What are the benefits of using parental controls?

    To keep your kids safe while they use your Samsung Tablet, it’s important to activate kid mode. This feature allows you to set restrictions on the type of content your child can access and how much time they can spend online each day. Plus, you will receive alerts if your child tries to access restricted content. Here’s how to activate kid mode on your Samsung Tablet. Learn more about the step-by-step process to set up parental controls.

    • Block or filter specific websites or apps that you think are not suitable for your child’s age or maturity level.
    • Enable SafeSearch when browsing the web. This will help stop your children from seeing inappropriate images or language while searching online.

    Parental controls give you peace of mind knowing your kids are safe, while still allowing them to learn with technology.

    Setting up Parental Controls on Your Samsung Tablet

    Parents want to protect their kids when it comes to tablets. But with so much content, it can be hard to keep track. Setting up parental controls on a Samsung tablet is a wise choice.

    Parental controls let you decide which apps, sites, and media your kids can view. You can even limit game time or block certain content like violent videos or inappropriate websites. It’s important to set up parental controls before the device is used.

    To do it, go to Settings and select “Users & Accounts”. Then look for “Parental Controls”. It will guide you through the steps to set restrictions. You can customize time limits and block access depending on age and content ratings. When done, use the “Lock” feature to make sure only those with a password can make changes in the future.

    Enable Parental Controls

    To set up Parental Controls on your Samsung Tablet, you need to access the Performance Settings. Scroll down to the Other Settings section and select ‘Parental Controls’.

    You can limit downloads by age rating or block specific apps. Plus, you can block access to the internet or educational content for kids. Then, click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page. Enter a PIN for extra security if you want.

    Once you have done this, your Parental Controls will be enabled. This allows you to manage the content and features being accessed on your Tablet by kids and other users.

    Set Content Restrictions

    Parents can customize their Samsung tablet’s settings to keep their children safe online. To do this, open the Settings app and navigate to the Digital Wellbeing section. Select “Content Restrictions”.

    You’ll see a list of categories like games, social media apps, websites, etc. Choose each one separately and use the sliders or settings to customize it. Don’t forget to select “Apply All” after each change. When you’re done, tap “Done” at the top right.

    Now your Samsung tablet has parental controls, and your kids are safe from inappropriate online content!

    Set Time Limits

    Setting time limits on a Samsung tablet is easy and effective. Go to the “Parental Controls” section. Set up a schedule for when the device can be used. Configure when access starts and ends each day. Block access during certain days or across all days. Set overall usage limits and control how long your child uses their device each day/week.

    Apply restrictions to specific types of apps/content and only let them have access at certain times. That way, parents make sure kids don’t spend too much time on the device and get enough physical activity:

    • Set up a schedule for when the device can be used.
    • Configure when access starts and ends each day.
    • Block access during certain days or across all days.
    • Set overall usage limits and control how long your child uses their device each day/week.
    • Apply restrictions to specific types of apps/content and only let them have access at certain times.

    Managing Parental Controls

    Samsung tablets offer Parental Controls for parents. To use them, a Samsung account must be created. Then, the Parental Controls in Settings can be accessed.

    Parents can choose what content is allowed with “Allow” or “Block” settings. Time limits can be set for apps and websites. A passcode can be used for in-app purchases, and purchases can be blocked.

    These controls help children stay safe by restricting access to age-inappropriate content and limiting their digital activities:

    • Set “Allow” or “Block” settings for content.
    • Set time limits for apps and websites.
    • Use a passcode for in-app purchases.
    • Block purchases.

    Viewing Activity Logs

    You can view logs on your Samsung tablet. This lets you see what apps have been used, websites visited and time spent online. It’s important if you’re making sure your kids don’t access inappropriate content or spend too much time online.

    To view activity logs, go to the parent controls section in the settings app. There’ll be a tab called ‘Activity Logs‘. Tap it and see a list of the activities done in recent days or months. Some apps and websites may not show up in the activity log. Enable them in the parental controls section.

    You can also add restrictions for particular apps or websites here.

    Modifying Settings

    Setting up parental controls on your Samsung tablet can be done by modifying settings. Most of these features have to be adjusted manually via device settings. Remember, these settings may change over time and must be checked or changed regularly.

    To make it easier, you can create a password-protected user account for young children or disable access to certain applications. With enough effort, you should be able to set up parental controls and keep your children safe online.

    Resetting Parental Controls

    Resetting Parental Controls on a Samsung Tablet is simple. Access the “Settings” menu from the tablet home screen. Select “Security” and tap “Reset Parental Controls.” Enter your Google Account email address and password to confirm. Once done, re-enable parental controls by setting up a new PIN or pattern from the “Security Settings” menu.

    Set up user profiles for family or household members so they can use the device without changing parental restrictions.

    Troubleshooting Parental Controls

    Having trouble setting Parental Controls on your Samsung tablet? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Samsung has created guidelines to help users configure settings that protect their kids.

    1. Make sure Parental Controls are activated. Try to access a blocked website. If it doesn’t work, check the “Apps & Games” section in Settings.
    2. Reset your device password and remove any existing restrictions from third party apps.
    3. Finally, upgrade to the latest Android OS to prevent compatibility issues.

    Common Issues

    Parental Controls on a Samsung tablet sometimes don’t let you exit Kid Mode. That’s because it has strict settings and needs a parent PIN. Without the right one, no one can leave Kid Mode.

    • First, try resetting the PIN by following the instructions.
    • If that doesn’t work, your device likely has a lost or forgotten Parental Control password. To fix this, you must contact Samsung customer service. They’ll give you an unlock code to reset the PIN number.
    • Use the code to unlock your device and set up Parental Controls again.

    Tips for Resolving Issues

    Troubleshooting? Power-cycle, reset to factory settings and update software. If this doesn’t help, deeper troubleshooting may be needed.

    Setting parental controls on Samsung tablet? May encounter errors, unexpected behaviour or performance issues.

    To troubleshoot:

    • Check if firmware updates are available.
    • Update applications.
    • Examine settings related to parental controls.
    • Review device logs for errors.


    To wrap it up, configuring parental control on a Samsung tablet might seem scary – but it’s really not. All you need to do is open the settings page and set the security options according to your wishes. You can also create a Kids Mode and/or grant access to certain apps or services with an app permission manager.

    Setting up parental control will help protect your kids’ online activities and teach them to be responsible when it comes to their device. With just a few steps, you’ll feel at ease knowing that your children’s online activities are secure and monitored.

    FAQs about: How To Put Parental Controls On Samsung Tablet

    Q: How do I put parental controls on my samsung tablet?
    A: To put parental controls on your samsung tablet, you can use the Family Link app. Family Link allows you to set parental controls, review your kid’s activity, and more. You can download the Family Link app from the Google Play Store or from Samsung’s Galaxy Apps Store.

    Q: How do I set up parental controls with the Family Link app?
    A: To set up parental controls using the Family Link app, first download the app and create a Google Account for your child. Then, you will be prompted to enter your child’s name and birthday. After that, you will be able to set up parental controls and monitor your child’s activity.

    Q: How can I monitor my child’s activity with the Family Link app?
    A: With the Family Link app, you can monitor your child’s activity by setting app time limits, reviewing app activity and website visits, and setting a bedtime. You can also use the app to find your child’s device if it’s lost or stolen.

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