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How to Easily Replace the Screen on Your Samsung Tablet

    Replacing the screen of your Samsung tablet got you stumped? No need to fret! This article will provide a straightforward and speedy way for you to do it. Follow the steps and you’ll have the job done in no time!

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    Quick facts: How To Replace Screen On Samsung Tablet

  • ✅ Replacement screens for Samsung tablets are widely available on Amazon and Ebay – Source: Amazon and Ebay
  • ✅ The average cost of a replacement screen for a Samsung tablet is between $50 and $150, depending on the device model – Source: TechSoup
  • ✅ It is essential to select the correct model number of the tablet when purchasing a replacement screen – Source: TechRadar
  • ✅ It is generally recommended to seek the help of qualified technician to replace a tablet screen – Source: Digital Trends
  • ✅ Samsung provides an official guide for replacing the tablet screen – Source: Samsung Support
  • Preparation

    Unplug your Samsung tablet and turn off all electronics that might interfere with the repair. After that, gather a Phillips screwdriver, heat gun/hair dryer, ESD wrist strap, and iFixit replacement screen. Now we’re ready!

    Carefully unscrew all the back cover screws with the Phillips screwdriver. Safely store them in a spot so they don’t get lost. Gently remove the battery and speakers. Now it’s time to begin replacing the screen.

    Gather the necessary tools

    Replace the screen on your Samsung tablet and save some money! Before you start, buy the exact replacement screen for your model. Then, get some tools: Phillips-head screwdriver, regular and needle-nose pliers, plus a small flathead screwdriver with a plastic edge. Tweezers, thermal paste, adhesive strips or tape, and alcohol wipes are helpful too. Knowing what tools you’ll need ensures that your repair process goes smoothly.

    Research the specific model of your device

    Research your Samsung tablet model! Different models have screens that differ in size, shape, and configuration. So it’s key to know the specifics before buying a replacement part.

    Know which tools you’ll need too! Adhesive strips often hold tablet screens in place. So, you might need a blow dryer or heat gun to take them off. Plus, small screws could need replacing. So, have a Phillips screwdriver close-by. Knowing what materials and tools you need beforehand saves time and stress!


    Disassembly is taking apart an electronic device to access its components. This is when you need to replace a broken part on your Samsung tablet. Firstly, prepare a safe and organised workspace. Do not work over carpet, as small screws could get lost in it.

    Remove cables and screws securing the tablet in place. Carefully separate the case and reveal the internal components – motherboard, fans, speakers, battery, volume buttons. You likely need to remove extra screws before removing them from the casing.

    Once all components are out of the casing, you can continue with repairs/replacements needed on your Samsung tablet!

    Power down the device

    To replace the screen on your Samsung tablet, power it down. This stops any accidental damage or shock. Disconnect any cables or chargers and remove the SIM card, if you have one. You could also take off accessories like a case, stand, or stylus.

    Flip the tablet so you can access the back panel and its screws. Where the screws are will depend on the model, but they are usually in the lower left or upper right corner. Note which screw goes into which hole, so you can put them back in the same spot.

    Remove the back cover

    To customize your Samsung Tablet, first shut down the device. Then pry open the back cover with a spudger or gently pull it off with your hands. Be careful not to scratch the device. Locate and pull off any additional components, such as an audio jack or docking port. Once removed, you can proceed with replacing the screen.

    Disconnect the battery

    Start the Samsung tablet screen replacement process by disconnecting the battery. Use a small Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the two screws on the back of your tablet near the battery connector. Lift up the cover and gently press down on the connector, then pull it away from its socket. Store any screws that come out.

    After everything is reattached, move to the next step.

    Disconnect the cables

    Before replacing the screen on your Samsung tablet, it is important to disconnect the cables from the back. These cables connect the motherboard to other parts, like the battery, power button and speakers. To do this, take a small plastic tool like a spudger. Loosen up all the screws and carefully lift them off the connectors. Be careful not to damage any of the components.

    When all the cables have been disconnected, you can start replacing your tablet screen with a new one.

    Replacing the Screen

    Replacing the screen on your Samsung tablet is easy. Make sure you have the right parts before you begin. Here is a step-by-step guide:

    1. Power off the device and remove any external accessories.
    2. Pry off the back cover with a flat object like an opened paperclip.
    3. Use tweezers or needle-nose pliers to disconnect cables and wires. Unscrew them from their mountings.
    4. Unscrew all screws around the plastic frame of the tablet.
    5. Lift off the plastic frame and reveal an adhesive sealing the display assembly.
    6. Dissolve the adhesive sealant with an alcohol-soaked cloth. Release it from its mounting holes.
    7. Carefully replace the new panel.
    8. Reconnect any cables and wires. Screw them into place again.
    9. Replace the back cover. Power up!

    Remove the old screen

    Easily split screen on your Samsung tablet with this simple guide. Use the split screen feature to view two apps simultaneously. To activate, tap and hold the app switcher icon. Select the first app you wish to view, then drag it to the top of the screen. Next, choose the second app and drag it to the bottom of the screen. Adjust the size of each app by using the slider in the center. Try it out with this guide on how to easily split screen on your Samsung tablet.

    Install the new screen

    To install the new screen on your Samsung tablet, several steps are required:

    1. Attach the ribbon cable securely to the new screen. It should click into place.
    2. Align and press down the plastic clips of the frame to make sure everything’s secure.
    3. Test out the newly installed screen by powering it on. Try different apps or functions.
    4. If it looks good, reassemble the back cover and secure its screws.

    These steps will help you replace a broken or damaged screen quickly!

    Reattach the cables

    Reattaching cables to your Samsung tablet after a jailbreak is simple. Align the new screen with the bracket. Connect the cables to both the tablet and the LCD display. Locate and reattach the power and volume controls, like the headphone jack and power switch, back into place using a Torx screwdriver.

    Plug in any other accessories or sensors that you removed during disassembly. Turn your device on to confirm everything is plugged in correctly.

    It’s advised to be careful when replacing a Samsung tablet screen after jailbreaking it. If ever unsure, seek expert advice.


    Reassembly is putting a device back together after it’s fixed. For a Samsung tablet, after all the parts of the screen are replaced, it’s time to reassemble. This requires putting parts and screws together, lining up pieces and connecting wires. Don’t rush. Incorrect orientation or connection can harm parts or make the device unusable.

    Pay attention to how the parts fit together. Make sure everything lines up properly. Check for any loose pieces that weren’t connected correctly, so they can be fixed before continuing.

    Replace the back cover

    To change the screen on your Samsung tablet, start by taking off the back cover. You’ll need a tool like a spudger or flathead screwdriver. Be sure to save all the screws. Carefully slide the cover off. You’ll see the internal parts. Don’t drop anything while you remove or replace them.

    Reconnect the battery

    Installed the new screen on your Samsung tablet? Now it’s time to reconnect the battery. Check that no cables are loose. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws. Pull away the old battery, insert the new one. Make sure it fits securely in its slot. Loosen screws if it’s too tight. Secure it back in the slot, then tighten the screws. Your Samsung tablet is now ready with the new screen!

    Power on the device

    Before replacing your Samsung tablet’s screen, turn it on! This will ensure the device works correctly. Plus, it’ll keep data safe.

    To power on your tablet, press and hold the Power button for about 5 seconds. You’ll see the home screen or get a notice that it’s on. Now you can start replacing the screen!


    Troubleshooting is essential when changing the Samsung tablet’s screen. Before starting, identify and troubleshoot any issues. Check the power source and make sure it is plugged in properly. Examine USB port and charger connections, try reconnecting them. Look online for software and driver updates. Visit the manufacturer’s website for instructions on resetting or updating the firmware or operating system.

    Still having issues? Take the tablet to a repair center for further examination and possible repairs:

    • Check power source and make sure it is plugged in properly.
    • Examine USB port and charger connections, try reconnecting them.
    • Look online for software and driver updates.
    • Visit the manufacturer’s website for instructions on resetting or updating the firmware or operating system.
    • Take the tablet to a repair center for further examination and possible repairs.

    Check for any loose connections

    Before you replace the screen of your Samsung tablet, check for any loose connections that might have caused the cracked screen. Carefully examine the display components’ connections. Check the display panel, touch sensor and backlight. Make sure they are all connected to their respective connectors. Use a small screwdriver if any of them seem off.

    Also, back up all data before beginning the repair job. Transfer your data onto a computer, external drive or cloud storage system. Do regular backups to protect important files and photos from potential data loss.

    Check the display for any defects

    Before starting the repair, inspect the display closely. Search for any damage such as cracks, scratches, or discoloration. If these exist, replace the display before replacing the screen. If not, go ahead with the screen replacement.

    Have all the necessary tools and parts ready before you begin any repair. That will ensure you complete the job safely and properly.

    FAQs about: How To Replace Screen On Samsung Tablet

    Q: What tools do I need to replace the screen on my Samsung tablet?

    A: You will need a Phillips head screwdriver, a plastic pry tool, and a replacement screen.

    Q: How long does it take to replace a Samsung tablet screen?

    A: Replacing a Samsung tablet screen should take about 20 minutes.

    Q: How do I know which screen to buy for my Samsung tablet?

    A: You will need to find out the model number of your Samsung tablet and then look for a replacement screen that is compatible with that model number.

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