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How to Reset Your Samsung Tablet Without a Password

    Struggling to access your Samsung tablet and don’t have the password? Not a problem! Resetting is simple. Follow these few steps and you’ll unlock your tablet quickly. No need to worry!

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    Quick facts: How To Reset Samsung Tablet Without Password

    • ✅ Factory Resetting a Samsung Tablet requires using the hardware keys (Source: Samsung)
    • ✅ Android Tablets allow users to reset their passwords by using the Google Account Recovery feature (Source: Google)
    • ✅ To reset a Samsung tablet without a password, users can use the “Find My Mobile” feature to reset their tablet (Source: Samsung)
    • ✅ Samsung tablets can be reset without the user’s password by using the “Samsung Smart Switch” feature (Source: Samsung)
    • ✅ The Samsung DeX feature allows users to reset their tablet without a password (Source: Samsung)

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    Forgot your Samsung tablet’s password? Resetting it’s easy. Do it in a few simple steps:

    1. Use the hard reset button on the device.
    2. Or use Find My Mobile from your Samsung account.
    3. Or use Android Device Manager from your Google account.

    All these methods need internet access. They will reset all settings and data stored on the device.

    Note: If there’s a password protection in place, this process won’t bypass it. You’ll still have to enter the password after resetting the device.

    Restart your device in Safe Mode

    Restarting a device in Safe Mode is handy for troubleshooting a tablet. This mode disables all 3rd-party applications, so it can identify the main issue.

    To restart a Samsung tablet in Safe Mode:

    1. Turn off your device.
    2. Hold the power button until the Samsung logo appears.
    3. Release the power button, then press and hold “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons.
    4. Keep holding both buttons until an app-like screen appears.
    5. Release the buttons. Choose “Safe Mode” from the menu.
    6. Your device will now restart in Safe Mode.
    7. To exit from Safe Mode, turn off your Samsung tablet and turn it back on normally.

    Power off your device

    To reset your Samsung Tablet without a password, first power off. Hold down the power button. When you see the prompt, choose ‘Power Off’. Wait for it to completely shut down. Once it has, wait a few seconds. Then press the power button again to turn it back on. This will make sure it has no power. Necessary for the reset. If you have forgotten your password and want to unlock your Samsung Tablet without losing data, check out this guide on how to unlock your Samsung Tablet without losing data when you forgot the password.

    Note: this won’t erase any data. To delete data, you need to do more steps.

    Press the power button and volume down button simultaneously

    Press the power and volume down buttons together for 10 seconds. Then, a logo should appear on your device. This will reset it to factory settings and erase all of your personal data. Create a backup first!

    After pressing the buttons, the Samsung logo should appear. You can select “Reset All Settings” or “Erase All Data“. No password is needed. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish. Your device should now be reset and ready to use!

    Select the Safe Mode option

    Once your Samsung tablet has rebooted, you will be able to see a list of options. Use the volume keys to scroll and select “Safe Mode” from the list. Press and hold the power button to confirm.

    This will put the device in safe mode. It stops any potential malware temporarily. You can reset the device without a password. You can delete malicious apps without your knowledge. This stops the device being compromised when you finish the reset process.

    Factory Reset your Device

    Factory resetting your device is the key to wiping out all its contents and settings without a password. To do this on your Samsung Tablet, press and hold both Volume Up and Power keys for at least 10 seconds. This will let you bypass the lock screen and enter the Settings menu.

    Select ‘Reset‘ and then ‘Factory Reset‘. Confirm this action and wait for the device to finish resetting itself. When it’s done, you can set up your tablet like it was brand new!

    Be aware that this process erases everything stored on the device, like pictures, music, apps, and any other personal data.

    Go to Settings

    Swipe down from the top of your Samsung tablet. Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner, usually labeled “Settings”.

    Access the Settings menu. Depending on your device model and version, you may be taken to “General Management”.

    • Select “Reset” and then choose “Factory Data Reset”.
    • This will wipe all data from the tablet and reset it to factory settings. No data or passwords will remain.
    • Start fresh!

    Select General Management

    To enable safe mode on a Samsung tablet, go to Settings and select “General Management.” This will open a screen with lots of options. Pick “Restart” and then “Restart in Safe Mode.” The tablet will shut off and start in safe mode, which has reduced performance and restricts access to some apps and settings.

    To turn off safe mode, select “General Management” again and pick “Restart” followed by “Restart normally.” After this, the tablet will return to regular performance.

    Select Reset

    To reset your Samsung tablet without a password, you must first access Recovery Mode. To do so:

    1. Turn off the tablet
    2. Press Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button simultaneously
    3. You’ll be taken to Recovery Mode
    4. See the Android robot with a red exclamation mark
    5. Hold down the Power button for a few seconds. A list of options will appear
    6. Using the volume buttons, scroll down and select “wipe data/factory reset”
    7. Press the Power button to select “Yes – Delete All User Data”
    8. All user data, including passwords, will be deleted. Installed applications will stay
    9. Select “reboot system now” by pressing the Power button
    10. Your Samsung tablet will restart without requiring any password.

    Select Factory Data Reset

    If you need to reset your Samsung tablet without a password, start by selecting “Factory Data Reset”. This is essential. To find this option, go to “Settings”. Then, go to “Backup and Reset”. Here, you will see the “Factory Data Reset” icon. It will wipe all user data and restore the system to its original state. All programs and apps will be gone. When asked for confirmation, press “Erase Everything”. The reset could take up to several minutes, depending on your device.

    Finally, you can set a new password.

    Confirm your selection

    Follow the steps and a confirmation message will appear. There’ll be two buttons – “Split Screen” and “Cancel”. Press “Split Screen” to confirm. This’ll bring up a new menu. Choose the apps for each side of the split screen. Select your desired apps and your Samsung tablet will now be in split screen mode.

    This feature is great for multitasking. Use it to view two applications at once. Work on projects or open multiple documents easily!


    Resetting your Samsung tablet is a last resort if you can’t unlock it any other way. All data, apps and settings will be wiped out. It will return to its original state and remove any locks or passwords that you have set.

    Back up important files and data before resetting. You can’t undo it once it’s done.

    Resetting the tablet can be useful if you forgot the password or can’t log in. But make sure to back up all of your data so you don’t lose it forever!

    FAQs about: How To Reset Samsung Tablet Without Password

    Q: How do I reset my Samsung tablet without a password?

    A: To easily reset your Samsung tablet, perform a factory reset. Turn off your tablet and press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons simultaneously. Release the Power button when the Android logo appears and wait for the Android System Recovery menu to appear. For more detailed steps, check out this guide on how to reset your Samsung tablet without a password.

    Q: What if I can’t access the Android System Recovery menu?

    A: If you can’t access the Android System Recovery menu, you may need to use the Samsung Kies software to reset your tablet. Download and install the software, then connect your device to your computer using the USB cable. Open the software and follow the onscreen instructions to reset your tablet.

    Q: Can I reset my Samsung tablet with a Google account?

    A: Yes, you can reset your Samsung tablet with a Google account. To do this, go to the Google Account Recovery page and enter your email address. Follow the onscreen instructions to reset your device.

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