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Quick and Easy Guide: How to Reset Your Samsung Tablet

    Struggling to reset your Samsung tablet? You’re in luck! There’s a guide that’ll make it quick and easy. Take away the stress! Reset your device with ease! Follow the guide and you’ll be pleased!

    Quick facts: How To Reset Samsung Tablet

    • ✅ To reset a Samsung tablet, select “Settings” and then “Backup and Reset” – CNET
    • ✅ By resetting a Samsung tablet, users can restore the tablet to factory settings – Samsung
    • ✅ Factory resetting a Samsung tablet takes only a few minutes – PCWorld
    • ✅ Before resetting a Samsung tablet, users should back up their data and information – Digital Trends
    • ✅ Resetting a Samsung tablet can help improve its performance – TechRadar

    Back Up Your Data

    Backup your data before attempting a reset on your Samsung tablet. This is very important! Taking the time to secure, back up and save your data takes only a few extra minutes – but it can make a huge difference in a successful or unsuccessful reset.

    Tablets are designed to let users back up their data by connecting to computers, like Windows or Macs, or cloud storage solutions like Google Drive, Apple iCloud, or Dropbox. Before resetting your device, make sure all your important info, such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc. have been securely saved in one of these places. It would be a shame to lose all this data during a factory reset.

    Connect your Samsung tablet to a computer

    To reset your Samsung tablet, you need the USB cable it came with. Plug one end into the tablet and the other into the USB port of your computer. Your computer will detect & install drivers if not already installed. You may need to approve driver installation when prompted by a message or a pop-up window. After this, you can reset your Samsung tablet.

    Back up your data

    Back up your data before you install Office on your Samsung tablet. This stops any info getting lost. To back it up, transfer your files to a secure device like a USB drive, external hard drive, or cloud storage service. Make sure the files are viewable on the device or service. Then, begin downloading and installing Office on the tablet.

    This is simple, but take the following steps to make sure nothing is lost in the process:

    • Transfer your files to a secure device like a USB drive, external hard drive, or cloud storage service.
    • Make sure the files are viewable on the device or service.
    • Begin downloading and installing Office on the tablet.

    Factory Reset Your Samsung Tablet

    Factory resetting your Samsung tablet is an easy way to help fix major problems, increase storage, or start afresh. To do this, head to the Settings menu, then open Backup and Reset. Select Factory Data Reset and Confirm. Note: your personal data will be wiped. So, back up any files you want to keep before resetting.

    When the process is done, your tablet will restart and show a welcome screen. Follow the instructions there to finish setting up the device. Factory resetting can also restore system settings corrupted by viruses or malicious software. Doing this can help your device run as well as possible.

    Turn off your Samsung tablet

    To troubleshoot your Samsung tablet, start by finding the power button. Press and hold it for several seconds until you see the popup menu. Select either “Power Off” or “Restart” depending on the issue. For example, if you want to reset settings, choose “Restart”. If there is a hardware failure or an app running in the background, choose “Power Off” to stop the processes.

    After selecting an action, confirm the prompt and let your Samsung tablet power down. Then, turn it back on again when prompted for more troubleshooting steps.

    Press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons

    To reset your Samsung tablet, press and hold Volume Up before Power for 10-15 seconds. You may feel a slight vibration. Your device may prompt you to confirm the hard reset by touching a “Stop” or “Confirm” icon.

    After the reset process is confirmed, your tablet will shut down. After a few minutes, your tablet should restart with its original settings.

    Select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”

    To reset your Samsung tablet, open Settings. Go to General and tap “Wipe Data/Factory Reset“. This will clear all data on the device and reset it to its original settings. A confirmation box will appear. Select “Yes” to confirm the reset. The reset process may take a few minutes.

    When it finishes, your tablet should be back to its original state and no data will remain.

    Confirm the factory reset

    Once you select the option to reset your Samsung tablet, confirm it by selecting “Yes”. This deletes all data and user accounts. Before doing this, back up important files. After selecting “Yes”, a recovery message appears, informing your device is reset. It will reboot and take a few minutes to be functional again.

    When done, you can use it like new!

    Restore Your Data

    Restoring your data is a must when resetting your Samsung tablet. It can take a while to make sure that all your files, photos, and messages are safe and backed up before doing the reset.

    You have two options: manually or automated backups. Manual backups require more effort but all files, photos, and messages are safely restored. Automated backups are easier as the system will save the data without you having to do anything.

    However, be aware that automated backups may not be as secure as manual backups since hackers could access the content if they were to gain access to the system.

    No matter what backup type you pick, it’s vital to save all necessary info before resetting your device so you can restore it when needed.

    Connect your Samsung tablet to a computer

    Before resetting your Samsung tablet, connect it to a laptop. This will help you save any data or settings. Depending on your tablet’s model, you may need a USB cable or adapter.

    When connected, open the “My Computer” folder and select the tablet device. You can access its internal storage and back up info. Once done, disconnect the device from the laptop and proceed with the reset.

    Restore your backed up data

    Backing up your Samsung Tablet before attempting a reset is the best way to keep your data safe! There are three ways you can restore your backed-up data:

    1. Use Samsung Smart Switch. Download it on your computer and connect your device with a USB cable. Then follow the instructions on screen.
    2. If your device is connected to a Google account, settings, apps, and content will restore automatically when you sign in after resetting the tablet.
    3. If you’re using an external memory card, transfer the files from the card back onto your tablet.

    Remember to back up your data before resetting your device!

    Set up your Samsung tablet

    Power on your Samsung tablet to start. Follow the onscreen instructions. Pick your language and input method. Connect to Wi-Fi networks if you can. Set up cellular data if you have access. Create or sign in to your Samsung account. Update software under Settings > About Device > Software Updates.

    Once all these steps are done, your tablet is ready to use! Download apps, add contacts, back up data, set up widgets, and more.

    FAQs about: How To Reset Samsung Tablet

    Q1: What is the most common way to reset a Samsung tablet?

    A1: The most common way to reset a Samsung tablet is to perform a factory reset. This can be done by going to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset device.

    Q2: Is there a way to reset my Samsung tablet without losing my data?

    A2: Yes, there is. You can perform a soft reset by pressing and holding down the power button for at least 10 seconds. This will restart your tablet without deleting any of your data.

    Q3: How do I know if my Samsung tablet has been reset?

    A3: After a factory reset, your tablet will be restored to its original settings. You will be prompted to enter your Google account information to access your device, and all of your apps and data will be erased.

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