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How to Unlock Your Samsung Tablet Without a Factory Reset

    Stressed ’bout how to open your Samsung Tablet without a reset? No need to fret! In this guide, you’ll find three strategies to unlock your device without any bother:

    Quick facts: How To Unlock Samsung Tablet Without Factory Reset

    • ✅ Samsung Find My Mobile feature can help you unlock your tablet without factory reset – Samsung
    • ✅ You can use Google Account to unlock your Samsung tablet – XDA Developers
    • ✅ Over 67% of tablets sold worldwide in 2020 were Samsung tablets – Statista
    • ✅ Using software to recover your password is an effective way to unlock your Samsung tablet – Wondershare
    • ✅ You can use a recovery toolkit such as Dr.Fone to unlock Samsung tablets without factory reset – Wondershare

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    Unlocking Your Samsung Tablet

    Unlock your Samsung tablet to use different networks or add security. You don’t need a factory reset. Consider what type of network you want to unlock it for. You may need to buy a code from the carrier or submit an online request and get one back.

    Create an account with the target network if you don’t have one already. Some models may not get unlocked due to hardware limits, so check your model first.

    Check your device’s lock screen settings

    Swipe down from the top of the screen. Tap the cog wheel icon. Select Lock Screen Settings. Check if device is locked. Change the PIN or code to unlock. Turn off lock if you want permanent access. If this doesn’t work, factory reset your tablet to unlock it.

    Unlocking your Samsung tablet device starts with these steps!

    Try the “Find My Mobile” feature

    Samsung tablets have a “Find My Mobile” feature. It helps users unlock their device without a factory reset. This is great for forgotten PINs, passwords and patterns.

    • First, the user must register their Samsung account to the device. If they haven’t, they should do it ASAP.
    • They can access the “Find My Mobile” feature from or using the app from Google Play store.
    • They can unlock the device without resetting it. However, they must set up a new PIN upon unlocking. This is so no one can access their tablet’s data without permission.

    Use a third-party unlocking service

    A third-party unlocking service is a great way to unlock your Samsung tablet without needing a factory reset. You don’t need tech knowledge. All that is needed is the tablet’s IMEI number.

    These services generally take 1-3 days to provide a code. When you input the code, your device is unlocked and ready to use a new sim card. Security is high, as most reliable unlocking services are monitored and regulated. It ensures customers are safe.

    Resetting Your Samsung Tablet

    To reset your Samsung tablet, you need to enter recovery mode. Depending on your model, this means pressing certain power, volume and home buttons. In recovery mode, use the volume keys to select “factory reset” or “wipe data/factory reset“. Then, press one of the volume keys to confirm or cancel.

    Your device will then take a few minutes to reset itself to its original factory settings.

    Back up your data

    Back up your Samsung tablet data before attempting to unlock it without a factory reset. Connect your tablet to a computer. Use the cable provided to transfer files onto the computer or external storage device. This takes only a few minutes.

    Store your important data in a secure location. Easily restore any of these files by connecting them back into your tablet.

    Perform a factory reset

    Forgot your Samsung tablet password? Last resort: factory reset. Turn off device. Press and hold Power and Volume Down for 10 seconds. This will reboot tablet into Recovery Mode. Access “Reset Factory Settings” option. Important: back up files first! Resetting will delete all data. After reset, no password needed.

    Still having issues? Contact Samsung support.

    Restore your data

    To troubleshoot any issues with kid mode, restoring your data is a must. This will keep all the info, apps, and settings you had before.

    To restore data, press the “Home” key on your Samsung tablet. Then, select the “Settings” icon on the home screen. Then, find the “Backup and Reset” option. From this option, choose either “Back Up my Data” or “Restore”.

    • If you choose “Back Up my Data”, it will save all your info to a secure cloud server.
    • If you choose “Restore”, it will retrieve all your previously backed-up data from the cloud server and restore it to its original condition on your tablet.

    Additional Tips

    If nothing works, factory reset might be the solution. Make sure to back up your data first. Then, wipe the device clean and bring it back to its original state. Before that, try different button combos to unlock the screen.

    If you have forgotten the password to your Samsung tablet and don’t want to lose any data, there’s no need to panic. You don’t have to resort to a factory reset just yet. Check out this guide on how to unlock your Samsung Tablet without losing data when you forgot the password. If your Samsung tablet runs on Android OS and is old, think if it’s worth the money and effort to unlock it. It may not be worth it. Otherwise, if your tablet is recent and in good condition, you can sell it for parts or get it repaired at an authorized service center.

    Use a strong password

    A strong password is crucial to keep your device safe from malware strikes. Hackers can guess easy passwords and access your Samsung tablet. Passwords should always have: one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character.

    Change your password every few months, if you can. Also, have different passwords for different accounts. That way, if one gets breached, the others remain secure. A strong password, plus regular changes, will make sure your device stays safe from malware and unauthorized access.

    Enable two-factor authentication

    Two-factor authentication (2FA) ensures only authorized users can access a device or application. It takes two pieces of evidence: something you know (password) and something you have (e.g. physical token).

    Enable 2FA to make it harder for malicious actors (malware) to gain access to your Samsung tablet. They need your login credentials plus the code generated by your physical token or mobile phone.

    So, always use 2FA when using any electronic device or service.

    Set up a passcode on the lock screen

    To protect confidential data, set up a passcode on your Samsung tablet’s lock screen. Go to “Settings” then “Security”. Choose “Screen Lock” and select “Passcode”. Enter a passcode of at least six digits. Confirm it – don’t forget it! If you do forget it, you need to factory reset your tablet to gain access.

    It’s a good idea to keep a record of your passcodes, so make it something easy to remember but not something that others can guess.

    FAQs about: How To Unlock Samsung Tablet Without Factory Reset

    Q1: How do I unlock my Samsung tablet without factory reset?

    A1: You can unlock your Samsung tablet without factory reset by using the Find My Mobile service. To use the service, you need to have a Samsung account and be signed in. Once logged in, you can select “Unlock My Screen” to reset the lock screen password.

    Q2: What if I don’t have a Samsung account?

    A2: If you don’t have a Samsung account, you can try using the Android Device Manager service. To use the service, you need to be logged in to your Google account. Once logged in, you can select “Lock” to reset the lock screen password.

    Q3: Is there any other way to unlock my Samsung tablet without factory reset?

    A3: Yes, you can also use the Samsung Smart Switch service. To use the service, you need to be logged in to your Samsung account. Once logged in, you can select “Unlock My Screen” to reset the lock screen password.

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