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how to update among us on android tablet

    Searching for a simple approach to refresh Among Us on your Android tablet? Look no more! Peruse this article to figure out how to get the most recent form of Among Us rapidly. Be prepared to join the good times with the freshest and best updates!

    Facts: How To Update Among Us On Android Tablet

    List of Top 5 Crazy Facts, Statistics and Trends Related to ‘How to Update Among Us on Android Tablet’

    • Fact: Among Us has been downloaded 85 million times on mobile devices, most of which are on Android (source: Sensor Tower)
    • Statistic: The average rating for Among Us on Google Play is 4.4 out of 5 stars, based on over 5 million reviews (source: Google Play)
    • Trend: Many players have reported issues with updating Among Us on their Android tablets, with some resorting to downloading the game from third-party sources (source: Reddit)
    • Fact: Among Us developer InnerSloth has released multiple updates for the game since its initial release in 2018, including bug fixes and new features (source: InnerSloth website)
    • Statistic: InnerSloth has stated that they are working on improving the game’s server stability and adding new content, including a new map and new roles for players (source: InnerSloth Twitter)


    It’s no secret that gaming is a popular pastime today. Among Us, a multiplayer game, is a top source of entertainment. But, Android tablet users have had trouble getting updates. This article is here to help! It offers a solution for updating Among Us on Android tablets.

    So, follow the steps! No matter if you’re new or experienced, you won’t have to worry about any bugs. Let’s get started and update Among Us now!

    Check for updates

    Are you an avid gamer and have an Android tablet? You are probably always searching for the latest updates for your favorite games. With the popularity of Among Us, many users are now wondering how to update it on their Android tablet. Rooting your device can be very helpful for this! In this article, we will see the advantages of rooting your Android tablet and how to check for updates for Among Us.

    Advantages of Rooting an Android Tablet:

    1. Get Root Apps: When you root your device, you get access to a lot of apps that are not available on the Google Play Store. These apps can do tasks such as boost your device’s performance, block ads, and change the look and feel of your device.
    2. Use Custom ROMs: You can also install custom ROMs or modified Android OS after rooting your Android tablet. These custom ROMs come with extra features, improved performance, and longer battery life.
    3. Remove Bloatware: Bloatware, the pre-installed apps that come with your Android device, can take a lot of storage space and slow down your device. Rooting your device helps you remove bloatware and free up space.

    How to Update Among Us on Android Tablet:

    1. Check Google Play Store: The simplest way to check for updates is to open the Google Play Store and search for Among Us. If an update is available, you will see a button that says “Update“. Just click on it and the update will download and install automatically.
    2. Use Root Apps: If you have installed a root app like Lucky Patcher, you can utilize it to check for updates of Among Us. This app lets you bypass Google Play Store and manually download and install updates.
    3. Check Websites: Some websites have direct APK downloads for Among Us updates. However, be cautious when downloading from unknown sources as it can be a threat to your device.

    Pro tip: Consider the pros and cons before rooting your Android device. Make sure you understand the risks and follow proper steps to avoid harm to your device. Also, always remember to check for updates regularly for the best gaming experience.

    Ensure device is connected to the internet

    The world of gaming is all about keeping your games up to date. One game that has taken the gaming community by storm is ‘Among Us’. Android tablets are a great option for playing games. However, updating games on an Android tablet can be tricky. This sub-heading will provide a guide on updating ‘Among Us’ on an Android tablet.

    First, your Android tablet needs an internet connection. Without this, you won’t have access to updates, bug fixes, and features. You can connect your Android tablet to the net in several ways:

    1. Wi-Fi: Go to your Android device’s settings and turn on Wi-Fi. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password if needed.
    2. Mobile data: Go to your Android device’s settings and turn on mobile data. Be aware that updating games and apps can use a lot of data.
    3. Hotspot: Share the hotspot from another device with internet access. Let your Android tablet fetch the data from the device.

    Once the device is connected to the internet, you can update ‘Among Us’:

    1. Launch the Google Play Store app
    2. Tap the three horizontal lines
    3. Select ‘My apps & games’
    4. Find ‘Among Us’ under ‘Updates available’
    5. Click the ‘Update’ button
    6. Wait for the update to download and install

    Pro Tip: To make sure ‘Among Us’ automatically updates, go to the game’s page on the Google Play Store. Tap the three vertical dots on the top-right corner and select ‘Enable auto-update’.

    In conclusion, updating ‘Among Us’ on an Android tablet is easy with a stable internet connection. By following these steps, you can access the latest features and bug fixes and enjoy the game to its fullest.

    Downloading the Update

    Do you play Among Us on your Android tablet, but can’t get the latest update? You’re not alone! Many people have the same problem. Old versions don’t include new features or bug fixes. Don’t worry! Our guide can help you. Read on to find out how to download and update Among Us on your Android tablet. Experienced players and newcomers alike can keep enjoying the ultimate social deduction experience.

    Follow our simple steps for an up-to-date game experience:

    • Step 1
    • Step 2
    • Step 3
    • Step 4
    • Step 5

    Tips for Using Incognito Mode-how to update among us on android tablet,how to update among us on android tablet

    Image credits: by David Jones

    Open the Google Play Store

    Ever pondered rooting your Android tablet? That removes manufacturer restrictions and provides full control of the OS. It can be a thrilling experience for tech-lovers who want to customize their device more than an average user can. But, rooting comes with risks and potential drawbacks. Read on if you’ve rooted a tablet and want to know how to update ‘Among Us’ on it.

    A chief risk of rooting is the warranty becoming void. If something goes wrong, the manufacturer won’t support or repair it. Rooting also makes the device more vulnerable to security threats and malware. That’s because it typically requires disabling default security and granting access to third-party apps that may be unsafe.

    Rooting can cause software instability and system crashes. It can happen if you install an incompatible custom ROM or modify system files incorrectly. In some cases, rooting can brick your device, making it useless.

    If you’ve already rooted an Android tablet and want to update ‘Among Us’ on it, here’s how:

    1. Open the Google Play Store.
    2. Search for ‘Among Us’.
    3. Click the ‘Update’ button.

    Tip: Before you root your Android tablet, understand the risks versus benefits. Know that you might void the warranty and make the device more vulnerable. If you proceed, follow instructions carefully and only download trustworthy apps and custom ROMs.

    Search for Among Us

    If you’re an Android user who wants to play Among Us on your tablet, you may be wondering how to reduce cell standby usage and boost performance. Well, there are simple steps to achieve this.

    1. Search for the game in your tablet’s app store or Google Play. Type its name or browse through the categories. Read the description, reviews and compatibility before downloading and installing. Make sure your device has enough storage and you’re connected to a secure Wi-Fi network. Close all background apps and programs to free up resources.
    2. Launch the game and customize your avatar. Play with friends or random players from all over the world.
    3. To reduce cell standby usage and improve battery life, turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use. Lower screen brightness and timeout duration. Disable notifications and background data for unnecessary apps. Use power-saving modes and apps. Keep your device software and security updates up-to-date.

    So, what are you waiting for? Search for Among Us on your Android tablet and start playing! Pro tip: For a larger screen with better graphics and controls, connect your tablet to a TV or monitor with a compatible cable or device. Enjoy the game in full HD resolution with an immersive experience!

    Select the Update button

    Our reliance on smartphones and tablets for communication, organisation and entertainment is growing with advancing mobile technology. But, if left in standby mode for too long, battery life can quickly drain – meaning it’s important to reduce standby usage for the best performance.

    If you’re an Android user who loves playing Among Us, you may have trouble keeping the game up-to-date. Luckily, updating it on a tablet is easy – look for the ‘Update’ button! Also, try these tips to reduce battery consumption:

    • Minimise background activity – close any apps you’re not using.
    • Lower the screen brightness – you can adjust this in settings.
    • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use.
    • Disable notifications you don’t need.

    Now your device is ready to update Among Us. Just:

    1. Open Google Play Store on your tablet.
    2. Go to ‘My apps and games’.
    3. Find Among Us.
    4. Hit the Update button.

    Follow these steps to keep your device running smoothly and reduce standby usage. And remember to update regularly for maximum battery life!

    Final Thoughts: how to update among us on android tablet

    Are you an “Among Us” fanatic? You know how it is – when glitches or problems come up, it can be a drag. Fortunately, there’s an answer! Simply download the newest update.

    For Android tablet users, this may sound intimidating. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a simple guide that’ll show you how to update the game on your Android tablet. Then you won’t miss out on the amazing features or bug fixes! Let’s get cracking!

    Tap the Install button

    Having trouble updating your favorite game, Among Us, on your Android tablet? Here’s an informative guide to help you succeed – just tap the Install button!

    Follow these simple steps:

    1. Open Google Play Store app.
    2. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner of the screen.
    3. Select “My apps & games” from the menu.
    4. Find Among Us in the list and tap it.
    5. Tap “Update” if there is one available.
    6. Review the update permissions if prompted and tap “Accept.”
    7. Wait for the update to download and install.
    8. Tap “Open” to launch the updated version.

    Updating Among Us is easy! To save time in the future, turn on automatic updates in the Google Play Store settings. Now tap the Install button and start gaming!

    Read and accept the permissions

    Are you an ardent gamer? Then you must have heard of the latest outburst about the online game “Among Us“! Its colorful, stimulating visuals have enthralled gamers globally. While some people play it on their PCs, others choose to play it on Android tablets. However, upgrading “Among Us” on an Android tablet can be tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with the platform. So, this article will help you unravel this process and explain how to update the game on your Android tablet.

    Before upgrading “Among Us“, it’s critical to read and accept the game’s permissions. These permissions let the game access your device’s features (camera, microphone, etc.) to provide a smooth gaming experience. Here are the steps to read and accept the necessary permissions:

    1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android tablet
    2. Search for “Among Us
    3. Select the game and click “Update
    4. A pop-up message will appear showing the needed permissions
    5. Read them carefully then click “Accept” to start the installation

    Now that you’ve accepted the game’s permissions, let’s move on to the next step in updating “Among Us” on your Android tablet.

    Pro tip: Always read the permissions of any app before installing it on your device. This will help you make sure that the app isn’t accessing your data without your consent.

    Wait for the installation to finish

    Are you an enthusiastic gamer who loves playing Among Us on your Android tablet? Then connect your device to the Roku TV for a better gaming experience! Updating the game on your Android tablet, though, can be a challenge. You must wait for the installation to complete before you can begin playing on the Roku TV.

    Updating the game is essential because it gives you access to the newest features, improvements, and bug fixes. To make sure you can play the game on the Roku TV, here are the steps to take:

    1. Check your internet connection to guarantee it is stable and powerful enough to manage the download.
    2. Open Google Play Store on your Android tablet and search for Among Us.
    3. When you find the game, click the “Update” button to download the most recent version.
    4. The download and installation process might take some time, depending on the size of the game and the speed of your internet connection. Be patient and wait for it to finish.
    5. Connect your Android tablet to the Roku TV using an HDMI cable when the installation is completed.
    6. Launch the Among Us game on your Android tablet and it should appear on the Roku TV.
    7. Use your Android tablet as a controller and have fun playing the game on the huge screen of your Roku TV.

    Pro tip: Make sure your Android tablet is fully charged before beginning the download and installation process. This will avoid any interruptions that may occur due to a low battery.

    Finishing Up

    Are you an avid gamer? Then you might’ve heard of Among Us. It’s an online multiplayer game about discovering who the imposter is among the crewmates. But, if you’re using an Android tablet, updating to the newest version could be a problem. Don’t worry! We have a step-by-step guide to help you update it. Read on to get access to the latest features and improved gameplay with ease.

    Installation -how to update among us on android tablet,how to update among us on android tablet

    Image credits: by Joel Arnold

    Open Among Us

    Are you an avid mobile gamer? If so, you may experience some lagging or slow performance. This can be due to too many apps running in the background. These apps take up your device’s memory and processor, making it slow. This is especially annoying when playing an intense game like Among Us on your Android tablet.

    To ensure a smooth gaming experience here’s how to open the game on your Android tablet and close any unnecessary apps:

    1. Find the ‘Play Store‘ icon on your Android tablet’s home screen.
    2. Tap it to open the app.
    3. Search for ‘Among Us‘ in the search bar.
    4. Tap ‘Install’ once you find the game.
    5. Wait until it’s installed.
    6. Tap ‘Open’ to launch the game.
    7. To close any background apps, tap the ‘Recent Apps‘ button at the bottom of the screen.
    8. Swipe left or right to view all open applications.
    9. Swipe up on the ones you want to close.

    By following these steps, you’ll enjoy a seamless gaming experience while playing Among Us on your Android tablet. To ensure optimum performance, it’s important to troubleshoot common performance issues like lagging caused by open apps. Keeping your device’s capacity in top shape will let you unlock your game’s potential and deliver the best performance!

    Pro tip: Check for any installed apps that you hardly use and uninstall them. This will free up storage space and declutter, keeping your device’s health in check.

    Check the version number

    Are you a fan of the popular game Among Us and own an Android tablet? You may have come across issues when trying to update the game. Here’s what you need to do:

    • Open the Google Play Store on your device
    • Search for “Among Us” in the search bar
    • Click on the game to access its page
    • Scroll down until you see the “Additional Information” section
    • Check the version number listed

    You can then check if there’s an update available. If yes, follow the prompts to download and install. If not, you’re good to go!

    To ensure a smooth update, also make sure you:

    1. Have a stable internet connection
    2. Close other apps running in the background
    3. Clear the cache and data of the Google Play Store app
    4. Restart your tablet

    If you’re still experiencing issues, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game from the Google Play Store. This can help solve any conflicts that may be preventing the game from updating properly.

    Enjoy the updated version

    These days, with everything just a click away, updating apps has become a must. Apps provide better features and better performance with their updates. One such app that has gained lots of attention is Among Us. It’s found on many platforms and millions of people around the world play it. Here’s how to update Among Us on an Android tablet:

    1. Open the Google Play Store on your tablet.
    2. Select ‘My apps & games’.
    3. Find Among Us and click the update button.
    4. Wait for it to finish and then open the game.

    Remember to keep your apps updated to avoid bugs and security issues. Updating Among Us on an Android tablet is simple. Get the latest features and have a great time with your friends!

    FAQs: How To Update Among Us On Android Tablet

    1. How do I check for updates on Among Us for Android tablet?

    You can check for updates on Among Us by going to the Google Play Store and searching for the game. If there is an update available, you will see an “Update” button next to the game title.

    2. Why is my Among Us game not updating on my Android tablet?

    If your Among Us game is not updating, it could be due to a slow internet connection or insufficient storage space on your device. You can try clearing some space on your device or connecting to a stronger Wi-Fi network.

    3. How do I manually update Among Us on Android tablet?

    If you want to manually update Among Us, you can go to the Google Play Store, search for the game and click on the “Update” button. Alternatively, you can also enable auto-updates for the game in the Google Play Store settings.

    4. My Among Us game keeps crashing after updating, how do I fix it?

    If you experience crashes after updating Among Us, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. You can also clear the cache and data of the game from the app settings on your device.

    5. What is the latest version of Among Us on Android tablet?

    The latest version of Among Us on Android tablet as of October 2021 is version 2021.8.31.

    6. Can I update Among Us on Android tablet without the Google Play Store?

    No, you cannot update Among Us on Android tablet without the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store is the official platform for downloading and updating Android apps.

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