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How to Wipe Your Samsung Tablet in Just a Few Simple Steps

    Worried about data security on your Samsung tablet? We have a guide to help! Just a few steps and your device will be wiped clean. Quickly and easily restore it to factory settings. Done!

    Quick facts: How To Wipe Samsung Tablet

    • ✅Samsung tablets should be wiped using the ‘Factory Reset’ feature, which can be found in the Settings app (Samsung Support).
    • ✅All data stored on a Samsung tablet will be lost if wiped using the ‘Factory Reset’ feature (Samsung Support).
    • ✅The ‘Factory Reset’ feature can be found in the Backup & Reset option of the Settings app (CNET).
    • ✅A backup of all data should be made before wiping a Samsung tablet (CNET).
    • ✅Wiping a Samsung tablet will take several minutes (Digital Trends).

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    Back Up Your Data

    Backing up your data is a must-do before wiping your Samsung tablet. It’s vital to save personal info, photos, and music.

    You can back up in two ways: manually or through the cloud.

    • For manual back up, you need to link your device to a PC or laptop with a cable. Then you can transfer the files you want to keep safe.
    • Cloud backup is done by logging into an account with an internet connection. Your data will be securely stored on the cloud.

    When you’re ready to reset your device, you can feel safe knowing your important info is backed up.

    Connect your tablet to a computer

    To begin splitting the screen on your Samsung tablet, you must first connect it to a computer. Different models may need different hardware or software. After they are linked, open up the programs and launch the split screen mode. You’ll see two windows side by side. Switch back and forth between them.

    In split screen mode, one window is for tasks like web browsing or messaging. The other window can be used for productivity tasks like writing documents or making spreadsheets. You can change the size of the windows by dragging their borders. To exit split screen mode, simply close all programs on the tablet and computer.

    Copy all your important files to the computer

    Before wiping your Samsung Tablet, back up important files to your computer. Connect the tablet with a USB cable. Then, drag and drop the files you want copied. Transfer contacts, calendars, documents, photos, and videos. You can also use Dropbox or Google Drive for this.

    Make sure external hard drives or storage devices are backed up safely on the computer. In case something goes wrong during the wiping process.

    Factory Reset Your Tablet

    To do a factory reset on your Samsung tablet, make sure the device is powered off. Then, hold both volume buttons down and power it up. When the Android logo appears, release the volume buttons. You’ll see a menu of options; use the volume buttons to go down to “wipe data/factory reset” and select it using the power button. Confirm that you wish to proceed. Wait until the tablet wipes itself clean, then restart. It should only take a few minutes.

    But, be sure to read the steps thoroughly first!

    Go to the Settings menu

    To wipe your Samsung tablet, start by swiping down from the top of the screen and selecting “Settings.” On the left side, choose “Backup and Reset” or “Security.” If you have an older version of Android, select “Privacy.”

    Once there, select “Factory Data Reset” or “Factory Reset.” You may get a warning. Accept it and wait for the process to finish. When it’s done, all personal data will be wiped from your tablet. Now it’s like new!

    Select the “Backup and Reset” option

    To clear the cache on a Samsung tablet, first tap the cogwheel icon on the home screen to open Settings. Then select “Backup and Reset” from the list of options. This will display choices related to backing up and restoring info. Choose a cloud service, such as Samsung Cloud, to back up data. It is best to backup all data before resetting your tablet.

    Select “Factory Data Reset”

    To wipe your Samsung tablet, select “Factory Data Reset” from the device’s Settings menu. This will reset the device to its factory settings. You will be given two options: “Reset Settings” and “Erase Everything”. All personal info, files, and apps will be gone forever if you choose this option.

    Enter your password or pattern lock when prompted. Your Tablet will start resetting itself. Finally, select ‘Reboot System Now’. Your Tablet is now wiped clean!

    Erase Your Data

    Erasing data from a Samsung tablet is easy! Just enable the factory reset option in Settings. Tap Reset and confirm to erase all data and settings. Disconnect any external devices like USBs or SD cards. They could cause permanent data loss. Select “Erase All Data” and wait for the task to finish. Voila! All data should now be erased from your Samsung tablet!

    Select the “Erase Everything” option

    To wipe your Samsung Tablet, go to Settings. Look for “Backup & Reset”, then choose “Factory Data Reset”. Select “Erase Everything”. A prompt will confirm if you want to erase your data. Click “OK” to start the process.

    It may take minutes for your tablet to reboot multiple times. When it’s done, your tablet will be back to its factory settings – like it was when you first bought it!

    Re-Install Your Apps

    Wiping your Samsung tablet? Don’t worry. It’s easy to get your apps back:

    1. Open the Google Play Store website and sign in with your Google credentials if you need to.
    2. Then, find the “My Apps” section under the Play Store icon in the top-left corner.
    3. This will show you all the apps you had before.
    4. Select any app and press the Install or Update button.
    5. You can select multiple apps at once by ticking their checkboxes.
    6. When it’s done, all your apps will be reinstalled and ready to use!

    Download the apps you need from the Google Play Store

    To reset your Samsung tablet for a new user, open the Google Play Store. In the search bar, type the app name you need. Look through the search results and choose the most suitable one. Click “Install”, then “Accept & Download” to get it on your device. This way, all the apps will be ready when you hand over your tablet! For those who want to know how to easily reset your Samsung tablet, this information can be a great help.

    Reinstall your backed up files from the computer

    After your Samsung tablet has its factory reset, it’s time to get your files back. Hook your tablet to a computer and open SmartSwitch. Go to the Restore option. On the next screen, choose the backup file you saved before doing the master reset. Choose what data you want to restore, then select ‘Restore Now’.

    SmartSwitch will start loading the data from the backup onto your tablet. This may take a while, depending on how much data needs to be restored. Don’t disconnect your tablet during this process. Once it’s done, launch a few apps such as contacts or photos to check if your info was restored properly.

    Secure Your Device

    Security is becoming a must-have with tech. From banking to private docs, it’s key to keep gadgets safe. To do this for a Samsung tablet, you’ll need to wipe it and install new software.

    1. Go to Settings and select Factory Reset under the Backup & Reset tab. This will erase all data from your tablet and return it to factory settings.
    2. To use Google apps again, you’ll have to log back in.
    3. When done, you’ll have a blank slate to use with whatever apps and accounts you choose.
    4. Wiping the tablet like this helps guarantee no sensitive info remains.

    Create a new password or PIN

    Set up a secure password for your Samsung tablet. First, open the Settings app and select “Software Updates.” Check for any updates. Install them for improved performance and security. Then, go to the “Lock Screen and Security” section. Create a new password or PIN. Make it hard to guess but easy to remember.

    Set up a fingerprint or face recognition

    To get secure and easy access to your Samsung tablet, use fingerprint or face recognition. No need to remember multiple passwords! Here’s how to set it up:

    1. Open Settings and select “Lock screen”.
    2. Tap either “Fingerprints” or “Face Recognition”.
    3. Follow the steps on-screen.
    4. Register at least two fingers for extra security, then tap “Done”.
    5. Your Samsung tablet is now unlocked using facial recognition or fingerprint technology!

    FAQs about: How To Wipe Samsung Tablet

    Q: How do I wipe my Samsung Tablet?

    A: To wipe your Samsung tablet, go to the Settings menu, then select Backup and Reset. From there you can select the Factory Data Reset option and follow the onscreen instructions.

    Q: How do I back up my data before wiping my Samsung tablet?

    A: To back up data before wiping your Samsung tablet, go to the Settings menu, then select Backup and Reset. From there, you can select the Back Up My Data option and follow the onscreen instructions.

    Q: How do I restore my data after wiping my Samsung tablet?

    A: To restore data after wiping your Samsung tablet, go to the Settings menu, then select Backup and Reset. From there you can select the Restore My Data option and follow the onscreen instructions.

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