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Which Is Better – iPad or Samsung Tablet?

    Wondering if an iPad or Samsung tablet is the better buy? Read on! Discover which one works best for your needs. Get the answer to the which-is-better quandary. That way, you can make an informed decision on your purchase.

    Quick facts: Ipad Or Samsung Tablet Which Is Better

  • ✅ iPad Pro being more than twice as powerful as Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: Tom’s Guide
  • ✅ iPad Pro having significantly longer battery life than Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: Tom’s Guide
  • ✅ iPad Pro having larger display than Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: Digital Trends
  • ✅ iPad Pro having better operating system than Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: CNET
  • ✅ iPad Pro being the more popular device according to market share: Statista
  • Checkout this video:


    When it comes to mobile devices, a common debate is which is better – an iPad or Samsung tablet? It’s tough to answer this. Both have lots of great features, but also some downsides. To make the decision easier, it’s important to know how they differ from each other.

    • The main difference is found in their operating systems. iPads use Apple iOS, while Samsung tablets use Android. This impacts the hardware options, design layout, and app selection.
    • Also, iPad and Samsung tablets come in different sizes and weights, depending on the model.

    Comparison of iPad and Samsung Tablet

    The iPad has Apple’s unique A12X Bionic chip and a 10-hour battery life. It has an 8MP rear cam that records 4K videos. Plus, there’s a 7MP front cam. Also, the App Store has over 1 million apps. Security is provided by Touch ID and Face ID. It comes in three versions: WiFi only, WiFi+Cellular, and Pro with Apple Pencil support.

    Samsung tablets run Android OS. They have Exynos or Snapdragon processors. Battery life can reach 12 hours. Rear cameras are 5MP to 13MP and record 4K. Front cam is 8MP for selfies or video calls. S Pen support is available with the Galaxy Tab S4/S5e. The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has dual display support (Tablet + Smartphone).


    When choosing between an iPad or Samsung tablet, display is a key factor. Both tablets come with high-quality displays. But, iPad’s Retina display has a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels and a pixel density of 264ppi. Whereas, Samsung tablets have a resolution up to 2560×1600 pixels and a pixel density up to 300ppi. Also, iPads have screens ranging from 7.9-inches to 12.9-inches whereas Samsung tablets come in sizes between 8 and 10 inches.

    To optimize your iPad or tablet, it’s essential to install a memory cleaner app. Such as Memory Cleaner Pro or Memory Doctor PRO. These apps will delete unwanted files and reduce RAM. This will result in improved speed and better battery life.

    Battery Life

    Battery life is a must-have when shopping for a tablet. Tablets need to provide power over extended periods, so you need one with a great battery life. iPads usually have the longest battery life, some can last for 12 hours when fully charged.

    Samsung tablets have shorter battery lives compared to iPads, but it still ranges from 8-9 hours. Samsung tablets are faster to recharge though—with their fast-charge technology, 6 hours of battery life can be gained in only 15 minutes of charging!

    Operating System

    When deciding between an iPad or Samsung tablet, think about what operating system fits your needs. The iPad has iOS. It is simple and has apps exclusive to iPads. Samsung tablets run on Android. It is user-friendly and since it is open-source, it has a large selection of apps.

    Consider both options and their OSes to see which one best suits you.


    Storage is a key part of the iPad vs Samsung tablet debate. iPad models range from 32GB to 512GB storage. Samsung tablets offer up to 128GB of storage, but some models can be expanded with a microSD card. More internal storage is great for saving music, photos and other files. But, it also means a more expensive device.

    You should consider how much local storage you need when deciding between an iPad or a Samsung tablet. If you want to store large files locally on your device, opt for a high-capacity Samsung tablet or one of the higher-end iPad models.


    Price is a big issue when downloading apps. iPads are more expensive than Samsung Tablets. But the iPad has a bigger selection of apps from the Apple Store. It’s easier for iPad users to get the app they want without searching multiple stores. Though, Samsung Tablets have less app choices.

    The cost of apps differs between platforms. Apple’s App Store is bigger, so many apps cost more than in other stores. Google Play and Amazon Appstore has cheaper apps. Samsung Tablets have free and discounted apps that can save users money compared to iPad apps.

    Pros and Cons

    When evaluating the iPad and Samsung Tablet, it is essential to consider both the pros and cons. The iPad is famed for its graceful design and user-friendly interface, while the Samsung has a more energy-efficient processor, granting longer battery life. Both tablets feature a range of features, including the iPad’s App Store with a plethora of apps, and its multi-touch touchscreen for effortless navigation.

    Yet, there are some drawbacks to consider. The iPad camera has a lower resolution than the Samsung Camera. Furthermore, the iPad’s operating system lacks certain features found on other tablet operating systems like Android or Windows 10 Mobile. Lastly, Apple’s iTunes store generally costs more than other content sources such as Google Play or Amazon Prime Video.

    In conclusion, it is important to weigh up all factors before settling on a purchase.

    iPad Pros

    Choosing an iPad offers a great advantage – the App Store! This exclusive store to Apple devices provides users with a variety of apps and games. There’s also a selection of productivity apps to help increase efficiency.

    iPads are more secure too, as iOS has a tougher security system than Android. Plus, they come with powerful speakers and easy-to-use accessories like keyboards and mouse/trackpads, making navigation simpler and more intuitive.

    iPad Cons

    The iPad has several cons to consider when compared with Samsung tablets. For starters, no external storage is available. Internal storage can be up to 512GB, but once it’s full, no more can be added. On the other hand, Samsung tablets have expandable memory through microSD cards.

    • iPads are pricier than Android tablets and you’re locked into Apple’s system.
    • iPads don’t offer mobile broadband like many tablets, so users must rely on Wi-Fi for Internet access when on the go.

    Samsung Tablet Pros

    Samsung Tablets are great for downloading an ad-blocker app. They have vibrant displays, top-of-the-line hardware and advanced software, making them perfect for watching streaming video or playing graphics-heavy games. Security is also top-notch, with built-in malware protection and multiple layers of protection on the operating system and hardware included. Plus, the battery life can last up to 12 hours after one charge – no need to worry about your device dying mid-download!

    Samsung Tablet Cons

    Samsung tablets are now a trendy choice. But, like other products, there are downsides.

    Common cons: battery, limited storage capacity and slow updates.

    The battery life of Samsung tablets is shorter than iPads. 8-10 hours with regular use compared to 10-12 hours from an iPad.

    Plus, Samsungs have less storage than iPads, so you may need extra storage if you need to save lots of media or apps.

    Also, updates for Samsung tablets come out slower since they must get approval from the manufacturer first.


    Picking between an iPad and a Samsung tablet is tricky. Each has its own strengths. The iPad has a more natural user experience and apps. Samsung tablets are better for gaming and media. Both are capable. It is up to you. An iPad is pricier. If money matters, choose the Samsung. If you need a device for productivity and creativity, the iPad is best.

    FAQs about: Ipad Or Samsung Tablet Which Is Better

    Q1.Which tablet is more user friendly?

    A1.The iPad is generally considered to be more user friendly than the Samsung tablet.

    Q2.Which tablet has more features?

    A2.The Samsung tablet typically has more features than the iPad.

    Q3.Which tablet is better for gaming?

    A3.The Samsung tablet is typically better for gaming than the iPad.

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