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Is it Better to Invest in a Drawing Tablet or an iPad?

    Pondering if you should get a drawing tablet or iPad for digital art? You’ve landed in the right spot! This article looks into the ups and downs of both. We’ll help you figure out which tool is perfect for you.

    Quick facts: Is It Better To Get A Drawing Tablet Or An Ipad

    • ✅ Drawing Tablets are more specifically designed for drawing and illustration than iPads, as they have pressure-sensitive styluses (Source: Tom’s Guide).
    • ✅ Drawing Tablets come with a variety of features such as adjustable pressure sensitivity and customizable shortcuts (Source: PCMag).
    • ✅ iPads are more versatile than drawing tablets as they can be used for a wide range of activities from streaming video to browsing the internet (Source: Apple).
    • ✅ iPads are generally more expensive than Drawing Tablets (Source: TechRadar).
    • ✅ iPads are easier to transport than Drawing Tablets due to their size and weight (Source: MakeUseOf).

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    Investing in a Drawing Tablet or an iPad is a big choice. It can have a huge effect on your creative projects. Whether you are an artist, designer, or just want a new way to express yourself, the correct drawing tablet could be the perfect tool.

    A Drawing Tablet uses pressure-sensitive pens to draw on a digital surface. An iPad uses your finger or Apple Pencil on its touchscreen. Each offers different levels of compatibility and control over your artwork. They also come with various features and cost considerations.

    It’s all about personal preference and budget when deciding between a Drawing Tablet or an iPad. Consider their differences and advantages before selecting either one. This way, you can make an educated decision when investing in your next creative tool.

    Benefits of Investing in a Drawing Tablet

    A drawing tablet is an electronic device which lets the user draw and view their drawings on a computer screen. It’s becoming popular among digital artists, graphic designers, photographers, architects and anyone working with designs. There are different sizes and features such as pressure sensitivity, tilt sensitivity, programmable express keys, or wireless connectivity.

    The main benefit of using a drawing tablet is that you have total control over digital artwork. The pen-to-screen input gives accuracy that cannot be achieved with a mouse. Some models recognize the angle of the stylus for effects like shading or filling with varied materials. Also, customizable express keys can be programmed to rapidly access frequently used functions, like zoom or undo, without going through menus.

    More Affordable

    Drawing tablets are an affordable tool for art-making. Prices range from fifty bucks to two hundred. Pressure sensitive pen and features included. On the other hand, iPads are pricier. Ranging from three hundred to a grand or more. Bigger screen sizes, but may require extra purchases. Stylus or keyboard accessory.

    Ultimately, it depends on budget and type of artist.

    More Functionality

    When deciding between a drawing tablet or iPad, it is important to think about what you will be doing with the device. A drawing tablet has much more capability than an iPad. It can have a pressure sensitive pen and touch screen, for exact and accurate strokes. Also, it can have custom buttons, different brush styles and textures, and high sensitivity. An iPad does not have these features, so if you want more flexibility and precision in digital art, a drawing tablet is better.

    Better Performance

    Drawing tablets are the better choice if you’re after a professional-level artistic tool. They detect subtle pressure changes when drawing, which leads to more precise lines and shading. Plus, the stylus comes with the tablet – no need to buy extra equipment.

    iPads don’t offer the same level of precision. And you’d have to buy an external stylus or an iPad Pro for pressure sensitivity.

    Benefits of Investing in an iPad

    Investing in an iPad is a great way to take your art skills to new heights. Powerful processors and advanced screen technology make iPads perfect for drawing, sketching, and painting. Additionally, features make navigating creative applications easier.

    Compared to a dedicated drawing tablet or other digital art device, iPads have the advantage of portability and versatility. There are lots of apps on the Apple App Store; so artists can quickly download the tools they need. Fast charging capabilities and up to 10 hours of battery life mean artists can create without worrying about running out of power.


    Investing in a drawing tablet or iPad? The iPad wins for convenience and portability! Lightweight, compact, and easy to transport. Perfect if you need to create artwork on-the-go or work from multiple locations. Bring it to meetings and capture notes, sketches, and ideas quickly. Plus, its battery life is superb – no need to worry about your device dying mid-creation. The Apple Pencil allows for precise sketching, bringing your work to life!

    More Versatile

    When deciding between a drawing tablet and an iPad, think versatility. Usually, drawing tablets offer more. They support traditional and digital art mediums. Plus, they allow different types of styluses – like pressure sensitive pens. This means you can use standard art media, like colored pencils and markers, on one device.

    Additionally, some drawing tablets have extra features. These include screen rotation and tilt sensing. This offers more options when sketching or painting digitally. So, if you want increased versatility, a drawing tablet is the best choice.

    Easier to Use

    When choosing between a drawing tablet or iPad, it’s important to think about what’ll be easier. Many people find an iPad simpler, as it has ready-to-go features and a user-friendly interface. It’s also easier for beginners to start creating art with apps designed for the iPad.

    The iPad has another advantage over drawing tablets – portability. Drawing tablets tend to be bulky and hard to transport, while iPads are smaller, lighter, and fit into most bags. Perfect for art on-the-go!


    Introduction -Is it Better to Invest in a Drawing Tablet or an iPad?

    A drawing tablet and an iPad can help people decide which device is suitable for their art. Drawing tablets are made for digital art and graphics, while iPads are general-use tablets.

    Drawing tablet prices start at $100 and can reach over $2,000. iPads range from $329 to $1,099 or more. Drawing tablets have pressure-sensitive pens and custom settings for accuracy. iPads are easier to use because of their built-in touchscreens. Both tablets come with creative software.

    The choice between a drawing tablet or iPad depends on performance and pricing.


    The price of a drawing tablet and iPad vary, depending on brand and size. Tablets can be between $80 to $800. iPads range from $400 to $1500. Don’t forget accessories like a stylus pen or a drawing glove, as they will add to the cost. Also, some tablets come with software, so factor this into your buying choice.


    When it comes to performance, portability matters. Drawing tablets are large and must be plugged into a computer, making them less portable than an iPad. iPads are slim and convenient for on-the-go use.

    Responsiveness between the two tablets is similar; however, some features may be missing or not as advanced. Consider each device’s features before purchasing. As for battery life, iPads usually last longer due to their larger batteries.


    Investing in a drawing tablet can be very versatile. You can use it with a computer and iPad. It’s like getting the best of both worlds. For example, if you need more features than an iPad can offer, you can use the tablet with your Mac or Windows. Some higher end models also have touch capability and stylus pens for easy drawing on both devices. So, you don’t need to buy two separate devices. One drawing tablet is enough!


    It is hard to say which is better – a drawing tablet or an iPad – as it depends on the user. An iPad may be more portable, but a drawing tablet could help take art to a new level. Both can produce high-quality art and come at different prices. So, think about what each device offers before buying.

    FAQs about: Is It Better To Get A Drawing Tablet Or An Ipad

    Q1. What are the advantages of a drawing tablet over an iPad?

    A1. A drawing tablet typically offers a more natural drawing experience than an iPad. Drawing tablets usually come with a pressure-sensitive pen and a larger active area which allows for more precision when creating digital artwork. Additionally, drawing tablets often have more features and customization options that can be used to further enhance the user’s experience.

    Q2. Is the iPad Pro good for drawing?

    A2. Yes, the iPad Pro is a great device for drawing. The iPad Pro has a large display, a powerful processor, and support for the Apple Pencil, making it a great choice for artists looking to create digital artwork.

    Q3. Is the iPad Pro better than a drawing tablet?

    A3. It depends on the user’s needs. The iPad Pro offers a great display and a powerful processor, but it may not be as precise as a drawing tablet with a pressure-sensitive pen. If portability and convenience is a priority, then an iPad Pro may be the better choice. However, if precision and control is a priority, then a drawing tablet may be a better option.

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