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What iPad Games Are Compatible with a PS4 Controller?

    Struggling to find an iPad game that plays nice with a PS4 joystick? No worries, help is here! There are many great options that will give you the best gaming experience. Discover how iPad games and PS4 controllers can be compatible.

    Quick facts: What Ipad Games Are Compatible With Ps4 Controller

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  • Introduction

    The iPad now supports gaming! Gamers can play their beloved console games on their mobile device. Is it possible to use PS4 controllers with compatible iPad games? Yes! This article will explain the types of games, how to connect your controller, and other important info for gamers keen to have a great time with their beloved console titles on their iPads.

    Plus, we’ll check out some of the best compatible iPad games with a PS4 controller and explain why they’re so popular:

    Compatibility of PS4 Controllers with iPads

    The PS4 controller offers a more immersive gaming experience. It’s mainly used with PS4 consoles, but it’s also compatible with other devices. To use it with an iPad, you must first pair it. Turn on Bluetooth on the iPad and the controller, and press the “Share” and “PS” buttons until it turns blue.

    Now, most iPad games with gamepad support are playable with the PS4 DualShock 4 controller. If you want to use the controller without pairing each time, go to the game’s settings menu and enable this function. Some games require manual pairing each time.

    What iPads are compatible with PS4 controllers?

    It’s usually possible to use a PS4 controller with an iPad. But, it depends on the iPad model and iOS version you have.

    The 2020 iPads (– iPad 10.2”, iPad Air 3rd Gen and iPad Pro 11”/12.9” – are compatible with PS4 controllers, but they don’t have physical “Start” and “Select” buttons. This means they could work for games, but not all apps or games.

    If you have an earlier iPad running iOS 12 or higher, you may need a Bluetooth adapter if it doesn’t have a Lightning port for wired connection. Before buying, check if the app or game will be compatible with the controller.

    How to Connect a PS4 Controller to an iPad

    Connecting a PS4 controller to an iPad is easy. First, check if the iPad version you’re using is compatible. Most new iPads (2017 and later) have Apple’s MFi certification, meaning they work with Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

    Next, connect your device to the PS4 controller via Bluetooth. Do this by pressing and holding the PlayStation button for about 3 seconds until it turns off. Then press and hold the Share button until it blinks white. On your iPad, open Settings > Bluetooth and tap on “Wireless Controller” to pair.

    Now you’re ready to play games on your iPad with the PS4 controller! Not all games are compatible though, so check app descriptions before downloading them onto your device.

    iPad Games Compatible with PS4 Controllers

    iPads and other tablets are becoming more popular. What iPad games are compatible with a PS4 controller?

    • Grand Theft Auto V
    • Sims 4
    • NBA 2K19
    • Asphalt 9: Legends
    • FIFA 19

    are some of the most popular. There are also many indie games that can be played using a controller.

    Using a PS4 controller on an iPad gives a more immersive gaming experience. Players can react quicker with triggers and buttons instead of just their finger. This opens up possibilities for new experiences that wouldn’t be possible with touch controls.

    Racing Games

    Racing games are a genre for iPad that work with PS4 controllers. Vehicles, usually cars, race against other drivers. Races can be on dirt trails, roads, ice, snow, skyways, and more. Players can upgrade cars to make them faster or more reliable.

    Popular iPad racing games for PS4 controllers include

    • Asphalt 8: Airborne,
    • Forza Horizon 3,
    • Project Cars 2
    • GRID Autosport.

    These games provide realistic driving experiences. Realistic physics and graphics give the feeling of being in the driver’s seat.

    Action Games

    Action games are a hit on iPad. They go great with a PS4 controller. These games are intense and fast-paced. Players need fast reflexes and good coordination to master them. Shooter and racing games are popular action games. These can be played solo or with friends online.

    Tasks such as beating enemies, clearing levels, and solving puzzles make action games a challenge. Players can unlock special items like weapons, upgrades, and customization options while progressing.

    Popular action-based iPad games include Call of Duty: Mobile, Asphalt 9: Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Minecraft for iPad.

    Adventure Games

    Adventure Games can help kids with problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, and more! There are many kinds: from simple point-and-click exploration to 3D platformers. Parents should consider their kid’s age, gaming experience, and difficulty level when picking an adventure game. For PS4, a controller can make it easier for young players.

    Some great titles include Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Before buying, do your research to make sure the game is age-appropriate and meets your gaming needs!

    Puzzle Games

    Puzzle games are great for all gamers. From those needing a fun distraction to hardcore players wanting a challenge, puzzle games have something for everyone. With the ability to use a PS4 controller on iPad puzzle games, the experience is even more immersive!

    There are various types of puzzle games available on the iPad that can be played with a PS4 controller:

    • Match-3 puzzles, like Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled Blitz, are popular. Players must match 3 or more objects to clear the board and progress.
    • Other types include word search, picture puzzles, tile-sliding puzzles and Maze-style challenges. Each type offers distinct challenges that stimulate the brain!


    Android Tablets-What iPad Games Are Compatible with a PS4 Controller?

    The PS4 DualShock controller can be used for iPad games. It works on both iOS and macOS. If the game doesn’t list the controller, check the device’s manual or contact the developer. Popular genres compatible with the controller include racing, shooters and platformers.

    Connecting the controller to an Apple device is simple. Use either Bluetooth or USB type C ports/cables. Before pairing, make sure you have the latest software update installed.

    FAQs about: What Ipad Games Are Compatible With Ps4 Controller

    Q1: What type of iPad games are compatible with a PS4 controller?

    A1: Most iPad games that are compatible with a PS4 controller are racing, action, sports, and shooter games.

    Q2: How do I connect my PS4 controller to my iPad?

    A2: To connect your PS4 controller to your iPad, you will need to use a third-party controller adapter for iOS devices such as the SteelSeries Nimbus. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to connect your controller to your iPad.

    Q3: Does my iPad need to be jailbroken in order to use a PS4 controller?

    A3: No, your iPad does not need to be jailbroken in order to use a PS4 controller.

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