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What’s the Best iPad for Your Child?

    You keen to give your kids the correct device? No need for a tough time searching for the perfect iPad for your kid. Uncover the capabilities and alternatives that will aid you in selecting which iPad is just right for you:

    • Capabilities of the device.
    • Alternatives available.

    Quick facts: What Is A Good Ipad For A Child

    • ✅ The iPad is a great device for children because of its intuitive user interface and its ability to provide educational and creative opportunities – Time Magazine
    • ✅ iPads are the most popular choice for children’s tablets, accounting for about 60% of the market – The Verge
    • ✅ Parents should look for tablets with parental controls and educational apps to ensure their children’s safety and learning – The Guardian
    • ✅ About 40% of children aged 3-5 own a tablet, and iPad is the preferred tablet for this age group – Common Sense Media
    • ✅ The latest iPads offer features such as Face ID, an A12 chip, and an edge-to-edge display that are perfect for children – AppleInsider

    Consider Your Child’s Age

    When buying an iPad for your kid, think about their age. Different iPads are best for different aged kids. Older children who want powerful features should get an iPad Air or Pro. Younger children who want something easy to use should get an iPad Mini.

    Some iPads have parental controls. These let you control and view what your child does on the device. Parental controls vary with model, so pick one that has this feature if it’s important to you. Also, remember that a larger screen is easier for younger children. So an iPad Mini might be better than an iPad Air or Pro for elementary school kids.

    Consider the iPad’s safety features

    When searching for an iPad for your child, safety features are important. Depending on the age, new iPads have features that restrict access to certain content and help keep them safe.

    For younger kids, in the “Settings” app, you can disable Safari and iTunes access so they won’t see inappropriate content or make purchases.

    For older children, consider Screen Time. It tracks usage and sets time limits for apps. Parental control options are also available.

    Select an iPad with features that match your safety needs and the age and abilities of your child.

    Consider the iPad’s size and weight

    When choosing the best iPad for your kid, consider size and weight. Smaller iPads, like the iPad Mini, can be easier to hold but have weaker processors and smaller storage. Bigger iPads have more productivity options but are heavier and harder to handle. Older models usually have a more solid build compared to newer ones that are slimmer, but have better battery life.

    Consider your child’s needs before making the final decision.

    Choose the Right Operating System

    What iPad is best for your family? Ask yourself this question. iOS might be the platform for many families. The iPad has a core operating system – iOS. It offers an easy-to-use interface, and you can share info between iOS devices. But some people prefer other systems like Google’s Android or Microsoft’s Windows 10. These have their own apps, and you can access different cloud services than Apple. Everything depends on what you need in terms of features. Decide wisely!

    iOS vs. Android

    When choosing between an iOS or Android tablet for your child, many differences should be taken into account.

    The OS is the first difference. iOS is Apple’s OS and can only be found in iPads or iPhones. Android is open-source, powered by Google, and can be found in tablets from many different manufacturers. Each OS offers different features and varying levels of customization.

    • iOS devices are more secure since they use Apple’s mobile security protocols. Also, they have more parental control options than Android, allowing parents to keep a closer eye on their children’s online activities.
    • Android tablets, however, cost less than iPads, so they are great for those who want affordability without compromising quality or features.

    iPadOS vs. Windows 10

    When selecting the best iPad for your child, it’s all about the OS. iPadOS or Windows 10? Both offer apps and features such as video streaming and gaming. But there’s a key difference. iPadOS is made just for iPads. It comes with all Apple’s pre-installed apps, like iTunes, iCloud and AppStore.

    PCs with Windows 10 have Microsoft Office suite products already installed. Also, Windows 10 requires more frequent updates than iPadOS. This could be an issue if you don’t want your child’s device downloading data or if updates disrupt their enjoyment. An iPad running iPadOS may be better in terms of system updates, compared to a PC running Windows 10.

    Set Up Parental Controls

    Parents can help shield their kids from unsuitable content by setting up Parental Controls on the iPad. This includes limiting app downloads, blocking explicit material, and preventing in-app purchases. A unique passcode must be created for these controls and entered each time a change is made. Additionally, Find My iPhone should be set up so that the device can be located if it is lost or stolen.

    By doing this, parents can make sure their children have safe and appropriate online access.

    Set up restrictions on the device

    Parents can use Parental Controls to keep their kids safe while using their iPad. Set up requires a unique Apple ID and restrictions via the Settings app. Restrictions let you decide which types of content are available, block specific websites, oversee communication, and restrict purchases from App Store and iTunes Store. You can also disable access to Safari or other apps like FaceTime or iMessage.

    Setting up Parental Controls will help your child stay safe.

    Set up parental control apps

    Parental control apps can be great for monitoring your kid’s iPad. There are various apps which let you restrict settings like disabling iMessage, restricting explicit content, and blocking apps/sites. Most of these apps also let you:

    • Track their location
    • Set screen time limits
    • Review their internet history
    • Notify you when they access inappropriate content

    For your child’s safety, make sure to set up full parental control settings before giving them access to the iPad.

    Consider the iPad’s Features

    iPad Software Updates-What

    When selecting an iPad for your child, features are key. Think about size. A larger tablet is great for watching movies and gaming, while a smaller one suits web browsing or studying.

    Storage capacity and display resolution are important too. Higher-megapixel displays offer better visuals; perfect for video content. And don’t forget battery life! A battery that lasts up to 10 hours gives plenty of power for tasks throughout the day.

    Display size and resolution

    Size and resolution are two key things to consider when picking an iPad for your kid. Popular models are 9.7-inch, and 10.2-inch, with resolutions of 1,536 x 2,048 and 2,160 x 1,620 respectively. Larger displays with more pixels will give sharper images and better comfort when gaming or watching movies.

    Some iPads have ProMotion for faster performance when navigating, or gaming. Keep in mind physical size, resolution, and tech specs to ensure your kid’s device meets their entertainment expectations.

    Battery life

    Battery life is a must-consider when choosing the best iPad for your kiddo. All models provide decent battery life but some last longer. Generally, iPads with bigger battery capacity, such as iPad Pro, have more juice. When using the iPad for power-needy tasks like gaming or streaming, an iPad with larger battery capacity is better. Not only do these iPads last longer between charges, but also charge up faster than their smaller battery counterparts.

    Check the advertised “usage time” (in hours) when browsing different iPads. This gives an estimated idea of how long it can be used on one charge.

    Storage capacity

    Storage is key when selecting an iPad for your child. From 16GB to 256GB, different sizes are available. The larger the capacity, the more space for apps and data. If your kid likes gaming, snapping pics, and taking videos, go for a higher capacity. Most iPads offer the option to increase memory up to 512GB with a microSD card. Don’t overlook storage – it’s an important feature!

    Choose the Right Accessories

    Choosing the right accessories for your iPad is vital. Pick a device that meets your child’s needs. An external keyboard, protective case and durable charging cable should be considered.

    • External keyboards help students type or write quickly. They keep wrists in the correct position.
    • Protective cases protect against scratches, dents and dirt. It keeps the iPad looking new.
    • A durable charging cable ensures the iPad can be charged without damage due to wear and tear.

    Cases and covers

    Protecting an iPad with a child? Cases and covers are must-haves. There is a wide selection of iPad cases for kids. Some have tough, shock-absorbent materials, while others have fun designs. It’s important to find one that fits your iPad perfectly. Enough protection without extra weight or bulk.

    For extra safety, buy screen protectors, speakers and headphone covers. Research compatible products before buying – not all accessories work with all iPad models.


    If you have poor small motor skills or find it hard to type on a digital keyboard, using a stylus on your iPad is perfect. Styluses provide accuracy and precision when using the tablet. They are made with circuits that complete when pressed against the iPad screen, like a mouse click. All 2nd gen iPads come pre-loaded with Apple’s own stylus app, Penultimate. This drawing and note-taking app is both user-friendly and attractive.

    Styluses can be made of different materials, like plastic and rubber. Rubber tips offer a more comfy grip, but some prefer plastic for better accuracy when taking notes or drawing.

    Keyboard and mouse

    For improved productivity, an external keyboard and mouse are great for a kid using an iPad. The keyboard helps with typing accuracy and speed, while the mouse makes it easier to go through menus.

    Options include Bluetooth keyboards and folding keyboards that can be connected wirelessly or with a cable. A wired version is cheaper and has less lag time between keystrokes. Some models come with cases containing both a keyboard and mouse – perfect for students who need both tools in one place.

    FAQs about: What Is A Good Ipad For A Child

    Q: What is the best iPad for a child?

    A: The latest iPad is the best option for a child. It has the latest features and is the most secure. It is also the most durable and can handle a lot of wear and tear.

    Q: Is the iPad waterproof?

    A: No, the iPad is not waterproof. However, there are cases available that can protect it in case of spills and accidental drops.

    Q: Are there age-appropriate apps available for the iPad?

    A: Yes, there are many age-appropriate apps available for the iPad. Parents can find apps that are tailored to their child’s age and interests, as well as apps that are educational and fun.

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