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What is an IMEI Number and How to Find it on Your Samsung Tablet

    Struggling to find the IMEI number on your Samsung tablet? You’re not the only one! Our guide can help you easily spot the identifier. Plus, we’ll explain why it’s so important.

    Quick facts: What Is An Imei Number On Samsung Tablet

    • ✅IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a unique number assigned to every mobile phone and tablet (Source: Techopedia).
    • ✅The IMEI number is used to identify a device within a wireless network (Source:
    • ✅IMEI numbers can be used to block stolen devices from accessing the network (Source: Samsung Support).
    • ✅IMEI numbers are used by carriers to identify a device and check its compatibility with the network (Source: Samsung Support).
    • ✅The IMEI number can also be used to check the warranty status of a device (Source: Samsung Support).


    International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers are special IDs used by mobile phones and other mobile devices to recognize themselves. Generally, you’ll find the IMEI number printed on the back of the device or behind its battery (if it’s a Samsung tablet).

    If your tablet doesn’t have a removable battery, there are other ways to know its IMEI. Here are some tips:

    1. Dial *#06# into the dialer app. A pop-up will then show two versions of the IMEI: 15-digit and 17-digit.
    2. Enter settings, go to “About Device” and then choose “Status”.
    3. Tap “Status”; you’ll then find “IMEI information” with the two 16-digit versions of the IMEI.
    4. Remove the battery cover and check if it’s printed there. Check the receipts or activation papers too.

    In summary, it’s easy to spot the IMEI numbers on a Samsung tablet. This knowledge may come in handy for registering warranty claims, unlocking replacements, or fixing technical issues with carriers and manufacturers.

    Definition of an IMEI number

    IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a special number that is given to each mobile device. People also know it as ESN or MEID. Wireless services use the IMEI number to verify if a device is valid. They can use it to track a phone’s location if it gets lost or stolen. If a phone does not have an IMEI, it won’t work with cellular networks.

    Samsung Tablets usually have the IMEI number on the back, below the Samsung logo. Or, it could be in the battery compartment or SIM card tray. To find the IMEI, dial *#06# from the dialer screen. After that, a 15-digit IMEI should show up.

    What is an IMEI Number?

    IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It’s a 15-digit number that identifies mobile devices. Cellular service providers use it to stop stolen devices from connecting to their network.

    You can find the IMEI on your Samsung Tablet’s inside battery panel. Also, you can get it by dialing *#06# from the device’s dialer.

    This number is important for various reasons. It helps you locate a lost or stolen device. It’s also useful for software unlocks and warranty information. Plus, you need it to register your device with certain operators.

    What is an IMEI number used for?

    IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It’s a unique number given to each mobile device. It’s used to separate it from other devices. Every Samsung tablet has an IMEI number. This number unlocks the device or makes it useable on another network. You can use the IMEI to track where your tablet is if it’s stolen, and also to stop anyone using it without permission.

    To see the IMEI of your tablet, go to the Settings tab in the main menu. Select “About Device“. This shows you all the details about your device, including its IMEI. Some carriers won’t let you unlock your Samsung tablet with the IMEI alone. In this case, you may have to contact them for unlocking services.

    What is an IMEI number not used for?

    An International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is unique. It identifies devices like Samsung tablets. It doesn’t contain personal information of users or their device. IMEI number can’t be used to spy on someone either. It doesn’t provide any location data.

    IMEI numbers are mainly used to:

    • identify mobile devices
    • block them from accessing a network if stolen
    • flag them for service providers if the device has network issues

    How to Find an IMEI Number on Your Samsung Tablet

    An International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a 15-digit code that is unique to your Samsung tablet. The network carrier uses it to differentiate between devices. It’s also useful if you need to track a lost or stolen device.

    To find your IMEI number, there are three options:

    • Check the back of the tablet – it may have a sticker with the number and other serial numbers.
    • If the device has Android OS, go to Settings > About Phone > Status. You will see network details including the IMEI number.
    • Lastly, you can ask your network provider for help. They should have records of it associated with the account.

    Finding an IMEI number on the device

    An IMEI number is a 15-digit code. It stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is used to identify your phone or any other mobile device. You can find the IMEI number on a Samsung Tablet in three ways.

    1. Access the ‘Settings’ menu. Select ‘About Device’. Your IMEI number will be displayed in the device information.
    2. Dial *#06#. The IMEI will appear on the screen.
    3. Remove the battery. Look for an adhesive tab with a barcode and 14-15 digit numerical code. This also is your Samsung Tablet’s IMEI number.

    Finding an IMEI number in the settings

    An International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a 15-digit code used to identify a device that communicates on the network. It’s important to know your IMEI number in case you ever forget your password.

    If you have a Samsung tablet, you can find your device’s IMEI number in the Settings app. Open the Settings app and navigate to the “System” or “About Phone” section. Look for “Status,” select “IMEI information” and your device’s code will appear.

    Write it down or take a screenshot and store it somewhere safe. Having this information will help you reset your password if necessary.

    Finding an IMEI number on the box

    The IMEI number is a 15-digit code, unique to each device that uses a cellular network. For example, your Samsung tablet.

    You can find it on the box. It may be printed at the back, or under a scratch-off sticker near the UPC code. If you can’t find it, look for an IMEI/ESN data sticker that lists all related info about the device.


    The IMEI number is special! It helps Samsung recognize your device. It has 15 digits and can be seen on the back of your tablet. It might be under the battery too – just dial *#06# and you’ll find it. Keep your IMEI safe – it could help you find your tablet if it’s lost or stolen.

    For Samsung tablet owners, knowing about this number is essential for keeping your data secure.

    FAQs about: What Is An Imei Number On Samsung Tablet

    Q1: What is an IMEI number?

    A1: An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique 15-digit code that identifies your Samsung tablet. This number is used to identify your device for network services.

    Q2: How do I find my tablet’s IMEI number?

    A2: You can find your tablet’s IMEI number by going to the Settings menu and selecting “About Device” or “Status”. The IMEI number should be listed there.

    Q3: What can I do with my tablet’s IMEI number?

    A3: Your tablet’s IMEI number can be used to block a stolen device from connecting to cellular networks. It can also be used to track your device if it is lost or stolen.

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