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What To Do With Your Old iPad: Creative Ideas for Repurposing It

    Do you wish to get the best out of your old iPad? If so, you are in the right spot! Here you’ll learn unique strategies to reuse your device and make the most of it. Keep reading for some awesome ideas!

    Quick facts: What To Do With An Old Ipad

  • ✅ Old iPads can be recycled at Best Buy stores.
  • ✅ Old iPads can be sold on sites like eBay and Craigslist.
  • ✅ Apple’s GiveBack program allows customers to trade in their old iPad for an Apple Store gift card.
  • ✅ Over 30 million iPads have been recycled worldwide since April of 2017.
  • ✅ iPads can be repurposed into digital picture frames, as demonstrated by DIY Network.
  • Checkout this video:

    DIY Projects

    DIY projects are a cool way to make use of your old iPad. You can do anything you can imagine! From turning it into a stereo to making a digital photo frame, these projects give you the chance to give something new to a device that may have had its day.

    Wall mountable cases, speaker docks, and even activity corners for kids – there’s something for everyone in the realm of DIY iPad projects. With a tiny bit of work, you can create something both practical and pretty with your old iPad. Plus, all of these projects cost very little, so they’re ideal for those on a budget. And the best part? Upcycling an item that would otherwise sit in a drawer or be thrown away!

    Create a digital photo frame

    The iPad is a great tool for those wanting to make their own digital photo frame. There are many apps to choose from. For example, PhotoFrame. It’s free and connects to iCloud or Dropbox. This way, all your photos and videos are in one place. You can decide the slideshow speed and timing. Add effects and music for extra personalization.

    This is one of many apps to turn an old iPad into something new and creative.

    Turn your iPad into a digital cookbook

    Transform your iPad into a digital cookbook! It’s a great way to get creative. With the perfect apps and accessories, you can become the master chef of your kitchen.

    There are lots of apps available for iPads. They can help you keep track of recipes, make grocery lists, and even assist you with preparing dishes. Many programs come with interactive features, such as step-by-step tutorials and videos. This will help you whip up something new quickly!

    Additionally, purchase add-ons like Bluetooth thermometers or connect your device to a larger screen. That way, others can follow along too. Make the most of your old device and become the master chef you never thought you’d be!

    Use it as a digital whiteboard

    Transform your aged iPad into a digital whiteboard! Its large display, responsive stylus, and various drawing apps make it perfect. There’re lots of apps to choose from, based on your content type and if you need features such as multi-user collaboration or pressure sensitivity.

    Additionally, you can link it to an external device like a computer or TV. Use the right cable and the right app, and you’ll have an interactive digital whiteboard that can create stunning drawings and presentations!

    Home Decor

    Tech is always changing and updating, and this can leave old tech items behind. Don’t throw out your old iPad! It can bring a creative touch to your home decor.

    Use it as a digital photo frame or interactive wall display. Create charging stations or intricate illustrations with apps like Procreate. Display recipes and instruction manuals. Turn the iPad into a home automation hub. Make it a dedicated gaming center for kids. There’s an unlimited number of ways to repurpose your old iPad!

    Create a wall-mounted iPad

    Transform an old iPad into something special! Attach it to a large frame, and use apps to create art. Or make it a digital picture frame that shows pics from around the world.

    Also, you can use it as a media center, mount it in a kitchen or bathroom, turn it into a home office hub, or use it as part of your home automation system.

    Unleash your creativity and use a little bit of imagination and elbow grease to make your old iPad unique. Enjoy it for many years to come!

    Turn it into a wall clock

    Transform your old iPad into a wall clock! It’s easy and simple. Get an app to display a clock on your iPad. Hang it on the wall, get the best angle, and there you go – a unique wall clock!

    This not only looks cool, but also helps you save money. Most apps are free or cost very little. And you won’t have to replace the clock for a long time – an old iPad could last up to 10 years with proper maintenance.

    Use it as a wall-mounted digital art display

    Transform an old iPad with a high-resolution display into a digital art display! Hang it on the wall or use a stand. Find some beautiful wallpaper for the background, and choose from thousands of pieces of artwork and photography on Unsplash and Pixabay. If you’d like, make custom prints with photos from your device or from social media.

    Apps such as Photo Frame provide even more options. For example, video slideshows and rotating galleries of artwork. With these tools, you can easily turn any wall in your house into an art gallery.


    Education? An old iPad can be of use! Organizations use tablets to help students learn and understand the world. It can be used for research, art, and educational games. Thousands of apps and websites are available to help students with math, science, history, and geography. Plus, the iPad can be used as an interactive whiteboard. Teachers can present lessons in a dynamic way.

    And, tablets are used for distance learning and flipped classrooms. Assigning videos and presentations for students to watch outside of class is possible. So, an old iPad has educational benefits!

    Use it as a teaching aid

    iPads are awesome for making learning interesting! Students of all ages can use iPads to access apps, audio books, educational websites and services, and more. Teaching your students how to use it is super important. But there’s more you can do with it!

    • Interact lessons
    • Digital whiteboards for taking notes
    • Online resources in class or on excursions
    • Collaborative work
    • Videos, movies and assessments – all with an iPad.

    You can repurpose your old device as a teaching tool to give your students invaluable learning opportunities and yourself the resources to create great lessons.

    Create a digital library

    Transform your old iPad into a digital library! With apps like iBooks and Kindle, it’s easy. You can store all your e-books in one place. Plus, you can take them with you wherever you go. Once the transfer is done, you can browse or search books on the iPad’s big screen.

    Best part? Most e-book apps offer discounts on large purchases – so you save money!

    Use it as a digital portfolio

    An old iPad is a great way to show off your talents! Store photos, videos, music, designs, and more. Carry it around and share it with potential employers or clients. You can even set it up to show different portfolios – just use some basic programming skills.

    Get creative and make an online portfolio – so everyone can easily access it. Showcase your work in any environment and impress people with your digital portfolio.


    Accessories-What To Do With Your Old iPad: Creative Ideas for Repurposing It

    Got an old iPad gathering dust? Put it to work! It can be used for business purposes, e.g. a digital bulletin board in the office break room. It can also create digital catalogs of products and services. Set it up as an interactive kiosk in your store or lobby. It can even be a virtual receptionist, with an app to greet customers. Reuse and upgrade old iPads to get creative!

    Use it as a POS system

    Repurpose your old iPad! Use it as a Point of Sale system. Install POS software to process credit cards and transactions. Different types available, depending on your business. Integrate with other programs like accounting and loyalty systems.

    Once set up, manage customers, process payments, track inventory, and more. This will help your business run smoother. Focus on providing excellent customer service instead of admin tasks.

    Create a digital kiosk

    You can repurpose an old iPad into a digital kiosk. Transfer images and videos onto it via computer or AirDrop. Then, create albums for them in Photos and play movies in Videos app. Use an app like Plex to organize content and set up auto playlists. With a bit of effort, you can transform any outdated device into a digital kiosk!

    Use it as a digital signage

    Transform your iPad into a digital signage display! Simply secure it to a wall or countertop. Show photos, videos, and other content with ease. You’ll need the correct software and mounting hardware.

    Use software made for content managing, like finding photos and videos from your device’s camera roll or an online library. With the correct setup, you can have your own personalized digital signage. Ideal for both commercial and personal use!

    Other Uses

    Digital tech is always changing, so our iPads can soon become outdated. But you don’t have to ditch your tablet yet! There are lots of clever ways to repurpose it.

    • Gamers can use the iPad as a bigger PS4 controller.
    • Or you can make a digital photo frame with an app – just make sure it never sleeps or locks so your photos keep rotating.
    • It can also be a baby monitor, a home security camera, a car GPS, or an e-reader.

    With these ideas, you don’t need to buy a new iPad!

    Use it as a remote control

    Did you know you can use your old iPad as a remote? Just download an app like Remote2TV or MyURemote and you’re good to go! You can control your TV, stereo, and other media devices from the app. Switch channels, turn up the volume, and more! Plus, it’ll keep your coffee table neat and tidy.

    There are even apps that let multiple iPads control one device at once. So many possibilities for your old iPad – where to start?

    Use it as a car entertainment system

    If you want to use your old iPad as a car entertainment system, start by finding music and audio files. These can be free downloads, songs from iTunes, streaming services like Spotify, or even tapes and records.

    • Create folders in iTunes or another app to store the music files.
    • Sync your device with your computer so you can access it anywhere.
    • Finally, create an iPod-style interface for playing the songs in your car.

    Then you can enjoy your tunes while on the move!

    Use it as a home security system

    Old iPads are great for home security. Install apps with adjustable motion detection, and get photo/video alerts. Cloud storage ensures lots of space for footage. This is a cheap solution, saving you hundreds or even thousands compared to a traditional security system. With an app and your iPad, you can have a secure home.

    FAQs about: What To Do With An Old Ipad

    Q: What can I do with an old iPad?

    A: There are several options for what you can do with an old iPad. You can sell it, donate it, recycle it, or repurpose it for other uses.

    Q: How can I recycle an old iPad?

    A: Apple has a recycling program that you can use to recycle your old iPad. You can drop off your device at any Apple Store or participating Apple Authorized Service Provider. You can also mail in your device for recycling.

    Q: What can I do with an old iPad if I don’t want to sell it?

    A: If you don’t want to sell your old iPad, you can repurpose it for other uses. For example, you can use it as a digital photo frame, a dedicated music player, or a kitchen recipe book.

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