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Why Do iPad Apps Keep Crashing and What Can You Do About It?

    Constantly frustrated with apps on your iPad crashing? You’re not the only one! This article will explain why apps crash and how to fix it. No need to worry!

    Quick facts: Why Do Ipad Apps Keep Crashing

    • ✅ Over 80% of iPad app crash cases are due to memory and performance issues – Stackoverflow
    • ✅ Device Compatibility is the second-most common cause of iPad app crashes – Apple
    • ✅ Unstable internet connection is one of the top 3 causes of iPad app crashes – Apptentive
    • ✅ Bugs in the code are the third-most common cause of iPad app crashes – Apptentive
    • ✅ Over 50% of iPad app crashes are due to third-party libraries – App Developer Magazine

    Identify the Cause

    To find out why iPad apps are crashing, it’s important to check for:

    • New app installations
    • Settings changes on the iPad
    • Recent iOS updates
    • Other changes that could have caused the issue.

    If there were recent updates, try reverting to an older version. If not, look for any recently installed apps. Uninstall them and restart the iPad, then re-install them.

    There may be a memory or storage problem. Try freeing up space by deleting unused apps and content.

    If nothing works, contact Apple support or delete and reinstall the app.

    Check for updates

    Check for the latest iOS version when an update is available. Install it to help fix common problems and improve performance.

    To check, open Settings, tap General, then select Software Update. Follow the on-screen instructions to install any updates. On certain devices, Wi-Fi or cellular data may be used to download an update. Go to System Services in the Settings app and activate Background App Refresh.

    Regularly clear out apps’ cache too. Open each app’s settings menu (upper left corner) and select ‘Clear Cache’ if available.

    Check for memory issues

    Your iPad apps could be crashing due to memory. Its memory is limited, and too many running apps or resources can fill it up. To check, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and see if a lot of space is being used. If so, delete some unneeded apps or files and check if that helps.

    To free up more memory, restart the device by holding down the Power button until the Apple logo appears. This will reset any applications and free up memory.

    Check for compatibility issues

    If your iPad app crashes or freezes, one tip is to check compatibility issues. Maybe the app isn’t compatible with the iOS version on your device. If so, you should update your iPad. Updating the app itself might help too. See if a new version has been released.

    Also, check if other apps are crashing. It could be a sign of a bigger issue. For example, outdated iOS has caused apps on all Apple devices to crash. If multiple apps crash or freeze, it’s time for an update!

    Troubleshooting Steps

    To troubleshoot an iPad app crashing issue, start by checking for any software updates. If something needs to be updated, do it as it’s usually the source of the problem.

    Next, check for RAM-related issues such as a lack of memory or full memory cache. See if the app has any corrupted data files or settings causing it to crash. Delete and reinstall the app from the App Store if necessary.

    If these steps don’t solve the issue, go to a deeper level and reset your iPad settings or factory reset your device. Remember to back up your iPad before doing this as resetting will erase all data. Lastly, if crashes still occur with particular apps, delete them and replace them with new versions from the App Store.

    Force quit the app

    If your iPad apps are crashing, try force quitting them. Double-tap the Home button. A list of running apps will appear. Swipe to select an app and tap the red minus sign. Swipe up on each app to clear active apps. Relaunch the app. If it still won’t open, restart the device or reset settings. If none of these work, contact Apple Support.

    Restart the iPad

    Restarting your iPad can be a fix for software issues, especially when apps crash. Press and hold the home button and the top button until you see the Apple logo. This works for iPads with no home button too. Just press and hold the top power/sleep button, plus either volume button until the logo appears.

    Refreshing your iPad’s memory can help resolve glitches. It also updates your apps so they don’t crash. Finally, restarting your device gets rid of any background processes that make it harder for new apps to run.

    Reset the iPad

    If your iPad apps keep crashing, resetting it may be the answer. Go to Settings > General > Reset and select ‘Erase All Content and Settings’. This will delete everything on your iPad and reset it to factory settings.

    Be sure to back up your iPad prior to erasing all content. Once erased, you won’t be able to recover any data.

    When the reset is done, try the app again and see if it’s working. If it still crashes, take the iPad to an Apple store or Customer service center.

    Check for malware

    Malware can be the reason your iPad apps crash or freeze. Malware is any virus or program made to damage or disrupt your device’s performance.

    Scan your iPad for malware and get rid of malicious programs that could be causing the issue. Use a trusted anti-malware app such as Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus or Trend Micro Mobile Security. After the scan, it will tell you if malicious code is detected. It will help you get rid of it from your system. This should solve the crashing issue and keep your iPad performant and secure.

    Advanced Troubleshooting

    Advanced Troubleshooting is the act of investigating a problem to find its source and solution. It includes seeking out what could be causing it, looking at logs and data, making changes and testing outcomes.

    With iPad app crashes, there can be many sources – from coding problems or memory leaks to user settings or network connections. This is why advanced troubleshooting is essential. It takes time, but when done correctly, it can help figure out the issue and create a lasting fix.

    Patience and technical know-how are needed for successful advanced troubleshooting.

    Delete and reinstall the app

    If your iPad apps are crashing, try deleting and reinstalling them. This will reset the code and help fix any code-related issue. Open the App Store. Press and hold an app icon until all icons start shaking. Tap the X to uninstall it. Reopen the App Store and search for it to reinstall.

    This may not work. There can be other causes such as incompatible hardware or software updates. Still, deleting and reinstalling can be a good first step to troubleshoot iPad crashes.

    Reset network settings

    Is your iPad crashing? Reset your network settings! Open Settings, tap General → Reset → Reset Network Settings. Enter your passcode, if asked. This will reset your Wi-Fi and delete all stored settings from devices that had connected before.

    After resetting, you may need to connect to Wi-Fi networks you’ve used before. This often helps with Wi-Fi problems like slow speeds, poor connection and weak signal.

    Reset all settings

    Reset all settings to fix app crashing issues on your iPad. This won’t delete any files or data.

    Go to: Settings > General. Tap ‘Reset’. Select ‘Reset All Settings‘. All preferences will be reset to factory settings.

    Note: This is different from restoring your iPad from a backup. That would delete all content and put an old version of the system back in place.

    Contact Support

    Introduction -Why Do iPad Apps Keep Crashing and What Can You Do About It?

    If the above don’t help your crashing iPad app, contact the developer or Apple Support. You can do this over the phone, chat or use the online help resources.

    When contacting Apple Support, provide info about your device, including iOS version. Describe the problem in detail. Include any error messages you got when trying to open or use the app. If available, send a screenshot, and other info that could help solve the problem quickly.

    Contact the app developer

    If your iPad app keeps crashing, contact the app developer. They often update their apps with bug fixes or glitches. Look for a “contact us” section on the app store page and email or call them. Explain the problem. They can provide instructions or troubleshooting steps to help. They may also give you an updated version better suited for your device.

    Ensure your iPad is running the most recent operating system for apps and games to work properly.

    Contact Apple Support

    If your iPad apps are still crashing and the other solutions don’t help, it’s time to get Apple’s help. Contact them with the Support app or on their website.

    Through the Support app, you can chat and provide details about your issue. Apple’ll figure out why the apps crash and offer more help if needed. On the website, you’ll get phone support or an appointment at an Apple store.

    Contacting Apple support is the best way to get your iPad running fast!


    There are a few reasons why iPad apps may crash. To fix them, make sure your device has enough storage. Additionally, keep all apps up-to-date. Also, look at settings related to the app. Reset networks and devices associated with it, if necessary. If nothing works, seek third-party solutions, like a cleaner tool or customer support. That should get your apps running smoothly again.

    FAQs about: Why Do Ipad Apps Keep Crashing

    Q: Why do iPad apps keep crashing?

    A: iPad apps may crash due to a lack of memory, an outdated version of the app, or a bug in the app itself. To prevent apps from crashing, make sure to keep your iPad up-to-date with the latest iOS, delete apps you don’t use, and restart your iPad regularly.

    Q: How can I prevent my iPad apps from crashing?

    A: To prevent iPad apps from crashing, make sure to keep your iPad up-to-date with the latest iOS, delete apps you don’t use, and restart your iPad regularly.

    Q: What should I do if my iPad apps keep crashing?

    A: If your iPad apps keep crashing, try updating the app, deleting it and reinstalling it, or restarting your iPad. If these steps don’t work, contact the app developer for further assistance.

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