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Why Does My iPad Keep Disconnecting From WiFi? Discover the Solution!

    Having trouble with WiFi on your iPad? You’re not alone! Chances are, you’ll experience this issue at one point or another. Don’t worry though! We’ll explain why this issue happens and tell you how to fix it.

    Quick facts: Why Does My Ipad Keep Disconnecting From Wifi

    • ✅ Over 50% of ipad users have experienced wifi connection issues (CNET).
    • ✅ Poor hardware design is a major contributing factor to wifi connection issues with ipads (Tech Radar).
    • ✅ Fragmented wifi signals can lead to ipad wifi connection issues (Forbes).
    • ✅ Firmware updates can help resolve wifi connection issues with ipads (Apple Support).
    • ✅ Over-the-air network interference can cause disconnection issues with ipads (Make Use Of).

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    Sites going offline and devices losing WiFi are common IT problems. Apple iPads often suffer. Why does your iPad keep losing the WiFi? Usually, it’s a weak or unsteady signal connection. Incorrect settings, old software, or a misconfigured router can also be the cause.

    Fortunately, there are easy solutions. In this guide, we explain why your iPad keeps disconnecting from the WiFi and what you can do to fix it and stay connected in the future:

    Troubleshooting Tips

    Troubleshooting tips can help fix any WiFi disconnection issues with your iPad. Firstly, make sure you’re connecting to the right network and you have the password. Secondly, check your router settings. Open a web browser on a device connected to the same network as the iPad. Enter the IP address from the router’s manual in the URL bar. See if there are any settings that might be disrupting the connection or signal strength of the iPad. If needed, update these settings and try reconnecting.

    If none of this works, it could be due to an outdated iOS version or hardware issues. Professional help may be needed in that case.

    Reset your network settings

    Reset your network settings to help resolve some connectivity issues on your iPad. Keep in mind this will reset all information like Wi-Fi passwords and preferred networks.

    1. Open the Settings app.
    2. Tap General, then Reset.
    3. Select Reset Network Settings.
    4. Enter your passcode if prompted.
    5. Tap Reset Network Settings at the bottom.
    6. Confirm the action by tapping Reset Network Settings again.

    Your iPad will restart and reset its networking info. This should fix connection issues. If not, try power cycling your router or perform a factory reset.

    Check for software updates

    To troubleshoot this issue, start by checking for software updates. Download and install them if available. This often resolves any compatibility issues.

    If no updates are available, reset your router or modem. This may help if any settings aren’t working properly. After restarting, try connecting to your WiFi network again.

    If these solutions don’t work, contact your internet service provider (ISP). Make sure your wireless connection is stable and providing a good signal strength. Also consider reconfiguring settings on your router or modem. This could include:

    • Setting up access control lists (ACLs)
    • Disabling devices
    • Enabling port forwarding/triggering

    Make sure your router is up to date

    iPads disconnecting from WiFi networks? It could be because the router is outdated. Devices nowadays need newer routers with current security protocols and hardware to detect and connect. Check the manufacturer’s website for updates and instructions. Some routers automatically install updates, so check if that feature is enabled. If not, you can manually update it following the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Check your DNS settings

    Are you having trouble with your iPad and Wi-Fi? Check your DNS settings! The Domain Name System (DNS) controls what websites and services are available on the internet. Many wi-fi networks have automatic settings but if you’re dropping out often, a manual configuration may be needed.

    1. Open Settings on your iPad.
    2. Select Wi-Fi.
    3. Tap the “i” icon next to the network you need to change.
    4. Select Configure DNS.
    5. Choose Manual.
    6. Enter as the Primary Server and as the Secondary Server. You can also choose other third-party DNS servers.
    7. Save your changes and try reconnecting. See if it helps with your Wi-Fi disconnects!

    Try a different network

    If your iPad keeps disconnecting from WiFi, try a different network. If the same problem persists, it could be related to settings or firmware. Reset your device’s settings, and update the iPad’s firmware. Restart the iPad first.

    If you’re in a crowded place with a public/shared WI-FI, switch networks. Turn off Bluetooth devices close to the iPad to check if that helps. If not, then contact Apple for further help.

    Reset your iPad

    Does your iPad disconnect from WiFi? Reset it. Go to Settings, tap General, then Reset. Choose “Reset Network Settings” & confirm. Check that all network settings are correct. You may need to update apps/software too, if getting connected is difficult.


    Frequent iPad WiFi disconnections can be a hassle. To fix it, check your connections are secure and up-to-date. Reset the network settings on your iPad. If that doesn’t work, repair or replace the device.

    To understand why your iPad keeps disconnecting, find out what is causing the disruption. Troubleshoot the internet connection, and update any necessary components. This will restore regular internet activity and keep your device running smoothly.

    FAQs about: Why Does My Ipad Keep Disconnecting From Wifi

    Q: Why does my iPad keep disconnecting from wifi?

    A: The most common reason why an iPad keeps disconnecting from wifi is an issue with your internet connection. If your wifi signal is weak or not working properly, your iPad will disconnect from the network. Other possible causes include incorrect network settings, outdated software, or physical interference from other devices.

    Q: How can I prevent my iPad from disconnecting from wifi?

    A: To prevent your iPad from disconnecting from wifi, make sure your internet connection is stable and reliable. You can also check your network settings to make sure they are correct, and update your iPad’s software to the latest version. Additionally, make sure that there are no other devices causing physical interference with your wifi connection.

    Q: How can I troubleshoot wifi issues on my iPad?

    A: To troubleshoot wifi issues on your iPad, the first step is to check your internet connection to make sure it is working properly. If the connection is good, then you can check your network settings to make sure they are correct. You should also make sure that there are no other devices causing physical interference with your wifi connection. Finally, updating your iPad’s software to the latest version can also help resolve any wifi issues.

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