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Why Does My Samsung Tablet Screen Keep Turning Off?

    Is your Samsung tablet turning off randomly? You’re not alone! Fixing it can be tricky, as there are lots of reasons why it’s happening. Here we’ll look at the most typical causes of your Samsung tablet screen powering off:

    Quick facts: Why Does My Samsung Tablet Screen Keep Turning Off

  • ✅Your tablet screen may be in “Sleep Mode” due to inactivity; Samsung Support
  • ✅The tablet’s power settings may be set to turn off the display after a period of inactivity; Samsung Support
  • ✅Low battery levels may cause your tablet’s screen to turn off; Samsung Support
  • ✅The brightness settings may be too low, causing the tablet to turn off; Samsung Support
  • ✅A faulty power button can also cause the tablet to turn off; Online Tech Tips
  • Low Battery

    If your Samsung tablet runs low on battery, the screen may turn off randomly. This makes it tough to access passwords and other data stored on the device. To avoid this, charge your tablet until it has 25% battery. Be sure to use the correct charger. Otherwise, it could damage the battery!

    When your tablet is charged, open password management apps like LastPass or Dashlane. Enter your password and reset forgotten passwords without restarting the device.


    Overheating in Samsung tablets is a frequent issue. It could be due to extended use, software issues or battery drain.

    To access passwords on a tablet that has been getting too hot, turn it off for at least 10 mins. Let the internal temp cool down. Then attempt to get to your passwords. If that doesn’t work, reset the device. That could help fix the heating issue but will erase passwords data.

    Software Issues

    Outdated operating systems, limited RAM and storage, or insufficient CPU performance can cause your Samsung tablet to turn off unexpectedly. To fix this, try:

    • Updating the OS.
    • Clearing out unnecessary data, and making sure all software is up to date.
    • Force restarting the device, or resetting it to factory settings.

    If these don’t work, contact an authorized service center for diagnosis and repair.

    Troubleshooting Steps

    Troubleshooting why your Samsung tablet’s screen keeps turning off? No worries! First, check Settings to ensure Power Saving Mode is not on and other battery saving settings are off. Second, look for software updates – they may fix bugs causing the device to shut off randomly. Also, if the screen dims or blacks out after a certain period of inactivity, adjust Sleep Mode in Settings > Display > Sleep Mode.

    Still having trouble? Contact technical support or take it to a repair center for further diagnosis and repair.

    Check the battery

    Is your Samsung tablet switching off? It could be the battery. Check if the battery is installed properly and ensure it’s charged. If that doesn’t work, replace the battery with a new one. If replacing the battery doesn’t help, there might be a software issue.

    See if the latest version of your tablet’s software is running. Look for security and firmware updates and install them if found.

    Check for overheating

    Is your Samsung tablet switching off? It might be too hot! Monitor the temperature with a temperature monitor app. If it’s higher than usual, that’s your problem!

    To stop this, don’t run heavy apps or settings in the background. Plus, make sure the device is well-ventilated with plenty of space for air to circulate.

    Check for software updates

    Troubleshooting issues on Samsung tablets? Make sure its software is up-to-date! It’s possible an issue could be due to old or missing system files or configurations.

    • Open the Settings app.
    • Tap “Software Updates” under the General tab.
    • Check for updates. Install them if needed. Note: you’ll need a WiFi connection as the download size may be large.

    Also, check for relevant app updates in Google Play Store or Samsung App Store. Download them first before installing any system software updates. This can help verify if any of these applications are causing conflicts with other parts of your device.

    Further Troubleshooting

    If your Samsung tablet’s screen keeps turning off, there could be a deeper issue. Possible causes are:

    • A fault in the display connection. Check that the display and motherboard are connected securely.
    • An issue with the touchscreen. Check the connections or the software.
    • An application that’s not compatible or is causing system instability.
    • System instability like a virus or other underlying issues.

    To troubleshoot, try restarting in safe mode, check hardware issues, update/reinstall incompatible apps and verify new drivers are installed.

    Reset the tablet

    Is your Samsung tablet randomly turning off? Consider resetting it! Resetting the device can clear any software issues and glitches.

    To do this, press and hold the volume up and power buttons. You’ll see a recovery screen. Use your volume buttons to select “Reset Device” or “Factory Reset.” Then, press the power button. Follow all on-screen instructions until the reset is complete.

    After that, your tablet shouldn’t turn off anymore.

    Factory reset the tablet

    Factory resetting your Samsung tablet can be a great way to tackle frozen screens and app problems. It restores the device to its original factory settings and gets rid of any errors. Keep in mind, it also deletes all user-data stored on the tablet and reinstalls the original software version.

    To begin, access the tablet’s system settings. Select “Backup and reset”, followed by “Factory data reset”. Confirm the action, and the tablet will start wiping user data. When it’s done, restart the tablet for a fresh start!

    Contact Samsung support

    If your Samsung tablet keeps turning off, check the battery life first. Press and hold the power button or check the battery percentage in settings. If the battery level is ok, contact Samsung Support. They can diagnose any issues and give a solution. Plus, they can offer tips on how to make the battery last longer.


    To keep your Samsung Tablet productive and save battery, use the right apps. If an app is draining your battery, lower the display settings. Turn down the brightness or time before sleep mode. Check for updates to resolve issues causing the screen to turn off. If running several apps or intensive tasks, stay plugged in and change sleep mode frequency.

    Avoid leaving the tablet in direct sunlight

    To avoid your Samsung tablet turning off, don’t leave it in direct sunlight. Sunlight can overheat electronic components and cause them to shut down. If you’re using it outside, keep it in the shade. Indoors, keep it away from radiators or hot air vents.

    If your tablet does overheat, there may be a problem with its cooling system. This needs attention from a technician.

    Keep the tablet away from heat sources

    Heat is a major battery life-killer for Samsung tablets. To increase its lifespan, keep it away from direct heat sources like ovens, fireplaces, radiators, and sunlight. It should be kept at room temperature or slightly cooler when in use. Avoid drastic temperature and humidity fluctuations as these can negatively affect the battery.

    In hotter climates, charge the device frequently instead of waiting until the battery has run out.

    Avoid overcharging the battery

    If your Samsung Tablet’s screen keeps switching off, it could be because the battery is overcharged. Overcharging harms the battery and causes the device to turn off. Thus, it’s essential to avoid overcharging. The best way is to unplug the device when it reaches full charge or when you’re done using it. Plus, use only chargers designed for your device, as they can produce too much power and cause harm.

    If these don’t work, you may need to do a factory reset. This will reset all settings and apps back to when the device was newly bought.


    To sum up, your Samsung tablet’s screen off problem is probably a software issue. Maybe a wrong app or setting is making the display turn off suddenly. Check the auto-off feature settings. If that doesn’t work, try factory resetting, using info available online. If the problem still exists, you’ll need professional repair services to detect and fix any hardware issues.

    FAQs about: Why Does My Samsung Tablet Screen Keep Turning Off

    Q1: What can I do to stop my Samsung tablet screen from turning off?

    A1: You can adjust the settings on your tablet to prevent the screen from turning off. To do so, open your “Settings” app, then select “Display” and “Sleep”. You can then adjust the time until the screen turns off when not in use.

    Q2: What causes my Samsung tablet screen to turn off?

    A2: The screen on your Samsung tablet may turn off due to a variety of reasons, such as an outdated operating system, a low battery, or a malfunctioning power button. To prevent this from happening, make sure to keep your operating system up to date, ensure your battery is charged, and check the power button for any issues.

    Q3: What should I do if my Samsung tablet screen keeps turning off?

    A3: If your Samsung tablet screen keeps turning off, you should try restarting the device. If that doesn’t work, you should try resetting the device to factory settings or contact a Samsung service center for further assistance.

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