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Why is the iPad Mini More Expensive? Uncover the Truth!

    Why does the iPad mini cost more? Uncover the reason why Apple charges more for the mini! Understand the price of electronics. You should know the truth!

    Quick facts: Why Is Ipad Mini More Expensive

    • ✅ The iPad Mini starts at $399, while the iPad Pro begins at $799 – Apple
    • ✅ The iPad Mini is slimmer in size and has a thinner bezel than the iPad Pro, making it more expensive – The Verge
    • ✅ The iPad Mini has a smaller battery than the iPad Pro, leading to a higher price – iMore
    • ✅ The iPad Mini uses the more powerful A12 Bionic processor, which is more expensive than the A10 processor found in the iPad Pro – The Verge
    • ✅ The iPad Mini has higher storage capacity than the iPad Pro, leading to a higher price – MacRumors

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    Apple devices are pricy. People are surprised to find out how much pricier the iPad Mini is than its larger counterpart. Let’s compare both devices to figure out why.

    The iPad Mini has a 7.9-inch Retina display and A12 Bionic processor. It also has:

    • Touch ID
    • Headphone jack
    • Wi-Fi + Cellular options

    The larger 10.2-inch iPad has:

    • A10 Fusion chip
    • No cellular option
    • No Touch ID
    • No headphone jack

    It’s clear that the iPad Mini has much more features, justifying its higher price. It’s perfect for those needing more power in a smaller size.

    The iPad Mini Design

    The iPad Mini design is a factor in its higher cost compared to other tablets. What makes it unique is its slim and compact body. It has a 7-inch display and is only 0.28 inch wide. This makes it ideal for ergonomic and fashionable use.

    The processor is very powerful, enabling multitasking and running of high graphical applications, like gaming. It also has stereo speakers and an advanced camera setup. All in all, you get a lot for your money with the iPad Mini. It has powerful hardware, a great design, and a slim form factor.


    The iPad Mini is more expensive than other iPads due to its size. It has a 7.9-inch display, making it compact and portable. But, it still has great features! These include an A12 Bionic chip, Retina display with True Tone tech, and stereo speakers. All these features increase the cost.

    If you want extra storage, you can get a larger capacity model with 128GB or 256GB. This will make the price higher.


    An iPad Mini’s weight has a big effect on its price. It’s 308 grams compared to a standard iPad’s 456-772. This makes it super light and easy to carry, ideal for busy people. Also, since it’s light, fewer parts are needed for production. This cuts the cost and results in a lower price for shoppers.


    Display is a factor in the iPad Mini’s price. It has a 7.9” Retina Display with 2048 x 1536 pixels and 326 ppi. This makes it one of the best displays found in any mobile device, with crisp images and vibrant colors.

    TrueTone technology is also included. It adjusts its white balance to the environment to provide an improved user experience indoors and outdoors. This technology adds cost to the product, but many people prefer having a better display for convenience and user experience.


    The iPad Mini’s cost is higher than other models in the same lineup. It contains a Helio A22 CPU, 3GB RAM, and 64GB storage. It is faster and better for multitasking than its competitors. The A12 Bionic chip in the iPad Mini 5 provides more power, which makes photo editing and gaming possible. Also, you can draw and sketch with high precision using the Apple Pencil.

    Battery life of the iPad Mini is up to 10 hours with cellular data or Wi-Fi. All these features justify the higher price tag of the iPad Mini.


    The processor (or CPU) is the heart of the iPad. It helps multitask between multiple apps, or do more demanding tasks like video editing or gaming. Each iPad has a different processor and price.

    The iPad Mini has its own processors such as A12 and A14 bionic chipsets. These chipsets provide better performance than earlier models. But they are costly, which increases iPad Mini’s cost.


    The iPad Mini’s pricier tag has much to do with memory. It’s 64GB internal storage is twice that of the standard iPad’s 32GB. For media hoarders, this makes a huge difference. Plus, the iPad Mini supports external memory cards – something its counterpart does not.

    All in all, the higher price-tag for the iPad Mini is justified by its more expansive storage.

    Battery Life

    The iPad Mini has a longer battery life than other tablets. 10-12 hours on a charge, compared to the 4 or 6 hours promised by others. This means you don’t have to charge it as often, making it reliable and convenient. Its portability also means you can take it with you. All of this makes the iPad Mini pricier than other tablets.


    Price-Why is the iPad Mini More Expensive? Uncover the Truth!

    Apple products have a rep for being top-notch. People are willing to pay extra for superior hardware and software. The iPad Mini’s display is bigger, plus it has more features than other tablets in its price range. Apple’s brand recognition and loyalty also allow them to charge a premium price. All these factors make the iPad Mini cost more than other similar models.

    Cost of Components

    Components are a key reason why iPad Mini is more pricey than other tablets. Processors, displays, and memory chips, all need quality materials to be made, and they don’t come without a cost. Apple products are even more expensive due to their top-notch technology and build.

    The iPad Mini also has premium casing materials like aluminum unibody construction, which is pricier than plastic. Apple’s selectiveness with components means only the best parts get used. All of this means customers end up paying an extra cost for the iPad Mini.

    Manufacturing costs

    The cost of an iPad mini is more than other tablets. This is due to its complex design and quality craftsmanship. Glass, aluminum, processors and RAM chips are expensive materials for the iPad mini. Also, Apple holds technology patents that protect their products from competitors. As a result, companies must pay fees or royalties to use similar design elements, making their products pricier than Apple’s.


    The iPad Mini is renowned for its advanced tech. Branding can be a deciding factor when it comes to products. Apple is a well-known brand connected with quality products. This makes people associate a high price with good quality. Branding also makes a product stand out from competitors. Companies like Apple can charge more due to their reputation and design. This gives them a higher margin. Even though the iPad Mini has pricier components, Apple can still charge more because of the brand recognition.


    The iPad Mini is small and light. It has cool features like Apple’s A12 Bionic chip and Face ID. iPads have good battery life, and the iPad Mini is no exception. It has long battery life compared to other tablets. But there’s a downside – it’s more expensive than other tablets.

    The iPad Mini provides a great tablet experience in a tiny package. It can replace your laptop, but still fit in your pocket or purse. You’ll need to pay a premium for it. But if you really need it for its convenience, portability, and advanced features, it may be worth the cost.

    FAQs about: Why Is Ipad Mini More Expensive

    Q1: What makes iPad Mini more expensive than other tablets?

    A1: iPad Mini is more expensive because it has more advanced hardware, such as a faster processor, sharper display, and higher amount of RAM. Additionally, it has a more premium design and build quality, making it more expensive than most tablets.

    Q2: Does iPad Mini have more features than other tablets?

    A2: Yes, iPad Mini has more features than other tablets. It has a faster processor, sharper display, higher amount of RAM, a larger battery capacity, and access to Apple’s App Store, which has a wider selection of apps than other tablets.

    Q3: How long does the iPad Mini battery last?

    A3: Depending on usage, the iPad Mini battery can last up to 10 hours.

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