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Solving the Mystery: Why Won’t My Samsung Tablet Turn On?

    Got a Samsung slate that won’t power up? You’re not alone! This article will look into the reasons and solutions to this common issue. Let’s get to the bottom of this mystery and get your tablet back to work!

    Quick facts: Why Won’T My Samsung Tablet Turn On

  • ✅ Samsung tablets most commonly report the problem of not turning on due to a dead battery. (Tech Times)
  • ✅ Overheating of the device and low battery level are the two most common reasons why Samsung tablets won’t turn on. (Android Geeks)
  • ✅ The Power button might have been damaged due to applying too much pressure on it when pressing it down. (Tech Advisor)
  • ✅ A firmware update can also contribute to the problem of a Samsung tablet not turning on. (Mobilesyrup)
  • ✅ The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall for some Samsung tablets due to the risk of fire and burn hazards. (CNET)
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    Troubleshooting Basics

    Troubleshooting Basics offers tips and techniques to help you figure out why your Samsung tablet isn’t working correctly or won’t power up. It can help you identify potential issues.

    The initial step is to restart the tablet by pressing the power button for 10-15 seconds. If it’s still unresponsive, then charge it for at least 30 minutes before attempting to switch it on again.

    Inspect the ports and connections to see if anything appears off or unplugged. Check for any physical or water damage that may be preventing the tablet from turning on or working properly.

    Finally, contact customer support. They can give specific advice depending on the tablet model and the troubleshooting steps taken so far. They may even suggest repair or replacement of any broken parts.

    Check power supply

    Troubleshooting why your Samsung tablet won’t turn on? Start by checking the power supply. Ensure the charger is plugged into an electrical outlet and the USB cable is connected to your device. No luck? Could be a problem with the charging port or battery.

    • Plug in your device. Check if any lights appear on the screen or a faint sound from the speakers.
    • Something happening but no display? Likely an issue with the charging port.
    • No response? Time to check the battery. Replace if needed.

    Check battery

    If your Samsung tablet won’t turn on, check the battery. It could be discharged or damaged. Try recharging by connecting it to power for a few hours. If it still doesn’t work, you will need to replace the battery.

    To do this, locate and open the device. Remove the faulty battery and reassemble with a new one. Make sure you have the tools (screwdrivers, tweezers) and instructions to put it back together.

    Check charging port

    A Samsung tablet may not turn on if the charging port is malfunctioning. To find out, disconnect the battery from the device. Unscrew and remove the back cover, then unplug the battery. If you can charge it, the issue could be with the cable, adapter, or battery.

    Clean out any dust or debris from the port with a Q-tip or air canister. Still having trouble? Get a new power adapter or visit a service center.

    Software Issues

    Software issues can stop your Samsung tablet from turning on. Make sure your device has at least 30% of battery power before troubleshooting.

    • Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds, then let go. Your tablet should turn on and reset itself.
    • If this doesn’t work, press and hold the Volume Down + Power buttons until the Samsung logo appears.
    • If the tablet is stuck in a boot loop or the solutions don’t work, perform a factory reset.

    Press and hold the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons for 10 seconds. The Android system recovery menu will appear. Select “wipe data/factory reset” and follow instructions to finish.

    This process will erase all data stored on your device and restore it to its original factory settings.

    Check for updates

    If your Samsung tablet won’t turn on, first check for updates. Updates fix bugs and glitches, improve performance and make sure your device’s software is running smoothly. Visit Samsung’s website or the device manufacturer’s repair website for the latest firmware. Get instructions for how to download and install it, plus a link to download the new firmware file.

    Also, check if pre-installed widgets may be causing the issue. Go to your device’s settings menu and search for “pre-installed widgets“. Then, disable any widgets you don’t need or want, to improve performance and reduce the chances of errors.

    Check for viruses

    Check if your Samsung tablet has a virus. Viruses can drain the battery, and cause problems with performance. To check, use an anti-virus or malware removal tool. This can help you decide if you need to replace the battery.

    Always install updates when available. This will help close security weaknesses, and block any new viruses. If you can’t diagnose the issue without replacing the battery, it may be time to buy a new one.

    Reset the device

    If your Samsung tablet won’t turn on, attempt to reset it. It depends on the model and age of your tablet. There are two ways: a “hard reset” and a “soft reset“.

    • For hard reset, power down the device and press two buttons for 10 seconds or more.
    • For soft reset, power down and hold down a different combo of buttons for 5-7 seconds. This will shut any running apps or processes and reset any temp settings changed since last powering off.

    A hard or soft reset should help if your tablet won’t turn on.

    Hardware Issues

    Hardware issues are the main cause of Samsung tablets not turning on. It’s not about downloading the right software or randomly tapping buttons. Problems can range from loose wiring to damaged components, short circuits, internet connection issues and more.

    To fix these, you need to diagnose the issue. This may involve opening the device and checking for damage or corrosion, testing parts to see what’s working and what’s not. After diagnosing the issue and finding out which part is faulty, research solutions such as reading service manuals online, looking at forums or contacting customer service for help.

    Fixing hardware issues can take time, but with careful troubleshooting, many devices can be repaired. Samsung tablets that won’t turn on due to hardware problems are no exception.

    Check the display

    When trying to figure out why your Samsung tablet will not turn on, always check the display first. If you can see a faint light and some colors, it may be possible to fix it without further troubleshooting.

    • Press down on the power button for at least 5 seconds.
    • Plug it into an external power source and press and hold all the buttons, volume up/down + power, for a few seconds. This might get the tablet out of sleep mode.
    • Check if any 3rd party apps are the issue by booting into safe mode and disabling non-essential apps.
    • If nothing works, do a factory reset to restore it to its original settings.

    Check the motherboard

    Checking the motherboard is the last step for troubleshooting a Samsung tablet that won’t turn on.

    The motherboard contains important components for the device to run properly. If something isn’t working right, such as a loose connection, the tablet won’t turn on.

    Access the motherboard by taking off any covers or panels on the back. Carefully examine each component. Look for signs of damage such as melting or discoloration. Consider replacing the motherboard if these are present.

    If there are capacitor or wiring issues within the board, replace or repair them. Then your device should work as intended.

    Check the power button

    The power button is vital for Samsung tablets. If it won’t turn on, check it! Ensure the power button is pressed down properly. Also, make sure electricity flows through it. If not, it may need replacing.

    To test this, disconnect the tablet from its charging cable. Find the power button and press it multiple times. If it doesn’t respond by turning on or off, a new power button may be needed. Alternatively, why won’t my Samsung tablet charge? You can solve this mystery by getting a technician to do the job.

    Repair Options

    If your Samsung tablet won’t turn on, it could be due to different causes. You can try some repair options. If it’s just frozen, hold the power button for 8-10 seconds or drain the battery. If that doesn’t work and the device is still functioning, you’ll need a hardware repair by a technician. This includes dismantling the device and replacing faulty parts or circuits.

    If there aren’t any hardware issues, then the software could be causing the problem. Consult a software specialist for help in sorting it out.

    Contact Samsung Support

    Having a hard time turning on your Samsung tablet? Time to reach out to Samsung support. Visit a store or call customer service. They’ll provide guidance and techniques. The technician might check the device. If it’s under warranty, you’ll probably get a free repair or replacement device from Samsung.

    Take it to a repair shop

    If you can’t fix the issue, your best bet is to take your tablet to a repair shop. Check if you have an extended warranty or protection plan on your Samsung tablet. It could cover the cost of repair. Contact the seller to find out. The technician at the shop has more tools and knowledge than you do.

    But remember, repair can be expensive. Think it through before deciding.

    Replace the battery

    Need to fix your Samsung tablet? Start by replacing the battery! It’s an easy process with hardly any tools needed. Get a new battery, then disconnect and reconnect the wires. Plug in the power adapter and see if it works. If not, there are more complex solutions like updating software or resetting the device.

    Make sure to replace the battery first, as it’s usually the cause of power issues.


    Prevention? Always better than cure! Take proactive steps to prevent any issues with your Samsung tablet. First, install the latest operating system. It has bug fixes and security updates. Keep an eye out for battery and software updates.

    Avoid leaving your device in hot environments for long. It reduces lifespan and causes power supply problems. Store it in a cool, dry place if you’re not using it for a while.

    Back up all data regularly. It saves all the valuable content stored on your device in case of future catastrophes. Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy your Samsung tablet for years!

    Keep the device clean

    Keep your Samsung tablet free from dust, dirt, and debris. Build-up of these substances can cause the device to heat up or not work properly. Use a damp cloth or other cleaning solution to clean visible surfaces regularly.

    Additionally, to keep the battery in good condition, do regular maintenance. This includes

    • turning off the device
    • unplugging it from the power source.

    This will also make sure all connections are secure.

    Avoid dropping the device

    To prevent your Samsung Tablet from turning off on its own, avoid dropping it. Even if it seems sturdy, small scratches, cracks and other damage can cause malfunction. A short circuit in any part of the device can also cause it to turn off. Be extra careful when handling your tablet. Use a protective case when carrying it in your pocket or bag.

    Ensure your Samsung tablet has the latest version of its operating system. This can protect against software malfunctions or other issues that could cause it to turn off.

    Use a protective case

    A protective case is a great way to guard your Samsung tablet. Different materials and styles are available. It can give you water-resistance, shock absorption and impact protection.

    If you do outdoors activities like camping or hiking, a protective case is essential to protect from water and dust. Plus, some cases have a built-in stand, making it easier to hold while using.

    FAQs about: Why Won’T My Samsung Tablet Turn On

    Q1: What could be the reason behind my Samsung Tablet not turning on?

    A1: There can be several reasons why your Samsung Tablet will not turn on. It could be due to a dead battery, a faulty charger, a malfunctioning power button, or some other hardware issue.

    Q2: How can I check if my Samsung Tablet’s battery is dead?

    A2: You can check if your Samsung Tablet’s battery is dead by connecting it to a wall charger. If the device does not turn on and the charger light does not come on, then the battery is likely dead and needs to be replaced.

    Q3: What should I do if my Samsung Tablet’s power button is malfunctioning?

    A3: If your Samsung Tablet’s power button is malfunctioning, you should try a soft reset. To do this, press and hold the volume down button and the power button simultaneously for 10 seconds. This should reset the device and it should turn on normally.

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